Best CBD Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  March 28, 2023 
Farmacy bliss
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
Farmacy Bliss is a decent CBD company with a touching and sentimental backstory – the company founders seem to genuinely care about their customers and want to establish a caring and customer-centric ethos. A start-up in the booming hemp and CBD sector, Farmacy Bliss is first-to-market with 100% pure, rigorously tested, lab-certified CBD from trusted suppliers. They extend a hand to customers in need by offering pure CBD for health & wellness. Farmacy Bliss was founded in 2016 and is a family-owned business located in Walnut Creek, California. The company offers a range of Cannabidiol CBD products that are pure and therapeutic grade.
Cbd brothers
4%-8% Unknown
CBD Brothers is an innovative supplement company based on the Isle of Guernsey in the UK. It was the first UK company to receive a license to grow full-spectrum cannabis. Diaz Brothers later launched the GAME UP Nutrition brand, which offers cannabinoids, adaptogens and superfoods in a plant-based wellness collection. CBD Brothers was founded in 2014 by Andrew Bayley with the intent to make high-quality CBD products more accessible to users in the UK. By signing up for the newsletter, members can receive discounts and promo codes directly from the CBD Brothers team.
Mind at ease
15.00% Per Sale30 Day
Mind at Ease is a luxury cannabis brand co-founded by fashion industry veteran Armen Gregorian and design expert Joe Doucet. Their collection includes unique accessories and proprietary formulas developed by clinical cannabinoid experts with optimal concentrations of CBD and CBG and 0% THC. Their products range from CBD artisanal chocolates and moisturizers to topical relief and aromatic hemp wax candles. Mind at Ease offers a sophisticated and elevated approach to cannabis consumption for discerning connoisseurs.
Cbd luxe
20.00% Per Sale30 Day
CBD LUXE is an American CBD company offering THC-free CBD isolates extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp certified by Colorado's Department of Agriculture. Hustle Butter C. B. D. Luxe™ is their unique skin cream, made from pure CBD and cannabinoid isolates to soothe, nourish and condition the skin.
Pure sport cbd
Pure Sport CBD is a platform that specializes in top-quality CBD health supplements. Their products are zero THC, organic, vegan, non-GMO and free of contaminants and pesticides. Headed by former Scottish international rugby players Grayson Hart and Adam Ashe, their CBD oil is a big hit. The company is also supported by professional rugby player Finn Russell. With Pure Sport CBD, you can expect exceptional results and elevate your lifestyle.
Steves goods
15%45 Day
Steve's Goods is an award-winning Colorado-based hemp company that specializes in formulating high-quality CBD concentrates, CBG oils, delta 8 carts, and more. Their products are organically and locally sourced in order to provide customers with unbeatable prices. Steve's Goods is committed to customer satisfaction, offers an affiliate program, and donates a portion of its revenue to research and development.
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