Best Pet Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  April 20, 2024 
Cat box classics
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Cat Box Classics offers beautifully designed cardboard cat houses that cater to both the instincts of cats and the aesthetics of humans.Their products are made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both cats and their owners.With their unique Furry Masterpieces cat house, Cat Box Classics allows cats to become part of iconic classical artworks, adding a touch of artistic flair to any home.As a family-owned business, Cat Box Classics has gained significant popularity since its launch in 2020.
Raw paws pet food
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Raw Paws Pet Food is a small family business dedicated to providing quality nutrition for pets.They deliver the highest quality products made with fresh ingredients and offer same-day, nationwide free shipping.Their affiliate program offers opportunities to earn money promoting healthy pet food, treats, chews, supplements, and supplies.Join the Raw Paws Affiliate Program today for great commission rates and bonuses!
Sleepy cotton
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Sleepy Cotton is a well-established American brand that specializes in dog skincare.Their products are made with gentle and natural ingredients sourced from trusted US-based suppliers.With a focus on quality, Sleepy Cotton ensures that your fur babies' sensitive skin stays healthy and protected.
Colorado dog company
20.00% Per Sale30Day
The Colorado Dog Company Partner Program is committed to creating value for affiliate marketers and their members.They offer personalized tools, custom placements, and a generous 30-day cookie.Their goal is to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings for success.
n/aUnknown offers an enticing Affiliate Program.They welcome you to join and provide a simple registration process.If you have any queries or need assistance, reach out to [email protected] more about this exciting opportunity with
Snuggle puppy
15.00% Per Sale30Day
For over two decades, Snuggle Puppy has been dedicated to reducing stress and anxiety for pets.Our products are designed to cater to their natural instincts, providing comfort and alleviating anxiety.From separation anxiety to crate training, our range of durable plush toys and essential pet products have helped countless pet parents.Our flagship product, Snuggle Puppy, recreates the warmth and heartbeat of a mother, offering an extra source of comfort.Whether it's a new addition to the family or a challenging time, Snuggle Puppy is here to help your four-legged friend relax and feel secure.
Revival animal health
Revival Animal Health offers a seamless partnership with CJ Affiliate, providing accurate tracking, timely reporting, and regular commission payments.CJ publishers can easily join their program via the CJ Account Manager Login to start earning commissions today.
Total pet supply
top commissionUnknown
Total Pet Supply offers a great opportunity to earn commission through their program.They provide top-quality pet supplies, ensuring the health and happiness of our beloved pets.Total Pet Supply's commitment to excellence makes them a trusted choice for pet owners.
Pet support systems
7.00% Per Sale7Day
Pet Support Systems has been a leader in the pet bed industry for years, offering our customers the highest quality orthopedic memory foam dog beds.Our dedication to providing carefully crafted products ensures that your pet will experience comfort and support.We take pride in contributing to the health and happiness of pets worldwide.
The anxious pet
10%30 Day
The Anxious Pet understands the real problem of pet anxiety, which also affects pet parents.They have firsthand experience as anxious pet parents and couldn't find suitable solutions for their furry family members.This led them to create informed and honest calming solutions that are veterinarian formulated, third party lab tested, and handmade with quality ingredients.With a commitment to upgrading pets and relationships, The Anxious Pet offers thoughtful products that work.
Vet cbd
20.00% Per Sale90Day
Since 2015, VETCBD has been dedicated to promoting the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for pets.Founded by cannabis industry pioneers, their commitment to education, research, and advocacy sets them apart.Get a care package and experience their brand firsthand.Join their affiliate program and work with Dr. Tim Shu and the VETCBD team.
Health extension
10.00% Per Sale60Day
The Health Extension Partner Program is dedicated to creating value for affiliates and their members.With personalized offers, exclusive payouts, and custom placements, they strive for success and believe in co-developing unique offerings.Their 10% sale commissions, bonus payout program, and in-house affiliate management make it a great choice for affiliate marketers.
15.00% Per Sale30Day is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to pet lovers.They aim to create Happy, Healthy Pets by donating a portion of every sale to pet charities.Their 'Human Grade' supplements are veterinarian approved and offer a 100% Yumology guarantee.
Paw cbd
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Paw CBD, powered by cbdMD, is a trusted CBD wellness brand for pets.With a science-based approach, GMP-certified facilities, and rigorous testing, they create innovative CBD products.Their Superior Broad Spectrum formula ensures safety and standardizes CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpene levels.From tinctures to specialty formulas, Paw CBD offers a range of products for pet owners to establish a perfect wellness routine.With industry recognition and quality standards, Paw CBD is an industry leader in providing safe and effective CBD products for pets.
