Best Recurring Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 22, 2024 
RAD Soap Co.
10% Per Sale45 Days
RAD Soap Co. is recognized as an industry trusted leader in natural body care products. The company manufactures a wide assortment of natural soaps, skincare products, and personal hygiene products , All bars are cruelty-free and made without harmful chemicals, creating natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products that are highly effective.
BoomBoom Naturals
10% Per Sale15 Days
BoomBoom is an all-natural inhaler made with natural oils and menthol. It taste a little like gum, but are 10x more refreshing and rejuvenating , It comes in flavors such as Berry Breeze, Tropical Rush and Cinna-Mint. People who want to get the most out of every moment can use their all-natural, plant-based products to stay focused, feel refreshed, and become the best versions of themselves.
CBD Medic
20% - 40% Per Sale30 Days
CBD Medic is a company that provides topical CBD treatments that reduce pain without the risk of opioid dependency. With the advanced topical pain relief of CBDMEDIC, 3X World Champion Gronk is now pain-free for the first time.
Seeds Now
25% Per Sale90 Days
SeedsNow is a family-owned business that started to provide individuals, families, and communities with the tools needed to maintain a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle. They aim to make it easy for everyone to avoid GMOs and grow their own organic food. SeedsNow carries thousands of seeds for growing herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in their online store.
Brain Training for Dogs
75% Per Sale60 Days
The Brain Training for Dogs training program teaches dog owners how to eliminate bad dog behavior in dogs and bring out a dog’s hidden intelligence. The program was created by Adrienne Farricelli, a professional dog trainer with the CPDT-KA certification.
Kids Cook Real Food
50% Per Leadn/a
Kids Cook Real Food is a special Cooking course for kids. This is a great resource for both parents and kids. Developing new cooking skills can be difficult, but this course explains every step in a logical sequence that builds over time. Children will learn lifelong skills that they can be proud of - and you will rest easy knowing you made a wise investment in their future.
Entrepreneurs Cruise
$200 Per Lead
The Entrepreneur Cruise offers business owners a chance to meet like minded people and establish connections. The Entrepreneurs Cruise will feature innovative speakers, provocative topics, innovative topics, and the most up-to-date technologies and best practices for the startup ecosystem in 2021. A key goal of the Entrepreneurs Cruise 2021 program is helping attendees build customer loyalty, increase sales and drive consumer engagement.
Plant Therapy
7.5% Per Sale7 Days
Plant Therapy is among the most well-known essential oil brands worldwide. There are several different kinds of essential oils you can choose from . Providing only the best essential oils and supplies, Plant Therapy is one of the top essential oil suppliers around. We're your source for organic essential oils at an affordable price and kid-safe products.
Libertex Affiliates
5% Recurringn/a
Libertex is an international financial services group that specializes in online trading and investment. It began as a brokerage firm in 1997 and has grown into a diverse group of companies, brokers, dealers, educational, and IT-development centers that operate globally, target 27 countries, and serve clients from 120 countries. Libertex offers trading in markets such as Forex, crypto, stocks, CFDs, futures, funds and indices through its proprietary trading platforms and mobile application.
35% Per Salen/a
The Namecheap name says it all.Basically what it says on the tin, Namecheap is less expensive than its competition. With its affordable prices and reliable service, Namecheap makes hosting, registering, and managing domains simple and affordable. Namecheap offers cheap domains and the best quality.
The BeneFIT Box
BeneFIT Box is a nutrition and supplement subscription box service for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. A BeneFIT Box is a box filled with full-size supplements that customers can design to match their goals and preferences-not a box full of samples. Platinum Box recipients will receive three full size supplements or vitamins. The Gold Box will include two full size supplements or vitamins. Beginners can use the box suggestion tool if they are unfamiliar with fitness supplements. Experienced people can make their own boxes.
Everyday Graces Homeschool
25% Per Sale60 Days
Everyday Graces Homeschool is a one-stop shop for homeschooling days that are magical and inspirational. The Homeschool Garden curriculum and Everyday Graces Homeschool make wonderful and joy-filled school days.
25% Recurring90 Days
Sellfy is a fully-featured eCommerce tool made for bloggers and creators who want to sell digital products, subscriptions, and physical goods. Selling products through Sellfy is the easiest way to reach your audience via social media or your own website.
45% Per Sale60 Days
Cashmio The worlds happiest Online Casino! Our motto is the same as ever, casino is all about having fun. Cashmio was founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs in early 2016, their main goal was to create a cheerful, charming and exciting casino experience for everyone.
20% Recurringn/a
pCloud is an encrypted cloud storage that allows you to backup your personal files or share your business documents with others. With pCloud, you can store, share, and work on all scanned documents from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, with complete security. pCloud is a secure cloud storage for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
50% Per Salen/a
AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce platform owned by the Alibaba Group. It has engaged in contract manufacturing arrangements with a number of smaller manufacturers throughout the world, such as China and Singapore, in order to provide goods to international online customers. AliExpress offers millions of products to remote sellers and is ongoing to grow with more than 130,000 merchants.
