Understanding  Advertising Plan

As a business owner, it is important to have a solid advertising plan to attract new customers, maintain brand presence, and ultimately drive sales. An advertising plan is a framework that outlines your overall marketing strategy, campaign planning, brand strategy, budgeting, and market research. In this post, we'll tackle the most common questions about advertising plans and provide some tips for creating a successful one.

1. What is an Advertising Plan?

An advertising plan is a strategic document that outlines your company's approach to marketing and promotion. It outlines everything from overall marketing goals to specific campaigns, target audiences, budgets and key performance indicators.

2. What are the Components of an Advertising Plan?

Creating an effective advertising plan should always involve several core components:

  • Marketing Plan: This should outline overall company goals and objectives for the year, outlining how marketing fits into those goals.
  • Campaign Planning: Here you should define individual campaigns for different audiences and promotional strategies.
  • Brand Strategy: Define your brand's messaging tone, voice and positioning relative to competitors.
  • Budgeting: Outline expected spend across various channels as well as potential return on investment calculations.
  • Market Research: Briefly define which target audience you want to resonate with.

3. Why is an Advertising Plan Important?

A well-developed advertising plan ensures that your resources are focused on a cohesive strategy that targets the right audience for your brand in order to maximize ROI.


  • It helps ensure everyone within the organization has a clear understanding of what efforts will be undertaken in order to drive business forward
  • Allows companies to be proactive instead of reactive in their marketing efforts
  • Allows businesses stay focused when creating new marketing messages

4. How Do You Build an Advertising Plan?

The first step when building an advertising plan is to define your why: what are your goals for the coming year? Then we suggest working in the following order:

  1. Develop a complete list of possible channels (i.e., TV commercials) you could use for advertising.
  2. Brainstorm all possible ideas (i.e., sales promotions) could run via those channels
  3. Focus on selecting ideas that support overall goals
  4. Prioritize which channels/tactics should be implemented first

5. How Often Should You Review Your Advertising Plan?

An effective advertising plan needs regular monitoring to ensure it remains relevant in light of changing market conditions or organizational priorities.

We recommending reviewing every 6 months: doing so can help identify which parts of your initial plan require revision in light of progress made so far towards meeting overall objectives.

6. What Makes A Great Advertising Plan?

Great plans can differ depending on specific company goals but there are some universal qualities great plans hold:

  • They begin by clearly identifying who they're trying to reach with their message
  • They articulate specific yet achievable targets
  • They allocate budgets correctly across tactics most likely support campaigns i.e targeting different geographical areas
  • They include contingency plans for unexpected changes


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