Canada vet
10%14 Dayss
Canada Vet is a trusted online retailer owned and operated by qualified veterinary surgeons.With a user-friendly website, customers can conveniently shop 24/7 for their pet's needs.Prompt delivery and attractive incentives ensure customer satisfaction.Serving the United States, Canada Vet's conversion rate and competitive commission make it a reliable choice for pet owners.
8.00% Per Sale7Day
PetHonesty is a trusted brand that offers soft chew treat supplements for pets.Their products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility in the U.S.A, following strict safety and health standards.With certifications like SQF Level 3, they ensure the highest quality for your pets.Social media influencers and PPC direct linking enthusiasts are welcome to join their affiliate program!
Furbo dog camera
5.00% Per Sale30Day
Furbo Dog Camera offers a convenient way to keep an eye on your furry friend while you're away.With its sleek design and easy setup, it provides high-quality video and two-way audio communication.It's a great solution for dog owners who want to stay connected with their pets remotely.
Natural wonder products
15.00% to 21.00% Per Sale1Day
Natural Wonder Products specializes in premium, all-natural pet health care products.They offer a wide range of products including flea & tick spray, oral care spray, herbal formulas, and more.Their commitment to integrity, quality, and customer care sets them apart.With a two-tier affiliate program, strong money-back guarantees, and recurring commissions, affiliates can benefit from long term cash flow.Customers appreciate their earth-friendly, non-toxic, and human-grade products, as well as the convenience of same day shipping and single-product landing pages to guide their buying experience.
10.00% Per SaleUp To 90 Day
TruDog offers nourishing freeze-dried raw dog food, dog food toppers, supplements, and limited ingredient treats.Their products are trusted and appreciated by dogs.They also provide various opportunities like product reviews, contests, and newsletters.TruDog is managed by the Apogee team on ShareASale.
10.00% Per Sale7Day offers an affiliate program with enticing features like earning 10%--16% commission on sales, great banners and text links, data feeds and widgets, and a dedicated program manager.Their diverse range of affordable and high-quality products, along with all-day customer service and timely website offer notifications, ensure great benefits for customers.
Farm hounds
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Farm Hounds is a trustworthy company that produces single-species, dehydrated treats & chews.They prioritize transparency in their sourcing, working directly with family farms.With an average sale of $60 and free shipping on orders over $50, customers can trust Farm Hounds for quality products.
20.00% Per Sale1Day
Canna-Pet is a leading Hemp product company for animals, driven by years of research and development.With contributions from experts, they have created exclusive pet food products available worldwide.Their ongoing research and development programs position them as pioneers in Hemp nutrition for pets.
Oster animal care
Oster Animal Care is a reliable and trusted brand of pet grooming products that offers a wide selection of products for pet owners. Their products range from clippers, trimmers, nail grinders, shedding tools, and colognes, to bathing accessories. Oster Animal Care sets the industry standard with their Pro Trimmer Grooming Kit, providing an easy, powerful and efficient way to groom any size and shape of pet. Shopping with Oster Animal Care through GregRobert provides customers with unbeatable prices and a great customer service experience.
Leash links
10.00% Per Sale15Day
Leash Links is dedicated to revolutionizing the way dog owners walk their pets.With a range of innovative products like the Training Leash and No Tangle Multiple Walker, we ensure that dog walking is safe, stylish, and effortless.Experience the difference with Leash Links.
10.00% Per Sale60 Day
Cheerble is a tech startup based in Shenzhen, China which was founded in 2016. They specialize in designing and manufacturing pet related smart electronic gadgets such as WickedBone and WickedBall. Their products have been tested rigorously for durability, and include the novelty Cheerble Ball W1 Interactive Pet Toy for cats. Through their pioneering innovations, Cheerble strive to make complicated technology easily accessible for pet owners.
Annie's pooch pops
15.00% Per Sale30Day
Annie's Pooch Pops is a passionate company dedicated to providing pooch-pleasing treats for man's best friend.They offer a 30-Day Cookie and personalized affiliate marketing tools to ensure success.They also support pet adoption and offer additional incentives for registered animal welfare non-profits.Join their Partner Program now!
