Best Pet Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  March 28, 2023 
10.00% Per SaleUp to 30 Days
Embark (Nasdaq: EMBK) is an autonomous vehicle company creating software for carriers to facilitate autonomous trucks in their fleets. With the goal of lowering consumer costs, making it possible for drivers to remain close to their homes, and offering safer roads for their loved ones, Embark provides possibly the most accurate and comprehensive canine DNA test. Pet owners can learn about their dog's breed, ancestry and health with a mouth swab in addition to which diseases the dog may be at risk of in the future. Embark Vet is a company that emphasizes international relations and economics. Its logo and profile can be seen on F6S.
Drtims aquatics
10.00% Per Sale60 Day
DrTim's Aquatics is a leader in providing innovative products for the fishkeeping industry. Their natural products are cutting-edge and possess the latest in scientific research for enhanced fishkeeping and aquariums. Based in Moorpark, California, DrTim's Aquatics, LLC is a corporation in the Tropical Fish business. They strive to give their customers "Success at Every Level" with 100% natural products and food for Reef, Saltwater, Freshwater Aquaria as well as Ponds and Water Gardens.
Wagwell box
$10.00 Per Sale30 Day
WagWell Box is an organic, all-natural and a fun monthly dog subscription box service. Each monthly themed box contains 5-8 items that have been thoughtfully selected for dogs' health and cognitive development. The items, which range from treats and toys to all-natural supplements, are designed to provide mental stimulation and physical activity which will help your furry friend live a healthier, fuller life. Additionally, the canine-focused box satisfies curious minds and also supports family-owned businesses.
Pooch perks
10.00% Sale30
Pooch Perks Enterprises, Inc. is a premiere Pet company devoted to pampering your doggie. Founded in 2015 in the city of Miami, Florida, Pooch Perks offers top quality treats and toys made from all natural and USA based ingredients. With their handy Dog Treat Clubs and monthly themed boxes, you can provide your pup with high quality goods conveniently and affordably.
Happy again pet
15.00% Per Sale30 Day
OH, HAPPY DOG! Two Tails Pet Company was born out of love for dogs and design. Created in Los Angeles by a husband and wife team, with respective backgrounds in design and manufacturing, they wanted to bring their skills to their shared passion; pets. JW Pet Company’s range of pet products includes everything from pet toys to grooming products, designed to keep your pet healthy and happy. Happy Again combines the highest-grade blend of collagen, with a blend of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins to maximize effectiveness.
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
Groomest is an innovative new product designed to help pet owners keep their pets looking and feeling their best. Featuring a powerful vacuum and revolutionary cleaning technology, Groomest can make your pet's grooming routine much faster and easier. With its lightweight design, easy-to-use controls, and up to an hour of uninterrupted battery life, Groomest is the perfect way to give your pet the grooming experience they deserve. It also comes in a range of colors to suit all manner of pet owners. With Groomest, you can give your dog a professional groom in no time at all!
Tuft and paw
12.00% Per Sale60 Day
Tuft + Paw, a pet furniture and accessories company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been providing delight to cats and their human counterparts since it was founded. Through partnering with cat behaviourists, veterinarians, and animal shelters, Tuft + Paw creates modern pet furniture that meets the needs of cats and their owners. All products are easy to assemble, machine washable, dust-free, low-tracking, and ultra-absorbent, to maintain neat and comfortable homes. To bring even more joy to cats and their parents, Tuft + Paw offers a collection of cat beds, cat trees, scratching posts, and litter boxes.
10% commission - only on validated online sales attributed to an Affiliate. Guide Dogs is one of the UKs best known and best loved charities. When your customers buy their cards and gifts from Dogalogue, the Guide Dogs gift shop, they help to change the lives of blind and visually impaired people. You will earn 10%30 Days
Make this Christmas special with the brand new Dogalogue 2016! Featuring awesome offers at launch with exclusive discounts, you and your pup can find the perfect gift in January 2023. From pet treats to dog themed hoodies to a large Labrador puppy cuddly toy, Dogalogue promises to make saving money and supporting charities fun and easy. Read reviews from other members and leave your own feedback for others to save money with the best cashback offers. When you shop from the Guide Dogs online charity shop, you are helping to change the lives of blind and visually impaired people.
Bunty pet products
15%30 Days
Welcome to Bunty Pet Products, where we provide all pet owners with high quality products to ensure their pet stays healthy and nourished. Our products range from dog beds, harnesses and crates to collars and more, all at an affordable and durable rate. We have been active for a while and verified by the GOV, ensuring you a reliable and trustable shopping experience. Our best selling item are our black and silver velvet dog beds, perfect for matching the atmosphere of any home. Our products have gained a score of 2.
Ono pet bowls
12% Per Sale. Store Based30 Day
The Ono Single Bowl is a game changer for cats and other pets with messy eating habits. This all-in-one mat + bowl captures your pet's mess in one easy-to-use product. Created by the makers of ezpz, Ono brings their patented self-seal technology and all-in-one placemat convenience to mealtime for pets. The Ono Good Bowl provides the same functionality and style you expect from ezpz products. Once you open the box and see the sleek packaging and modern design, you'll appreciate Ono's commitment to animal-friendly pet products.
Knose pet
10.00% Per Sale45 Day
Knose is a pet care company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It provides veterinary businesses with a full-service subscription management platform including banking, administration, communications, stock management, delivery and reporting. Knose was chosen as one of Australia's Best Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats on ProductReview. com. au.
Global herbs
4%30 Days
Global Herbs is a leading supplier of high quality equine and herbal supplements for horses. Combining ancient wisdom from Asia and Africa with modern-day veterinary science, Global Herbs strives to provide equine health solutions for everyday problems. Established in 2006 by Dr. Shantanu R. Joshi, Global Herbs Pharmaceuticals based in Pune specializes in the manufacture of medicinal plants and raw herbs.
Discount pet care
5% commission30 Dayss
Discountpetcare is an Australian-based pet care company solely established to provide customers with an easy, reliable and affordable way to shop for pet essentials. The company has designed a modern yet user-friendly online store that ensures an enjoyable shopping experience. Discountpetcare has been taking care of America's best friends since 2002 by providing quality pet medications at highly discounted prices. Customers need not worry about finding the right promo codes when shopping on the company's platform as the Honey extension will do the job for them.
Oster animal care
Oster Animal Care is a reliable and trusted brand of pet grooming products that offers a wide selection of products for pet owners. Their products range from clippers, trimmers, nail grinders, shedding tools, and colognes, to bathing accessories. Oster Animal Care sets the industry standard with their Pro Trimmer Grooming Kit, providing an easy, powerful and efficient way to groom any size and shape of pet. Shopping with Oster Animal Care through GregRobert provides customers with unbeatable prices and a great customer service experience.
10.00% Per Sale60 Day
Cheerble is a tech startup based in Shenzhen, China which was founded in 2016. They specialize in designing and manufacturing pet related smart electronic gadgets such as WickedBone and WickedBall. Their products have been tested rigorously for durability, and include the novelty Cheerble Ball W1 Interactive Pet Toy for cats. Through their pioneering innovations, Cheerble strive to make complicated technology easily accessible for pet owners.
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