Understanding  HTTP Vs HTTPS

If you're browsing the web, you've probably come across the acronyms HTTP and HTTPS. But what do they mean? In a nutshell, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Why is a secure website important?

A secure website is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps protect the privacy of users who visit the site. Secondly, it helps prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information such as credit card details and login credentials. Finally, having a secure website can boost your search engine rankings, as Google gives preference to secure websites.

What is web security?

Web security refers to the measures taken to protect websites from malicious attacks. This includes everything from installing SSL certificates to regularly updating software and plugins.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts data transmitted between a web server and a user's browser. This ensures that sensitive information such as credit card details and login credentials cannot be intercepted by hackers.

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is the latest version of the HTTP protocol, which has been designed to improve website performance by reducing latency and improving efficiency.

Why should I use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

There are several reasons why you should use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Firstly, it provides better security for your website and your users. Secondly, it can improve your search engine rankings. Finally, using HTTPS can help build trust with your users, which can lead to increased conversions.


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