9% commission30 Dayss
EzyDog is the premier Dog Accessory Company known for their innovative and reliable products.With over 300 products mixing function and fashion, they are the trusted brand of choice for companion dog enthusiasts.EzyDog offers a great crossover brand in the outdoor and safety market, with a warranty return rate under .25%.Partner with EzyDog for top-quality dog accessories.
Bully beds
6.00% Per SaleUp to 30 Days
Bully Beds specializes in orthopedic dog beds made with high-quality memory foam.Their beds provide comfort and support for large, aging, or arthritic dogs.With a 20-year warranty and FDA determination as a medical device wellness product, Bully Beds are proven to alleviate muscle and joint pain.In addition to dog beds, they offer a range of products including chew-proof covers, supplements, and travel accessories.
Bonne et filou
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Bonne et Filou is passionate about creating value for partners through their affiliate marketing program.With personalized offers, exclusive payouts, and custom placements, they aim to help you succeed.Their 30-day cookie and in-house affiliate management further enhance the partnership experience.
Wysong corporation
16.00% Per Sale60 Day
Wysong Corporation is a true innovator in the natural pet food industry.With over 30 years of experience, we offer a wide range of healthy foods and supplements for dogs, cats, ferrets, and horses.Our products have been trusted by thousands of pet owners worldwide.Led by Dr. Randy Wysong, a renowned pet health professional, our company is dedicated to providing education on pet health and nutrition.Visit our intuitive website,, for free educational materials and to explore our extensive product offerings.We are proud to sell directly to consumers through our innovative and conversion-friendly website.
Petvet express
8.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
PetVet Express is a trusted provider of affordable pet products.With a focus on pet health and offering low prices, they have earned an excellent reputation for helping customers save money.Their affiliate program offers a generous 10% commission, custom banners, and dedicated support.
8% - 10% Per Sale. Store BasedUp To 90 Day
Cherrybrook has a long-standing reputation for providing top-notch grooming supplies.Their wide range of quality and affordable products caters to all pet owners' needs.From toys to treats, training products to breed-specific items, they have it all.Cherrybrook is your one-stop-shop for all things pet-related.
Budget vet care us
5.00% Sale30 is a leading online supplier of branded pet health care products in America.They offer top quality products for Flea & Tick treatments, dewormers, nutritional supplements, eye, ear and joint care treatments for cats and dogs.With exciting weekly offers, best conversion ratio, and free shipping across USA, they provide affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions by placing ads and links on their websites.
Austin and kat
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Austin and Kat is a pet wellness company that was founded in 2014 by Kat in her home kitchen.They offer a range of chews and oils that use trusted ingredients and locally sourced all-natural components.Their products may help with promoting hip and joint health, supporting long term senior health, relieving occasional stiffness and soreness, and managing everyday stressors like noise and separation.Austin and Kat continues to lead the pack in product innovation and is a popular choice among pet owners.
Value pet supplies
up to 8%30 Days offers a wide range of pet supplies, from aquarium supplies to dog chews.They have a catalog of 8000+ products by 80+ top national brands.The company is dedicated to supporting rescue operations and promoting rescue pet adoption.With affordable prices, customers can pamper their pets without breaking the budget.
Clean carl's
10.00% Per Sale90Day
Clean Carl's is a pet mess cleaning product that offers a proprietary formula to eliminate stains and odors in minutes.With enzyme activated and oxygen-powered formulas, it can tackle any organic or deep clean mess.In addition to their effective products, Clean Carl's also offers pet-friendly incense and donates a portion of every purchase to a pet shelter in need.Affordable prices and additional add-ons make it a great choice for anyone on a budget.
Barking and meowing heads
n/a30 Days
Founded in 2008, Barking and Meowing Heads is the original premium cat and dog food brand.Our products contain everything you need for a happy, healthy dog or cat.Generous commission, regular sale events, and discounts are offered to boost sales.With high conversion rates and growing volumes of sales each month, we are an established brand eager to grow online.We provide excellent customer service with a reactive account manager to assist with all queries.Enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders over £30.
10.00% Per SaleUp to 30 Days
Embark (Nasdaq: EMBK) is an autonomous vehicle company creating software for carriers to facilitate autonomous trucks in their fleets. With the goal of lowering consumer costs, making it possible for drivers to remain close to their homes, and offering safer roads for their loved ones, Embark provides possibly the most accurate and comprehensive canine DNA test. Pet owners can learn about their dog's breed, ancestry and health with a mouth swab in addition to which diseases the dog may be at risk of in the future. Embark Vet is a company that emphasizes international relations and economics. Its logo and profile can be seen on F6S.
