Understanding  Intensive Distribution

Intensive distribution is a channel strategy that involves distributing a product through as many retail or wholesale marketing channels as possible. This means that the product is readily available and easily accessible to customers at different locations, thus increasing its exposure and reach.

Channel Strategy

Intensive distribution is an important part of a company's channel strategy, which is the way they get their products or services to the end consumer. It involves identifying the most effective distribution channels and implementing a plan for reaching customers efficiently.

Distribution Channels

Distribution channels are the pathways through which a product moves from the manufacturer to the end customer. The most common distribution channels include direct sales, retail sales, and online sales.

Retail Marketing

Retail marketing involves promoting products directly to consumers through in-store displays, special promotions or discounts, and other forms of advertising that can help create demand for your brand.

Wholesale Marketing

Wholesale marketing involves selling products in bulk to other businesses that will subsequently resell them to consumers. This type of marketing is ideal for companies seeking broader exposure for their goods or services.

Channel Conflict

Channel conflict occurs when different types of sellers compete with one another for customers. This happens when there are too many sellers competing within a particular geographic area or when different types of sellers have overlapping customer bases.

Some strategies for avoiding channel conflict include:

  • Offering complimentary services or products
  • Establishing clear communication standards
  • Setting rules around pricing policies


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