Best B2B Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  March 28, 2023 
10-25%120 Day
WebBuschecks is a reliable online retailer that sells professional business checks, laser checks, deskset checks and more. They are committed to providing their customers with excellent service and some of the lowest prices for business checks online. They offer a broad selection of products and their checks are made with industry standard quality. With their first order discount, customers can benefit from great savings. WebBuschecks is not yet rated by Alexa and its traffic remain unavailable, however, there are no security issues or inappropriate content associated with the website and customers can trust their purchases.
Bing ads
$15 per leadUnknown
Bing Ads Management is a powerful online marketing tool that enables businesses to increase their visibility on the web. Bing is one of the most popular search engines, and if you're looking to grow your brand, you may want to consider advertising on the platform. Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, is not an alternative to Google Ads-they can both be used together to double the impact of your campaigns. Microsoft Advertising is often overlooked, but it is actually 33% cheaper than Google Ads, has a 45% higher Click-Through Rate (CTR), and has a 30% lower cost-per-click (CPC). Also it's users are known to spend 35% more when shopping online than those who use Google.
5%30 Days
ParcelHero is an online international courier that offers quick, easy and low cost parcel delivery through the world's biggest carriers such as UPS & DHL. Through their expertly crafted solutions, they assist individuals and businesses with their needs of parcel delivery. They offer national and international shipping services, so that customers can get all their shipping needs in one place. ParcelHero (India) Private Limited is a 15 years 9 months old, private Indian Company, registered at West Delhi with a paid up capital of Rs. 100000.
Skybound digital
10.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Skybound Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based digital media, eCommerce, gaming, and social media company. Founded by Robert Kirkman and David Alpert, Skybound Entertainment boasts a list of incredible properties, ranging from long-running comics like The Walking Dead to award-winning games such as Before Your Eyes. Big Fantastic - the 33rd digital company to be signed under the Skybound umbrella - joined two years ago after the 2007-08 strike. Skybound Entertainment aims to create a force in gaming by publishing, producing, and distributing quality video games across multiple genres.
Worldwide parcel services
3%30 Days
Worldwide Parcel Services is a global courier company providing fast and reliable delivery services across the UK and over 110 countries. WPS offer highly discounted and competitive door-to-door parcel delivery, importing and exporting all around the world. Via their partnership with leading couriers such as DHL, UPS and DPD, they guarantee quality and reliability with every shipment. WPS provide an efficient and hassle-free parcel shipment solution, while their competitive rates make them one of the top UK parcel companies. With the ability to apply for one-click job postings, WPS have all the right tools to make deliveries perfect.
7.00% Per Sale45 Day
Yourdmac is an online platform designed to help local businesses connect with clients in the area. It is designed to help customers discover more local deals in their area by leveraging their geolocation. With their convenient and user-friendly interface, customers can easily search for deals that meet their budget and needs. They also provide helpful ratings and reviews on businesses which helps customers make informed decisions. Their goal is to provide a hassle-free experience and help businesses thrive by providing a platform to promote their aparticulars and services.
Up to 8%30 Day
Getstamps is a one-stop platform for customizing, producing and shipping high-quality rubber stamps. They offer an extensive catalog of over 1000 stamp types with a variety of customization options. With getstamps, their customers can quickly and easily create their unique stamp which is ready to be used in just days. Their cutting-edge 3D design tools make customizing a stamp quick and easy, allowing businesses to achieve a modern look.
Vinity soft
25.00% Per Sale60 Day
Vinity Soft is a software development company, specialized in vehicle fleet management and tool & asset management software solutions. They provide reliable software solutions that meet the needs of businesses in the transportation sector while being affordably priced. Vinity Soft Inc. brings powerful, secure and flexible solutions that are user-friendly and suitable for any kind of business. They serve both small and large organizations with solutions that allow for efficient asset management and vehicle fleet management.
