Best Box Subscriptions Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  December 10, 2023 
Attn: grace
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Attn: Grace welcomes you to their affiliate program offering a baseline commission rate of 10%.They value high-quality content sites that adhere to Google's SEO guidance and are open to providing higher commissions for placements on your site.Contact them for more information and be part of their mission to destigmatize aging for women.
Dollar shave club
Dollar Shave Club offers a convenient subscription service, delivering a unique selection of shaving and grooming products to members' doors.Starting with a trial period, members receive a discounted Starter Set before receiving personalized subscription boxes based on their preferences.With high-quality ingredients, our products enhance the appearance and confidence of both men and women.There are no commitments, and canceling is effortless.Plus, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.Join Dollar Shave Club for a hassle-free grooming experience.
Sips by
10.00% Per SaleUp to 15 Days
Sips by is a female-founded and led startup based in Austin, Texas.They offer a personalized tea subscription box that introduces tea drinkers to delicious teas from over 150 global brands.With a focus on fun and affordability, Sips by is dedicated to making tea discovery a delightful and accessible experience.
n/a30 Days
Supure aims to help you stay revitalized and make informed choices about your vitamin and supplement intake.With a range of products for optimized performance, our effervescent tablets contain a combination of taurine, inositol, and caffeine, along with natural herbal extracts and essential B-vitamins.These contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system, energy metabolism, and reducing tiredness.Get your daily recommended intake of vitamins easily, wherever you go.
Mosaic foods
$15.00 Per Sale30Day
Mosaic is a subscription service that delivers healthy, ready-to-heat, plant-centric meals.Their farm-fresh veggies are carefully prepared by expert chefs, resulting in delicious and satisfying meals packed with veggies.With frozen meals, they lock in nutrients and their packaging is 100% recyclable.Plus, for every box sold, they partner with City Harvest to distribute nutritious food to those in need.
Loose leaf tea market
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Loose Leaf Tea Market is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through their organic loose leaf teas.Hand-crafted in small batches, each tea is made with wholesome ingredients, free from artificial additives.Their affiliate program offers a 10% commission per sale, 30 days cookie duration, and product data feed.With monthly newsletters and discount coupons available, Loose Leaf Tea Market is dedicated to providing a delightful tea experience.
Blend my day
8%30 Days
Bless New Day is committed to providing energy drinks, gift vouchers and products of beauty and skincare. The company was created to blend passion, social responsibility and business together. Their mission is to give customers energy to tackle the whole day. They offer energy drinks that can help people keep up with their daily activities. They also have gift vouchers, beauty and skincare products to make people feel good.
10.00% Per Sale90 Day
Eat2explore is an award-winning and experiential cooking kit designed to bring cultural education to life. They provide unique, shelf-stable ingredients with both cooking and educational tools, perfect for inspiring your inner explorer. Start exploring today with just $29. 25/box. With their France & Greece Duo Kit, you and your family can experience delicious international cuisine right at home.
Hello yumi
$10.00 Per Sale30Day
Hello Yumi offers nourishing food options for babies that prioritize their health and well-being.By carefully selecting ingredients with low fructose levels and incorporating fiber, the brand encourages a balanced diet.Each blend is designed to meet at least 20% of the recommended daily nutrient intake, akin to a multivitamin.With a science-based approach, Hello Yumi ensures that its meals are backed by extensive research and expert reviews.Additionally, the company's focus on developmental milestones guarantees that babies receive the necessary vitamins and minerals during their crucial growth phases.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Wickbox is a luxury candle subscription box that caters to your scent preferences.They handpick candles based on your likes and dislikes, partnering with brands that prioritize quality.Their beautifully designed containers can be repurposed after use.Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of me-time with Wickbox.
Loot crate
Loot Crate delivers an amazing assortment of geek and gaming gear, bringing the excitement of Comic-Con right to your doorstep.With a wide variety of collectibles, apparel, tech gadgets, and more, it's the ultimate subscription box experience for gaming geeks and pop culture nerds.
Secret javas
20.00% Per Sale15Day
Secret Javas is a coffee subscription service that offers a wide variety of high-quality coffee options.With their curated selection, they ensure you have the best coffee for every occasion, be it a morning cup or an evening roast.They also provide gift packages that beautifully express your feelings for your loved ones.
Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack and tea subscription box that takes users on a gourmet journey through Japan each month. Bokksu is a food and beverages retailer with online presence, created to bring unique Japanese food to households. The company wants to share the stories and culture behind each food item, as well as offering a wide range of lifestyle products, snacks and groceries. It was founded in 2015 in New York, US and has a total funding of $22. 5M.
Loti wellness
$4.00 Per Sale30Day
Loti Wellness is an award-winning self-care box that delivers research-inspired therapeutic activities and a range of self-care products like skincare, bath and body items, snacks, and aromatherapy.Represent the brand across your digital channels as a Loti affiliate and enjoy benefits like commission, coupons, and free boxes.
Maeven bridal box
$10.00 Per Sale30Day
Maeven Bridal Box is a luxurious subscription service catering to modern, stylish brides.Packed with the latest bridal products and expert tips, each beautifully packaged box offers a curated collection of full-size gifts and inspiration.With a retail value of over $100, Maeven Bridal Box keeps brides up-to-date with the latest wedding trends.
Territory foods
Territory is an innovative service that delivers healthy and prepared meals from real chefs.With meals designed by expert nutritionists and crafted by real chefs, they offer options to fit any dietary lifestyle.Their meals are delicious, filling, always fresh, and ready in just minutes.Territory makes it easy to follow a dietary plan or lifestyle while allowing you to personalize your menu every week.
The dinner daily
15.00% Per Sale30Day
The Dinner Daily is a meal planning service that creates personalized weekly menus based on a member's food preferences, dietary needs, and the weekly sales specials at their grocery store.With a free two week trial and menus delivered via email or website dashboard, members can easily plan and prepare delicious, healthy meals.By optimizing the use of store sales, families can save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.The service is available on a renewing subscription basis and offers a generous affiliate commission for US affiliates.
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