Best Recurring Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 25, 2021 
Varies30 Days
Coursera is an open-access online education service co-founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. You can Learn from the best colleges and companies like Yale, Stanford, and Michigan.All courses consist of pre-recorded lectures, puzzles, and assignments. A wide array of degrees, certificates, specializations, & MOOCs in data science, computer science, business & a multitude of other topics are available .
A2 Hosting
$55 - $125 Per Sale90 Days
A2 Hosting's high performance web hosting platform is built with SwiftServer and Turbo Servers . A2 Hosting promises their customers a 1-second load time. Indeed, they claim to be up to 20x faster than our competitors.
ReferralCandy ( is a SaaS app that accelerates word-of-mouth referrals for online stores around the world. It helps ecommerce stores increase sales by getting shoppers to refer their running a referral marketing program.
Blog Clarity
15% Per Sale90 Days
Blog Clarity offers online courses that specialize in obtaining PROFIT, TRAFFIC, and BADASSNESS for online businesses. Bloggers have learned to grow their blogs and turn their blogs into money makers with Content Tips & Blogging Courses from Blog Clarity .
Artisan Aromatics
10% Per Sale30 Days
Artisan Aromatics is a family-owned company . As an industry leader and a trusted provider of therapeutic-quality essential oils, they have set the tone for alternative health practitioners, herbalists, and medical professionals around the world since their debut in 1997. A variety of enfleurage oils and 100% pure essential oils are offered by Artisan Aromatics. To enable maximum freshness & potency, each order is custom bottled by their technicians.
M1 Finance
M1 Finance is a trading and investing application that combines self-directed and automated investment capabilities. The company offers several financial services, including trading, investing with an automated system, margin lending, IRAs, and income-producing investments. ie-based models let you choose which stocks, ETFs, or portfolios you'd like to invest in, as well as how much you want to invest.
25% Per Sale30 Days
MasterClass is a subscription platform that provides students with tutorial and lecture videos that are pre-recorded by industry experts. Designed for students of all skill levels, MasterClass offers online classes that are accessible to everyone. They only employ the best instructors in the world.
10% - 30% Per Salen/a
Establishing itself in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform that supports both inverse and linear perpetual contracts. With over 200 million users worldwide, Bybit is used by both individuals as well as professional traders.
Organize Yourself Skinny
50% Per Salen/a
Organize Yourself Skinny is a blog dedicated to helping busy people lose weight by combining calorie awareness with menu planning, freezer cooking, and other meal prep ideas. It offers an ebook and food plan that ensure weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.
$32 Per Sale45 Days
Babbel is the new way to learn a foreign language. a very useful learning app. Innovative education methods are combined with state-of-the-art technology in the comprehensive learning system. Your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills will improve instantly with online interactive courses. The progress will be rapid, and the experience will be enjoyable.
Living Life and Learning
40% Per Sale90 Days
living life and learning is an online platform focusing on education resources mainly destined to teachers and parents . There is a huge selection of Fun Learning Ideas for Young Learners with lots of science activities that are fun and engaging for children from preschool to elementary school.
Vibrant Blue Oils
20% Per Sale180 Days
Vibrant Blue Oils is one of the leading and most trusted sources for organic blends, wildcrafted oils, and pure essential oils. Designed to encourage natural healing, it features proprietary blends of organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Customers can choose from a wide variety of essential oil varieties at Vibrant Blue Oils. A full refund can be obtained if the customer is not satisfied with the quality.
Gene Food
$20 Per Sale90 Days
Gene Food is the best personalized nutrition platform on the market today. It was launched in 2016 by John O’Connor, a health entrepreneur who saw a need for a personalized approach to nutrition in his own life.Gene Food helps everyone get the most out of their genetic makeup by tailoring diet and lifestyle to their unique genetic makeup. It is time to move away from one-size fits all nutrition. Using Gene Food, each meal is tailored to a person's DNA, while relying on a 20-point meal plan.
My Green Mattress
5% Per Sale45 Days
My Green Mattress is an American heritage company that manufactures certified organic mattresses. MyGreenMattress sells affordable, healthy, and eco-friendly organic mattresses which are crafted in the United States in GOTS and GOLS certified factories. Your family is healthy and safe with MyGreenMattress mattresses.
Earth Turns
10% Per Sale45 Days was founded by a Chiropractor in 2005 with the intention of providing the best natural products at the best prices, while operating with integrity and making a difference in the world. As has exploded over the years into the buzzing "Natural Marketplace," it has grown into a thriving online business.
Body Spartan
10% Per Sale45 Days is one of the most popular fitness companies in the United States. Their revolutionary In-Home Full Body Workout Program, supplements, and apparel are designed to help men and women change their bodies and their lives with the knowledge and tools they have accumulated from a lifetime in the fitness industry.
30% Per Sale120 Days
Floracopeia is a Beauty And Cosmetics brand providing sustainable skincare, botanical medicine, and holistic beauty products. It offers the highest quality botanical treasures and health education, as well as supporting ecological agriculture and promoting traditional plant-based knowledge. According to them, all oils are 100% pure, and are of the highest quality to be used as therapeutic oils, therefore containing no fillers or adulterants of any kind.
