Understanding  Island Position

As a marketer or media planner, you're probably always looking for ways to create great advertising campaigns. One way to do this is through "island position" advertising placements.

What is Island Position?

Island position refers to the placement of an advertisement in a location where it can be seen from all sides. This type of advertising is most commonly seen on billboards located in the middle of roundabouts or in other central locations.

Why Choose Island Position Advertising?

Using island position advertising ensures your message is seen from all directions, making it impossible for anyone to miss. This means your campaign will have a higher chance of catching people's attention and being remembered.

How Does Media Planning Come into Picture?

Choosing the right media channel is critical for successful advertising campaigns. In media planning, island positioning can be a valuable tool for creating eye-catching billboard campaigns that reach a wider audience.

How Does Billboard Advertising Benefitted through Island Positioning?

Billboard owners benefit from island positioning because it allows them to charge more for premium ad placements. Advertisers get better visibility and more exposure, while the billboard owners make higher profits.

How Does Out-of-home Advertising Works with Island Positions?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertisers also benefit from using island position placements because it allows them to create memorable campaigns that stick out in people's minds.

How Can Digital Signage Use Island Position Techniques?

Digital signage can also take advantage of island positions, especially when positioned strategically in high traffic areas such as busy shopping malls or airports.

Using creative techniques like subjecting ads with bold colors and fonts helps make digital signs easily noticeable from various angles.


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