Understanding  Map Packs


As mobile searches continue to increase, local SEO becomes more crucial for businesses. Maps are an essential part of local search engine optimization and digital marketing. Map packs have become a powerful tool for businesses to gain visibility online.

In this post, we’ll answer the top six questions about map packs, including what they are, how they work, and why they’re important. We’ll also discuss how map packs can help with mobile page optimization and ad tech.

What are Map Packs?

Map packs are the mini-maps that appear at the top of Google search results when a user searches for something local. For example, if you search for "pizza near me," you'll likely see a map pack showing several pizza restaurants in your area.

Map packs usually show three to four listings with the business name, address, phone number, and ratings. They also include a link to the business's website and directions to the location.

How Do Map Packs Work?

Map packs use local search engine optimization to provide users with relevant and accurate information about businesses in their area. Google uses several factors to determine which businesses appear in map packs, including:

  • Relevance: How well the business matches the user's search query
  • Distance: How close the business is to the user's location
  • Prominence: How well-known and popular the business is online

By optimizing their online presence with SEO and content marketing strategies, businesses can increase their chances of appearing in map packs.

Why Are Map Packs Important for SEO?

Map packs are critical for local SEO because they give businesses a prominent place in Google search results. Being listed in a map pack can significantly increase visibility and drive traffic to a business's website.

Map packs also help businesses build trust with consumers by displaying ratings and reviews from previous customers. Positive reviews can encourage users to click on a listing and visit the business's website or physical location.

How Do Map Packs Help with Mobile Page Optimization?

Map packs are essential for mobile page optimization because they provide users with quick and easy access to local business information. Mobile users are often looking for immediate solutions, such as finding a nearby restaurant or store.

By appearing in map packs, businesses can provide users with accurate and relevant information, such as their address, hours of operation, and phone number. This information can help users make informed decisions and increase the chances of them visiting the business's website or location.

How Can Map Packs Benefit Ad Tech?

Map packs can benefit ad tech by providing businesses with a way to target local audiences. By using ad targeting tools, businesses can display ads within map packs to users who are searching for specific keywords in their area.

This type of targeted advertising can be highly effective because it focuses on users who are already interested in a particular product or service. It can also help businesses reach a broader audience by displaying their ads at the top of Google search results.


Map packs are a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their local SEO and digital marketing strategies. By optimizing their online presence and appearing in map packs, businesses can increase visibility, drive traffic, and build trust with consumers.


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