Best CBD Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  April 18, 2024 
Bimble beverages
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Bimble is an exceptional company that offers a range of hemp infused sparkling drinks.Customers love the amazing taste and absence of hangovers.With 25 mg of high-quality hemp extract, Bimble creates a calming effect through the entourage effect.Available in 6-pack and 12-pack formats, Bimble comes in three delicious flavors: Cucumber, Melon, & Lime; Blueberry, Lemon, & Ginger; and Grapefruit, Mint, & Basil.It's a fantastic beverage pick-me-up for those seeking a refreshing and satisfying experience.
King buddha
20.00% Per Sale30Day
King Buddha CBD offers a passionate and personalized approach to affiliate marketing.They prioritize creating value for their partners and provide the necessary tools for success.With a focus on individuality and customization, they aim to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings.Additionally, they offer competitive sales percentages, vanities for custom placements, a 30-day cookie, and in-house affiliate management.
Veritas farms
15.00% Per Sale30Day
Veritas Farms is a reputable company that offers high-quality CBD products.Their website,, provides detailed information about their products.Alison Sanders, the Affiliate Manager, can be contacted at [email protected].
Clearly balanced days
15.00% Per Sale90 Day
Clearly Balanced Days is a leading CBD brand in New Hampshire that values transparency, honesty, and providing information and education to customers.They are dedicated to offering the best CBD products while promoting ethical and sustainable practices.Their affiliate program offers a 15% commission and is ideal for CBD and wellness-related websites.
Vance global
5.00% Per Sale7Day
Vance Global is dedicated to creating high-quality products using all-natural ingredients.With a history rooted in innovation and a mission to touch the lives of millions, Vance Global offers a range of hemp and CBD products, including their distinctive hemp flower joints, delta-8 THC cigarettes, gummies, and pure CBD cigarettes.Their products have gained popularity worldwide, providing customers with an unforgettable recreational and relaxing experience.With a mission-driven culture and a commitment to inclusivity, Vance Global takes pride in their state-of-the-art facility in Milwaukee, USA.Try Vance Global and experience the benefits of their premium, natural products.
10.00% Per Sale90 Day
Kanabia is an emerging leader in the natural health and wellness sector. Founded on the principles of traditional herbal medicine, Kanabia provides their customers with a wide range of premium quality wellness products. Their natural health supplements, teas, and tonics are crafted with organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, ensuring that their customers get only the cleanest and purest products. Kanabia also values social responsibility, and prides themselves on crafting products with minimal impact on the environment. It's no surprise that Kanabia is quickly becoming a popular choice among natural health enthusiasts globally.
Healthsmart cbd
20.00% Per Sale30Day
HealthSmart CBD is dedicated to creating value for our partners and their members through our affiliate marketing program.We prioritize personalization and offer custom placements, a 30-Day Cookie, and in-house affiliate management.Our triple lab tested, all-natural CBD products provide highly profitable commissions while promoting natural wellbeing.
Pure potent
30.00% Per Sale45Day
Pure Potent is an award-winning Pharmacist formulated pure CBD product serviced from hemp.We're not just the manufacturers, we're also the farmers.Our products are strategically priced for the consumer and reseller in mind.Made in the USA, 3rd party lab tested, and customer satisfaction is our priority.We offer discounts for Military, Veterans, and First Responders.Our products help promote wellness and support various needs like sleep, relaxation, stress management, and inflammation.
Elixinol has been a leader in the hemp industry for over 25 years.Their mission is to improve people's lives through the power of cannabinoids.With a focus on science, research, and development, they deliver world-class cannabinoid products.
Sw distro
25.00% Per Sale7Day
SW Distro is a hemp superstore offering a wide range of products including Full Spectrum CBD, Delta 8 THC, Pets CBD, nutritional products, and more.With an average sale of $100.00 and 25% commissions, it's a great opportunity for affiliates.They provide excellent support and have upcoming new products.
Leaf remedys
25.00% Per Sale60 Day
Leaf Remedys is a leading brand in the CBD industry, offering a wide variety of high-quality CBD products.Their health-focused brand is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality CBD made from Colorado grown hemp.With FDA compliance, lab reports for every product, and competitive pricing, Leaf Remedys stands out in the industry.Affiliates benefit from a 20% off discount code, leading to higher conversion rates and lucrative commissions.
35.00% Per Sale30Day
At Nu-Xnutra, we prioritize our partnerships and value your success.Our affiliate program is designed to create value for you and your members.We offer personalized tools, custom placements, and a 30-day cookie to ensure your success.Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries.