30% Per Sale30 Days
Specktra is a nutraceutical company that develops CBD formulas for targeted health benefits. Their formulas include full-spectrum hemp extracts rich in CBD and a well-researched blend of essential oil compounds, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes for maximum therapeutic effects and a unique flavor. Its products are of high quality and extremely affordable, earning excellent customer reviews. The products are Hemp based, topical pain relief patches.
$120 Per Sale45 Days
Upstart is a platform for automating lending and pricing credit by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Upstart's AI technology enables it to partner with banks to provide personal loans based on non-traditional variables like education and employment, which can be used to predict creditworthiness. Through Upstart Powered banks, customers receive a superior digital-first lending experience, receive higher approval rates and experience lower loss rates.
Baby Sleep Miracle
15% Per Sale60 Days
Baby Sleep Miracle is a program designed for parents who lack the ability to control their baby's sleeping problem. Parenting is commonly perceived to be exhausting. In Baby Sleep Miracle, They teach parents how to finally get their child to sleep without the fuss, tantrums, or waking up during the night.
5% Per Sale45 Days
The iHerb company is all about vitamins and supplements. They offer the same nationally known brands found in many retail or online stores.30,000+ top-rated healthy products; plus discount shipping, incredible values and rewarding customer loyalty.
25% Recurringn/a
Wofh is a scheduling and studio management solution that helps yoga, pilates, and fitness studios to expand and go digital. It allows any fitness professional to open an online gym in a matter of minutes. More than a thousand trainers have already benefited from the Wofh platform.
10% Recurring60 Days
Mouseflow is a recording and heatmap tool that shows visitors how they click, scroll, move, and browse. Mouseflow enables you to monitor user behavior by tracking where they click and interact with your site. It helps increase conversions and optimize your website using real-time insights on how visitors interact with your website through session recordings and heatmaps.
$250 Per Leadn/a
Kabbage is a financial technology company that provides lending solutions to small businesses. The company pioneers a new, automated method of acquiring working capital for small businesses. During the customer lifecycle, it analyses various business sources of information, including revenue, accounting data, business transactions, shipping data, social media, and other sources to determine the health of a business and calculate credit lines.
Capitalist Exploits
50% Per Sale365 Days
Capitalist Exploits is a team of professional money managers, entrepreneurs and investors. They have grown quickly by word-of-mouth solely due to the quality of their investment research. Instead of spending time on marketing activities, they outsource marketing to partners who will spread the word for them. Capitalist Exploits offers trading recommendations by only sharing the best low-risk / high-reward opportunities to subscribers. Join and earn commissions for sending us customers.
$115 Per Salen/a
LearnDash is a WordPress-based learning management system (LMS) that helps companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs create (and sell) online courses. This plugin will allow you to build online courses and reward learners through certificates, points, and badges. It was created by professional learning industry experts having extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies.
50% Recurringn/a
Based in Seattle, Washington, Coinbase is the first financial technology company to provide merchants and consumers access to decentralized digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. Building an open financial system will enable innovation, efficiency, and equal opportunity for all
30% Per Sale60 Days
Forexmentor is a professional coaching and training platform for new Forex traders. Since 2003, the Forexmentor team has been the trusted authority in Forex training for thousands of aspiring traders.
25% - 40% Recurringn/a
Founded in 2012 , DraftKings is a sports entertainment and gaming company that creates daily fantasy, regulated gaming, and digital media products to fuel sports fans' competitive spirit. DraftKings is the only vertically integrated sports betting operator in the United States. The company provides multichannel sports and gaming solutions to 50+ operators across more than 15 regulated markets in the U.S. and abroad, including Arkansas and Oregon.
20% Recurring60 Days
doTerra is an essential oils and related product multi-level marketing company located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Founded in 2008 by former executives of Young Living and others, doTerra is the world's premier plant-based supplement company. doTERRA has some of the most rare and unique essential oils in the industry, including Frankincense oil and Copaiba oil.
$200 Per Sale30 Days is a website security & protection platform that delivers peace of mind. Stop worrying about website security threats and get back to building your online brand. Sucuri was able to become highly regarded among web professionals thanks to the vision and technology of its founders.
Ora Organic
Varies30 Days
Founded in 2014, Ora Organics is a leader in plant-based nutrition and wellness with a focus on sustainable practices. It sets the highest standards for product quality and customer service in the industry. It offers organic and vegan supplements and products that are very rare on the market, and it's all plant-based and free of gluten and dairy. Its eco-friendly strategies result in products that are incredibly nutritious, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
30% Recurringn/a
ConvertKit is an email service developed by Nathan Barry. Due to its ease of use, automation, and other features, this email marketing platform is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. Additionally, it offers easily customisable signup forms and landing pages to generate more email subscribers.
30% Recurring90 Days
DealCheck is an indispensable tool for all serious real estate investors. Using this software is easy and it is perfect for quick deals analysis. It can save you time and money even though it is simple to use .DealCheck has tons of features such as predicting value, comparing your property's value to what's been sold recently, and getting lots of information from public records to make it even better!