15.00% Per Sale90 Day
TraffikFlo is a powerful tool that helps businesses manage their capacity and increase store traffic. It puts a literal ‘green light’ at storefronts to let potential customers know when they’re welcome to come inside. For store owners, this reassurance is effective in converting window shoppers into revenue-generating customers. TraffikFlo helps businesses create an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.
Banner buzz
Up to 10%30 Days
BannerBuzz is an eCommerce company located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and has 48 employees. They provide customizable display and advertising products for businesses to create awareness with their consumer base. With experience spanning over two decades, BannerBuzz offers state-of-the-art printing technology that allows for wholesale prices to the retail customer. Today, Bannerbuzz has over 300 employees worldwide and operates in seven countries. Customers can enjoy great deals on BannerBuzz products, including custom business cards and banners, offering exceptional value for money.
Affiliate window
$3030 Days
Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network providing innovative and ethical approach to performance marketing. It is a UK based affiliate marketing network and subsidiary of Digital Window Ltd. founded by Kevin Brown in 2000. It is the largest independent network in the UK, specializes in eCommerce and was formed when Zanox and Affiliate Window rebranded in 2010. Comparing external trends, Awin has 17 offices across the world with around 1,200 employees as well as annual revenue of $24.
Banner buzz
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
BannerBuzz is an e-commerce business located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. With 48 dedicated employees, BannerBuzz provides its customers with custom signage and display products. It was founded in 2009, now operating in seven countries with over 300 employees worldwide. BannerBuzz is a product of Nishant Shah's entrepreneurial passion and aims to create a uniquely customized product to suit the needs of all its customers. Customers can also compare salaries and working conditions of their team with the help of RocketReach.
Hyundai power equipment
7%30 Days
Hyundai Power Products (UK) is one of the leading power equipment retailers both online and through a UK & Ireland wide dealer network. They offer a wide range of petrol and diesel generators, pressure washers and garden machinery, backed with a 3 year domestic warranty. Hyundai are a global brand producing reliable and durable equipment to the highest of standards. Genpower are the sole UK Importer for Hyundai Power Equipment and supply reliable machines from 1kW to 100kW. Visit their website to take a look at the extensive range of products and services they offer.
$100 commission120 Dayss
AvantLink is an online affiliate referral platform that enables its clients to create and maintain business partnerships. It is a leader in affiliate marketing, multi-channel analytics, referral tracking and technology. AvantLink is a freemium product, offering quality partnerships and superior support at a cost-per-sale rate. Companies such as Versa Marketing Inc. of Boulder, CO have selected AvantLink to manage their affiliate marketing program in AvantLink and LinkShare.
Bing ads
$15 per leadUnknown
Bing Ads is a search engine advertising platform from Microsoft, which allows advertisers to display search ads across popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Bing Ads provides advertisers an effective and efficient way to reach millions of customers with powerful campaigns created by Bing Ads Managers. With a 45% higher click-through rate than Google, and a lower cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than Google, Bing Ads allows businesses to reduce their advertising costs while still achieving higher return on investment (ROI). Bing Ads is also suitable for B2B companies as the Bing audience skews older.
Banner buzz
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
BannerBuzz is an eCommerce company located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia, United States with 48 and 300 employees respectively. It’s a product of Nishant Shah’s prior experiences and passion that offers customizable display and advertising products to businesses all over the world. With extensive knowledge and expertise, BannerBuzz has 20+ years in the sign business providing retail customers with state-of-the-art printing technology and wholesale pricing. Consumers can now avail great deals and discounts on Custom Business Cards, banners, etc. to fit their promotional or decorations plans at Bing Shopping and CouponFollow.
Parcel compare limited
8%30 Days
Parcel Compare Limited is an active company that was established over 30 years ago to provide UK and International delivery services. Their mission is to offer great service and choice for amazing value. They provide customers with voucher and discount codes from Give as you Live Online, allowing shoppers to save money and raise money for charities. For January 2023, ParcelCompare is offering 15% off sale products and 10% off discount items. Customers can enjoy these limited discount offers and shop with them now for great savings!
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