10-12%90-Days is a unique marketplace for pet owners who value both quality and affordability.They offer a wide range of high-quality pet products at competitive prices, ensuring that customers get the perfect items with the most features.With a dedicated affiliate team and exciting offers, is a go-to destination for pet lovers.
Dr marty pets
10%30 Days
Dr. Marty Pets is dedicated to providing the best pet products for your furry friends.They offer top-quality dog food, cat food, supplements for joint health, and probiotics for digestion.With a focus on pet care, Dr. Marty Pets ensures that your pets receive the best possible care and nutrition.
10.00% Per Sale90Day
Juru Industries offers all-natural pet products designed to strengthen dogs' gut and digestive system for healthier and happier living.Their line of natural products, Juru Gut Support and Juru Gut Shield, restores dogs' ability to protect themselves.They focus on preventing issues before they become serious and work to co-develop unique and custom offerings with their affiliates.As an affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on each sale, benefit from a 90-day cookie duration, and receive support from dedicated program management.
Ecokind pet treats
12.00% Per Sale30Day
EcoKind Pet Treats is a family-owned company dedicated to providing the best, all-natural pet treats.Hand-picked and USDA/FDA approved, our treats are free from additives, preservatives, and chemicals.With healthy vitamins, minerals, and proteins, they contribute to your dog's overall wellness.Try EcoKind today!
Pets warehouse
6.00% to 10.00% Per Sale15Day
Pets Warehouse is a top pet retailer with a loyal clientele.They offer a wide range of products and services for various pets.Their website is highly ranked and they prioritize customer care.With over 45,000 products and free shipping on over 23,000 items, they are a reliable and affordable option for pet owners.Their affiliate program provides opportunities for additional benefits.
Awoo pets
5.00% Per Sale30Day
Awoo Pets offers a wide range of pet products and accessories.From food and toys to grooming supplies, they have everything your furry friend needs.Their products are of high quality and reasonably priced.A one-stop shop for all your pet care needs.
Greendog botanics
5.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
GreenDog Botanics offers 100% natural, CBD-free topical formulas that prioritize the everyday health and wellness needs of pets.Their products are specially designed to soothe, heal, and protect, effectively relieving chronic pain, itchy skin, and calming anxious canines.With an extensive knowledge of canine wellness and plant-based remedies, GreenDog Botanics uses only high-quality ingredients that are pH balanced for dogs and free from artificial additives.Their eco-friendly products are handcrafted in Delano, Minnesota, using a proprietary blend of certified organic ingredients and locally sourced wild-crafted herbs.As a women-owned company, they are deeply passionate about the health and well-being of dogs, offering natural products that are good for both pets and the environment.
Soft paws
3% - 5% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Soft Paws offers nail caps for cats and dogs as a humane alternative to declawing.Their products are the perfect solution to cat and dog scratching problems.With the opportunity to earn commissions on sales and refer other affiliates, Soft Paws provides a great incentive for promoting their program.
Pet pro supply co
4.00% Per Sale15Day
Pet Pro Supply Co. is a reliable distributor of premium pet products, serving both pet professionals and pet parents.With a wide range of high-ticket items, including veterinary surgery tables, steel kennels, crash-proof dog crates, and electronic pet doors, we cater to the specific needs of our customers.Our excellent service and top-quality products have earned us over 900 positive reviews, making us a trusted choice in the industry.
18.00% Per Sale15Day
WOOOF is a new brand offering natural creamy dog supplements, bridging the gap between dog food and vet visits for dog parents.With a wide open market, it caters to health-conscious dog parents seeking healthy solutions and help with their dog's eating habits.These supplements, packed with vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods, support overall health and can be used as a food topper.WOOOF's products are an exciting addition to the holistic healthy lifestyle of pet owners and offer a refreshing alternative to traditional dog supplements.
Up to13%Unknown offers an affiliate program with up to 13% commission on each order, 60 return days, and weekly sales and promotions.They provide promotion through banners, text links, and product links.With an average order value of $120, they offer a great platform for pet care products.
Majestic pet products
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Majestic Pet Products, based in Irvine, CA, is a leading pet products manufacturer in the USA.With over 25 years of experience, they offer a wide range of high-quality pet beds, cat trees, dog crates, and more.Featured on popular TV shows and recognized for their Best Pet Bed of 2019, Majestic Pet Products is a trusted brand known for their outstanding products.
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