10% - 20% Per Salen/a
100% Pure is a company that offers therapeutic grade essential oils at affordable prices. These oils are GC/MS tested in an essential oil chemistry lab. Organically grown, Kosher, vegan, and natural. Almost all of Barefut's oils are 100% natural, and they sourced oils from over 35 countries.
AMZ Watcher
20% Recurringn/a
Amazon Watcher is a tool for affiliate marketers to evaluate their website for broken Amazon allows Amazon Associates verify & track Amazon links and notifies when products become unavailable. People are unaware of how many of their affiliate links are broken, or don’t even have an affiliate ID attached . In addition to that, when you link your users to unavailable products they tend to leave Amazon without purchasing. Amzwatcher helps you fix this pretty easily while also saving a ton of time.
15% Per Sale30 Days
KOs is a private company that focuses on healthcare and the provision of healthcare services . In addition to providing high quality individualized care, it is also looking to work in tandem with the public health service system.
$20 - $600 Per Lead180 Days
StackPath is a cloud computing and service provider with offices in densely populated areas. You can leverage all of StackPath's edge computing resources, including containers, VMs, and serverless scripts to deploy and manage your own edge solutions, such as CDNs, WAFs, DNS, and Monitoring.
25% Per Sale14 Days
LastPass is a free password manager and form filler for businesses and individuals. It manages online identity , generates strong passwords and stores them in a secure vault, which makes browsing faster, safer, and supports every kind of browser, operating system, and mobile device. LastPass Enterprise allows teams of all sizes to scale single sign-on and password management, improving IT security, maintaining compliance, and increasing productivity.
Envato Elements
$20 - $120 Per Lead60 Days
Envato is a leading marketplace where people can sell their creative assets and get paid for their work. The platform connect billions of people around the globe to our marketplace, studio, and courses. They can buy files, hire freelancers, or learn the skills they need to build websites, apps, graphics, and more.
15% Recurringn/a
CoinMama is a marketplace where cryptocurrency users can buy and sell coins, but without the inherent risk involved in a P2P trade. In the world of cryptocurrency, Coinmama is the top cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to buy and sell crypto payments on a credit card, debit card or bank transfer. Millions of users worldwide trust Coinmama since 2013.
Sunburst Superfoods
10% Per Sale60 Days
Sunburst Superfoods is an online store that offers a range of superfoods easily accessible to the general public. The company aims to offer raw, non-GMO, vegan, and non-GMO Superfoods that are dried at low temperatures in order to provide you with the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients you need. Dedicated to providing a wide variety of superfoods of the highest quality and educating our customers about their remarkable reported effects, they are committed to providing the highest quality foods to our customers.
Smart Nora
6% Per Sale30 Days
Founded in 2017, Smart Nora designs and manufactures products that are designed to promote wellbeing and improve quality of life. A debut product created by their company has offered restful sleep to tens of thousands of couples around the world. It detects and stops snoring using a smart device.
25% Recurringn/a is an Elearning website offering educational materials from toddler to high school. It offers up to 426 classes from kindergarten to grade 12, along with more than 1000 videos available online. If you are a brand new homeschooler wondering where to start, a seasoned homeschool mom looking to lighten your plans, or somewhere in between, the virtual Homeschool Curriculum Box can help.
5€ - 105€ Per Leadn/a
Founded in 2007 , Sendinblue is the most intuitive, smart, and effective platform for growing businesses. It offers a dedicated CRM, email marketing software, landing page builder, and more to help you grow your sales and marketing. From the creation of a newsletter to the creation of analysis and reporting tools, it offers targeted marketing techniques to assist business owners, retailers, and agencies in building relationships with their customers through digital marketing, transactional messaging, and marketing automation.
High Low
$400 Per Leadn/a
High Low Binary Options is an Australian-based binary option trading platform, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. HighLow Markets was founded by a passionate group of experienced industry professionals with a commitment to create the best options products on the market.
Elegant Themes
50% Recurring180 Days
Elegant Themes is a leading WordPress theme provider, assisting individuals and companies to create stunning websites using WordPress. A great selection of WordPress Premium Themes can be found at Elegant Themes, along with excellent functionality and a superb design. The Divi theme published by Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress themes, powered by Visual Drag & Drop from Elegant Themes, empowering more than 757,000 users.
Mountain Mel’s
20% Per Sale45 Days
Mountain Mel's goal is to provide a range of herbal teas and first aid sprays that will benefit humans and ecosystems alike. Loose Leaf Organic Herbal Teas, Natural First Aid & Outdoor Essentials. They make organic herbal products with proven healing powers of nature. Mt. Mel's has been "Mountain Mel's Therapeutics that you can truly trust.
3% Per Sale30 Days
In global markets, VitalSource is a leading provider of education technology solutions, which makes learning experiences more affordable, accessible, and valuable. VitalSource offers exceptional learning experiences to millions of users around the world through more than a thousand partners in the digital learning market today. Additionally, they are enabling cutting-edge technologies that optimize the teaching and learning process.
Bright Ideas Press
30% Per Sale90 Days
The Bright Ideas Press is an educational publisher that offers geography, history, science, and literature curriculum from a Christian perspective.
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