Rx remedies
20.00% Per Sale180Day
Rx Remedies is a Doctor Approved, Pharmacologist Formulated company that believes in redefining the true meaning of medicine.They offer all-organic and US made products formulated by experienced professionals to ensure maximum absorption and effect.Their mission is to provide relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, and stress through plant-based products.
Steves goods
15%45 Day
Steve's Goods is an award-winning Colorado-based hemp company that specializes in formulating high-quality CBD concentrates, CBG oils, delta 8 carts, and more. Their products are organically and locally sourced in order to provide customers with unbeatable prices. Steve's Goods is committed to customer satisfaction, offers an affiliate program, and donates a portion of its revenue to research and development.
Pure hemp botanicals
45.00% Per Sale30Day
Pure Hemp Botanicals is a reputable company based in Boulder, Colorado, specializing in the cultivation and crafting of hemp-derived CBD products.With their affiliate program being active since 2016, they offer a generous 15% commission on all products available on their website.Their high conversion rates of over 5% make it a great opportunity for affiliates to start making money today.
Super speciosa
40% commission60 Dayss
Super Speciosa is the largest and safest kratom manufacturer on the market, offering a wide range of all-natural products.With unmatched transparency for consumers, they provide QR code verification for lab reports.Founded in 2015, they prioritize quality control and offer aggressive marketing strategies for affiliates.
Rena's organic
10% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
RENA'S ORGANIC is dedicated to creating valuable partnerships through their affiliate program.They understand the importance of personalization and provide the necessary tools for success.With a commission rate of 10% sales and additional benefits like custom placements and a 30-day cookie, they prioritize rewarding their partners.Contact [email protected] for more information.
Dr love cbd
15.00% Per Sale90Day
Dr Love CBD is a unique, physician-created CBD company that prioritizes holistic health.Their products go beyond CBD, incorporating supplemental ingredients to address diverse ailments.They also offer an affiliate program where users can share their coupon code or link and receive rewards for referrals.
Nature's gem
15% commission60 Dayss
Nature's Gem is a trusted CBD brand for athletes, offering high-quality CBD products sourced from organic hemp farms.Their THC-free products are safe for drug testing and comply with anti-doping regulations.With a commitment to consistency and quality, Nature's Gem provides education and support to individuals of all ages, including athletes, chronic pain sufferers, and those seeking mental health and sleep support.
Fleur marché
3.00% Per Sale30Day
Fleur Marché is an online CBD boutique and discovery platform that offers high-end, plant-based wellness solutions.With a stringent curation process, they only carry the best products from top brands.Their affiliate program allows you to share your favorite products with your loved ones.No investment required, just earn commissions for every sale you refer.
Kannaco cbd
20.00% Per Sale60Day
Kannaco CBD is a premium CBD company with licensed farming and cultivation operations in Manhattan, KS.They also have marketing and distribution teams in San Diego, CA.The CEO, James, has a farm background and launched the hemp startup in 2018. They value relationships with their affiliates and offer competitive commissions.
Bace health
40.00% Per Sale30Day
Bace Health is a health-centric Hemp CBD company that provides a reliable solution for stress, sleep, and pain.Their natural and potent capsules, paired with practitioner guidance, offer a trustworthy way to start with Hemp CBD.With a 40% commission rate, 30 day tracking gap, and an AOV of $40, Bace is an ideal choice for those seeking US-focused health solutions.
Sol cbd
20% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Sol CBD is a values-first company that aims to revolutionize healthcare by providing the highest quality CBD products to those who need them.They offer a full spectrum CBD that is produced with the highest standards, lab tested, and available at competitive prices.With a generous 20% commission and comprehensive support, Sol CBD empowers its ambassadors to help people break free from the broken sick care system.
Pure sport cbd
Pure Sport CBD is a platform that specializes in top-quality CBD health supplements. Their products are zero THC, organic, vegan, non-GMO and free of contaminants and pesticides. Headed by former Scottish international rugby players Grayson Hart and Adam Ashe, their CBD oil is a big hit. The company is also supported by professional rugby player Finn Russell. With Pure Sport CBD, you can expect exceptional results and elevate your lifestyle.
