Understanding  Geo-fencing

In the world of digital marketing, geo-fencing has become a buzzword. This technology enables marketers to target customers based on their location, making it an effective tool for improving audience targeting and real-time marketing. Are you curious about what geo-fencing is? Let's dive in!

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing refers to the practice of setting up virtual boundaries around geographical locations—such as neighborhoods or business districts—and using these barriers as triggers for specific actions.

How Does Location-based Advertising Work with Geo-fences?

Location-based advertising uses geolocation data to deliver targeted ads relevant to a user’s physical location via mobile apps, social media platforms, or even search engines. By creating a virtual fence surrounding a brick-and-mortar store in this context would serve dynamic ads only when users enter that boundary.

Why Use Real-Time Marketing with Geo-Fences?

Real-time marketing makes use of current events and trends to capture immediate attention through time-sensitive content delivery.I.e offering discounts within 100 foot radius around your competitor stores /website .

What are Mobile Marketing Strategies Associated with Geo-Fencing Technology?

There are several ways businesses can implement mobile marketing strategies that incorporate geolocation data using geo fencing like Location-Based Loyalty Programs ,Social Media Campaigns ,SMS/Text message campaigns

How Can Audience Targeting Benefit from Employing Geofences in Digital Marketing Strategies ?
Audience targeting benefits by utilizing Apps visitors profiles towards predicting future behaviors example:
Providing personalized notifications once consumer enters the fence notifying them.

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