Best Eco-Friendly Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  December 11, 2023 
12.00% Per Sale30Day a family business and award-winning brand produced by master makers Romain Piro and Daniele Lepori, and distributed by Charlotte Piro.With a focus on customer experience and quality, their luxury products are positioned for the gourmet food sector.Affiliates can expect attractive commissions and great earnings.
Be natural organics
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
Be Natural Organics Hyaluronic Serum is an organic, hydrating serum and a product of the company “Be Natural Organics”. The serum is made with all-natural ingredients and is marketed and sold through the official website. The company specializes in high-performance, botanically active skincare products for acne and anti-aging. Be Natural Organics cereals are also available and are made with wholegrain bites. Furthermore, the company provides discounts and promos, such as 50% off and 40% off, on their website.
Fast bar
Fast Bar is a snack bar packed with nutritious plant-based fats, sourced from nuts, that helps keep your glycemic index low, and helps you break your overnight fast. Developed in the early 1990s, Clif Bar helped kick off a new snacking category that's growing fast. Perfect Bar, established in 2005, is another great specimen of this trend. Protein bars, when they are of quality, can serve as an easy and immediate snack to break your fast and control your hunger. The Mason Bar Company and The Solid Bar Company also offer great options that help keep pesky bugs away.
Sun & swell foods
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Sun & Swell Foods offers an incredible opportunity to join their affiliate program and be a part of their food revolution.By referring people to shop on their site, you can easily earn commission.With a blog or website, you can promote their brand using your custom URL or banner ads.Earn 10% commission for all sales generated through your link or coupon code.Contact them for more information.
$15.00 Per Sale14Day
Sprinly is a company that offers delicious and healthy plant-based meals delivered right to your doorstep.Their menu is diverse and their meals are made with high-quality ingredients.Sprinly is the perfect choice for anyone looking to eat clean and nourish their body.
Ecocentric mom
4.00% to 12.00% Per Sale60Day
Ecocentric Mom is dedicated to making moms' lives easier by providing easy access to nontoxic, healthy products for her and her family.They offer monthly subscriptions for moms and babies up to age four, as well as gift boxes for women seeking cleaner, healthier products.With a mission for a greener lifestyle, Ecocentric Mom offers an aggressive commission plan and bonuses for top-performing affiliates.
Planet organic
up to 8%30 Days
Planet Organic is the UK's largest fully certified organic supermarket, offering organic food delivery across the UK and Europe.They have a wide range of organic products, including fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, fish, and health supplements.They also have options for gluten-free, dairy-free, and raw food.In addition, they stock the best natural beauty brands.With competitive commission, regular affiliate payments, and exclusive products, Planet Organic is the go-to destination for health-conscious individuals.
Our green house
6.00% Per Sale30Day
Our Green House offers a wide range of natural and organic products for the home and baby.With a strong growth driven by increasing awareness of eco-friendly options, they provide an affiliate program that allows website owners to earn money without dealing with inventory or shipping.Offering a competitive 8% affiliate rate, this program is free to join and pays out monthly.
5.00% Per Sale45 Day
BLUETTI is a clean energy company that is leading the way in the sustainable energy revolution. With over 10 years of energy industry experience, the company is committed to build the best off-grid power stations for vandwellers, explorers, and off-grid life. Every product from the company is designed to help reduce household bills, increase sustainability and promote clean energy sources. Moreover, each product has an app with real-time monitoring, allowing for power consumption and usage status to be tracked. BLUETTI is more than a brand name - it is a lifestyle, a design philosophy, and a hope for a better future.
8.00% Per Sale30Day
Earthlove is a seasonal eco wellness lifestyle subscription box filled with eco-conscious goods that promote a healthy, earth-centered life.Their products are environmentally and ethically responsible, supporting artisans, makers, and small businesses in the US & Canada.Earthlove also supports different environmental causes each season, working to conserve and protect our natural ecosystems.Join them in promoting a healthier, sustainable lifestyle and protecting the earth.
15% commission30 Dayss
MPOWERD is a Benefit Corporation dedicated to transforming lives through thoughtfully designed, clean technology.With a passionate and loyal customer base, our innovative products provide sustainable light and energy for everyday use.We offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty, free shipping on orders $50 or more, and amazing customer service.Join our affiliate program and gain access to powerful marketing assets and a strong social media presence.Get started today and be a part of our mission to empower and inspire.
3% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
SunJack is a California-based company that specializes in portable solar chargers.Their mission is to provide durable and powerful solar chargers in a compact size.SunJack's products have gained worldwide attention for their efficiency, durability, and portability.They offer an affiliate program with competitive commission rates and a 30-day cookie duration.Contact SunJack for more information.
$40.00 Per Sale15Day
Wren is a startup dedicated to combatting the climate crisis by empowering individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.With their carbon footprint calculator, users can learn how to make a positive impact through tree planting and rainforest protection.Wren users, ranging from tech professionals to teachers and doctors, share a common concern for the planet.Personal recommendations have a significant influence on their decisions, as seen with influencer James Clear's success in driving sign-ups.Join the Wren Creator Program and contribute to a greener future!
The ultimate green store
10.00% Per Sale60Day
The Ultimate Green Store is a web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers.They offer a diverse collection of the finest green products in various categories like home, office, baby, kids, pets, bath, beauty, clothing, bags, gifts, and solar products.A go-to shopping destination for environmentally friendly options.
Honey colony
15% Per Sale. Store Based365Day
Honey Colony is dedicated to honesty and transparency, providing educational content and a selection of high-quality niche products.Their focus on clean organic products appeals to environmentally conscious individuals.With exclusive brands and proven best-selling offers, Honey Colony is a reliable partner for those seeking natural remedies.
7.00% Per Sale60Day
Flackers offers delicious, healthy, and guilt-free flax seed crackers and toasted crisps.Made with minimal ingredients and the superfood flax, they are low carb, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and paleo.With an average order amount of $48 and rising popularity, Flackers is the ultimate choice for convenient snacking.
Click a tree
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Click A Tree is a holistically sustainable reforestation organization that offers the world's leading affiliate program for large-scale reforestation.By becoming a Click A Tree affiliate partner, you can contribute to protecting our planet while earning fair remuneration.Join today and help make our planet a better place!
GreaterGood is a company that prioritizes social impact.With every purchase made, they contribute to various causes like feeding the hungry, providing mammograms to women in need, and funding animal rescue.They also support veterans, research for autism and diabetes, literacy programs, and rainforest preservation.Commission is not mentioned, but their long-standing reputation and commitment to making a difference make them a brand worth joining.
Sun gold power co,ltd
8.00% Per Sale30Day
Sun Gold Power Co.,Ltd is a renowned renewable energy company that excels in providing green power solutions.Founded by a famous engineer in 2010, their solar inverters, low frequency inverters, solar panels, and other green energy products are manufactured with top-notch quality standards.With a focus on customer satisfaction, Sun Gold Power Co.,Ltd offers a seamless shopping experience.They ship their products to the US and Canada, and currently offer an enticing 8% bonus.Join their business for a sustainable future!
3% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
GoGreenSolar is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions.They offer a wide range of products and services to help individuals and businesses transition to clean and efficient green energy.With their high-quality solar panels and excellent customer service, GoGreenSolar is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and helping to create a sustainable future.Their commitment to delivering durable and powerful solar chargers is evident in their products, which are designed and engineered to be compact and efficient.GoGreenSolar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to embrace renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
10.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Naturepedic is a leading manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding.They prioritize the health of their customers by using non-toxic materials and eliminating harmful chemicals.Their comfortable and luxurious mattresses offer customizable comfort levels and a range of options for the whole family.
Aardvark paper drinking straws
11.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Aardvark Straws is a leading company that offers durable paper straws, reducing plastic pollution.Their straws are made in the USA with no harmful chemicals or dyes, making them naturally degradable and compostable.BPA-free, food-safe, and compliant with FDA/EU regulations, they provide a sustainable and safe option for all.Join their Affiliate Program for great benefits!
10% commission30 Dayss
EcoVessel is an adventure-inspired company that creates reusable, insulated drinkware with sleek design and top-notch performance.With unique features like TriMax® Triple Insulation and interchangeable lids, their products stand out from the competition.EcoVessel also stands for a cause, donating 5% of all sales to environmental non-profits and being a proud member of 1% for the Planet.They offer a 100-year warranty, free shipping on orders over $49, and a dedicated program manager to support their loyal customer base and affiliates.Join EcoVessel today and be part of their mission to combine fun and environmental care!
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