Cbd essence
22.00% Per Sale30Day
Since 2014, CBD Essence has been focused on providing the most consistent and best CBD oil.They prioritize quality, purity, and natural ingredients, producing their oil in small batches to ensure the highest standards.Their mission is to offer the freshest and most potent CBD oil on the market.CBD Essence has remained committed to their small-batch approach, prioritizing quality over profit margins and scalability.They guarantee freshness by processing the CBD oil within 24-hours of shipping.Connect with CBD Essence and experience the benefits of their top-notch CBD products.
Hemp heros
15.00% Per Sale90Day
Hemp Heros is an established Irish and UK company that was created in 2018 to meet the increasing demand for top-notch CBD and Hemp products.With a strong commitment to quality, we collaborate directly with organic Hemp farmers, ensuring a seed-to-shelf integration.Our extensive range of over 20 CBD products, including drops, capsules, gummies, balm, tea, and a dedicated pets range, cater to customers worldwide.We strive to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of Hemp while providing exceptional products.Partnered with renowned universities for CBD studies and working alongside leading animal welfare charities, Hemp Heros prioritizes quality and social responsibility.With third-party testing and a remarkable track record of positive customer reviews, our trustworthy products continue to gain recognition.
Nanocraft cbd
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Nanocraft CBD values their partnerships and aims to create value for their affiliates.They offer personalized program terms, tools, and exclusive offerings, recognizing the uniqueness of each user.With attractive sales commissions, custom placements, a 30-day cookie, and in-house affiliate management, Nanocraft CBD ensures success for their affiliates.
Pure cbd vapors
8.00% Per Sale15Day
Pure CBD Vapors is a trusted CBD Oil company in the United States, offering flavorful and quality products.They prioritize consumer education, transparency, and regulatory standards.With a large customer base and positive testimonials, they are committed to providing the best CBD experience.Managed by Snow Consulting.
Supa naturals
10.00% Per Sale60Day
SUPA Naturals offers a range of CBD products sourced from organically farmed, non-GMO hemp.From tinctures to gummies and pet tinctures, our products cater to everyone's needs.With prices ranging from $25 to $134, customers can enjoy the benefits of CBD.As an affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on every sale.Partner with us to bring our SUPA products to your audience!
Welcel cbd
35.00% to 45.00% Per Sale30Day
WelCel CBD is a physician-formulated CBD company offering high-quality, double-lab tested CBD products.Their full and broad spectrum products are infused with ginger, peppermint, and turmeric, providing added medicinal benefits.Founded by Dr. Lisa Gardner and Trey Phillips, passionate advocates for CBD, WelCel offers a natural and healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals.
Imbue botanicals
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Imbue Botanicals offers a partner program that focuses on creating value for affiliates and their members.They provide personalized tools and strive to develop unique offerings.With 10% sale commissions, exclusive payouts, bonus payout program, vanities for custom placements, 30-Day cookie, and in-house affiliate management, they prioritize your success.For inquiries, please email [email protected].
Seven wellness
15.00% Per Sale30Day
SEVEN WELLNESS is dedicated to building strong partnerships with their affiliates.They understand that each affiliate is unique and strive to provide personalized support.With a generous commission structure and additional benefits like customizable placements and a 30-day cookie, they offer a program tailored for success.Contact their affiliate program manager for more information.
Mello daily
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Founded in 2018, Mello is a women-led company that offers high-quality CBD products for sexual and mental health.Their products, including Mello Mind, Mello Caramels, and Mello Bottoms, are designed for easy dosing and efficient absorption.Mello is committed to giving back and donates 5% of every purchase to the Last Prisoner Project.With features in Dazed, Esquire, and, Mello is dedicated to normalizing thriving with anxiety and supporting overall well-being.
Toast wellness
20.00% Per Sale30Day
The Toast Wellness team is dedicated to creating value for their affiliates.They understand that every user is unique and tailor their program to ensure success.They offer personalized and exclusive offerings, and even provide a care package for a firsthand experience.It's a partnership you can trust.
New england hemp farm
20.00% Per Sale15Day
New England Hemp Farm is a family-owned and operated CBD company based in New England.They prioritize providing the finest quality CBD products by utilizing 30+ years of farming experience to grow premium hemp and source high-quality CBD oil.Their products undergo independent third-party testing, ensuring a rich composition with less than 0.3% THC.With a focus on trust, education, and consistency, New England Hemp Farm offers customers a reliable CBD experience.
North central texas organics
20.00% Per Sale45Day
North Central Texas Organics offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products, including skincare, organic and vegan edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more.Their products are hand-selected and made from USA-grown hemp that is third-party tested.With competitive prices, fast shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, customers can shop confidently.As an affiliate, you can earn high commissions and benefit from their growing popularity in the CBD industry.
Plant power
20.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Plant Power is a company dedicated to creating a healthy change in individuals and communities through the transformative power of plants.They offer premium CBD oil made from purely grown, organic and pesticide-free plants.Their products are infused with natural oils to create gentle flavors and scents.Additionally, they have an Affiliate Program that offers attractive commissions, cookie tracking, and promotional assets.
Prime sunshine
25.00% Per Sale15Day
Prime Sunshine is a 100% female-owned company that has been in the hemp industry for over 200 years.Their plants are grown on the Research Institute Campus at the University of Kentucky and have been studied by top research organizations worldwide.They hold a Women’s Business Enterprise Certification, offering tax benefits to their partners.
Wild by nature cbd
20.00% Sale60 Day
Wild by Nature offers a range of premium-grade CBD products derived from American-grown hemp.With 0% THC, our CBD is extensively tested throughout its journey from plant to product.We strive to be transparent by publishing independent lab results and providing various product options, including tinctures, single-shot for adults, and a CBD pod vapor system to support smokers in transitioning to a better ritual.
Cbd direct club
20.00% Per Sale120Day
CBD Direct Club is a low-price CBD seller that emphasizes high-quality products.They offer a recurring membership system, similar to Amazon Prime, providing members with access to even lower prices, free shipping, and significant discounts.With a focus on affordability and value, customers can enjoy the benefits of CBD without breaking the bank.
Cbd infusionz
20.00% Per Sale30Day
The CBD Infusionz Partner Program is focused on creating value for affiliates and their members.They offer personalized tools, custom placements, and a generous commission structure.With a 30-day cookie and in-house affiliate management, CBD Infusionz is dedicated to helping their partners succeed.
Hemp crate co
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Hemp Crate Co is a CBD Subscription Box that prioritizes transparency, quality, and education for its customers.With partnerships with over 40 CBD brands, they provide subscribers with new and effective products each month.Founded in 2018, they aim to combat industry problems and offer a curated selection of organic CBD products.
Pure craft cbd
15.00% Per Sale30Day
Pure Craft CBD is committed to excellence, with tight quality controls and consistent manufacturing.Their products are pharmaceutical grade, with the highest purity and no unknown substances.Each batch is rigorously tested in-house and by a third party for transparency.Proudly grown in the U.S.A. and organic.
Tillmans tranquils
25.00% Per Sale90Day
Tillmans Tranquils is a CBD company offering a diverse range of high-quality hemp products.From their CBD mints and gummies to hemp flower and prerolls, their commitment to quality is evident.With Tillmans Tranquils, you can experience the soothing benefits of CBD in various convenient forms.
5.00% Per Sale30Day
TheHempDivision's Partner Program is dedicated to creating value for affiliates and their members.They offer personalized marketing tools and strive to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings.With 5% sales, $50 AOV, and a 30-day cookie, their program is designed to help affiliates succeed.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
MINERAL is passionate about partnerships and values personalized affiliate marketing.They offer 10% sales commission, custom placements, and a 30-day cookie.Their aim is to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings, focusing on the success of their partners.
Tasty hemp oil
15% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Tasty Hemp Oil is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cutting-edge natural hemp health care products.They offer the highest quality, 100% legal products with outstanding customer service and after-sale follow-up.Their website provides a wide range of fantastic products, enthusiastic testimonials, and valuable content.
Maxcbd wellness
25% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
MaxCBD Wellness is committed to delivering the highest quality CBD hemp oil products.Their proprietary extraction process preserves beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes while eliminating unwanted compounds.With 100% organic farming practices and strict quality standards, MaxCBD ensures their products are safe and effective.Join their affiliate program for attractive bonuses and promotional materials.
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Wellicy is a rapidly growing CBD company offering a diverse line of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products.With a competitive affiliate program, Wellicy provides up to 20% commission on sales of their branded CBD products and 5% commission on non-branded CBD products.Customers choose Wellicy for their easy-to-use website, lower prices, regular coupons and promotions, fast shipping, great customer service, and free weekly product and hemp education.
Dr strains cbd
Dr. Strains CBD is a well-known and established brand in the CBD industry.They offer great quality CBD flowers at affordable prices, making them a top choice for customers.Their program values publishers, offering a generous 20% commission share.Partnering with them guarantees increased revenue and exponential profits, supported by their impressive 17% conversion rate and 7% CTR.
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