Kranse Institute
30% Per Lead30 Days
Developed by the Shark Tank winner and perfect score student, Shaan Patel , Kranse Institute is the world's leader in digital test prep courses. Shaan Patel, Shark Tank winner and co-founder of the Kranse Institute, has developed the SAT, ACT, and GMAT digital test prep courses available on the Kranse Institute website
18% Per Salen/a
Murad now , is one of the most recognizable brands in skincare, and it is appreciated for its anti-aging, anti-cellulite, and acne treatments. The science-based treatments and solutions written by Murad transform skin through the application of fresh, moisturized, and healthy skin.
20% Recurringn/a
Capsule is a smart , simple online CRM(customer relationship management) designed for small businesses that enables them to improve customer service and increase sales. Capsule offers a smart CRM solution that will help businesses stay organized, know their customers better, build strong relationships, and make the most of sales opportunities, all while requiring minimal user input. Today Capsule is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes all over the world.
20% Recurringn/a
LiveChat is an online customer service solution that provides real-time chat, help desk software, and analytics services. With their powerful customer service platform, you can instantly help your customers , increase sales and customer satisfaction, and handle customer issues right at your fingertips. Trusted by top companies, 24/7 live support, 30,000+ happy customers.
30% Recurring30 Days
Pabbly is a hub offering a variety of online tools for marketing your business online. No matter whether you need a form builder or subscription management software, we have you covered. These tools can help you make the most out of your time with the minimum amount of effort. Use Pabbly for marketing and sales automation. Manage your leads, email marketing, WordPress themes and subscriptions in one place.
20% Per Sale90 Days
E3Live. It's the world's first frozen algae . The E3Live formula is made with 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. E3Live is a blue-green algae with over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and amino acids that is grown in a wild and organic environment. E3Live products help their customers feel healthy, energized, and vital.
Rocky Mountain Oils
8% Per Sale60 Days
Rocky Mountain Oils was created in 2004 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to create essential oils that were safe for the whole family to use. As the only source for 100% pure essential oils and essential oil products for home, health and beauty, Rocky Mountain Oils has been supplying aromatherapy practitioners and enthusiasts all over the world with raw essential oils and essential oil blends for nearly half a century.
Zygor Guides
50% Per Sale60 Days
Founded in 2007, the Zygor Guides has been ranked #1 for World of Warcraft in-game guides. The Zygor Guides gives you guides for leveling up in World of Warcraft. Accomplish more in World of Warcraft with in-game guides for Leveling, Gold, Professions, Achievements, and more. Zygor Elite is a subscription service that gives you access to all of their guides.
Authority Hacker
$990 Per Sale60 Days
Authority Hacker teaches Internet marketing through their blog, podcast, videos, and training programs. The internet is full of Internet marketing solutions, but Authority Hacker is actually practicing what it teaches.
Jungle Scout
$150 Per Referral90 Days
Founded in 2015 , Jungle Scout is the first platform for finding, launching, and selling products on Amazon. Jungle Scout combines best-in-class business management solutions with powerful market intelligence to help brands and entrepreneurs manage their Amazon businesses.
Superb Themes
60% Per Sale60 Days
Superb themes is an established company that creates beautiful WordPress themes for nearly every type of site. It includes over 30 stunning and responsive multipurpose WordPress themes and plugins that are optimized to ensure fast page load times and high search engine rankings. There are free and paid versions of all their themes, which means you can try them before you buy them.
Our Journey Westward
25% Recurringn/a
Journey Westward has the tools and ideas to inspire a love of learning in your family. School can be enjoyable if you make it that way.
$20 Per Sale7 Days
Nursex is a medical service company offering STI testing at home, treatment for genital herpes, and emergency contraception. Patients can choose to receive nursing care at Nurx regardless of their financial circumstances and wherever they feel most comfortable; it is transparently priced and judgement-free.
Intoxicated on Life
Intoxicated On Life is a leading lifestyle destination for parents looking to build strong families physically, mentally, and spiritually. It provides educational, parenting, recipe, and health resources to take care of their family , as well as a community for biblically-based encouragement based on research, and practical experience.
Balance of Nature
12% Per Sale90 Days
Balance of Nature is a natural nutritional supplement company established by Dr Douglas Howard in 1997. Years of study on the subjects of nutrition and health led him to develop his own philosophy designed to promote a culture of health and promote preventative nutrition through results-based research and quality education. A good way to get you your daily vegetables and fruits is with Balance of Nature. They make it easy to get your daily servings in cute little capsules.
15% Per Sale30 Days
Life's an RPG is a brand that aims to change your perception of life by combining personal growth strategies and role-playing game mechanics to kick ass and develop your character IRL. Using a combination of personal growth theories and role-playing game mechanics, Life is an RPG aims to revolutionize the way you experience life.
30% Recurringn/a
Stencil is a fun, simple way to create stunning images for bloggers, social media marketers, and small businesses. It's great for people who are not familiar with creating graphics for social media posts, web pages, and blogs. It's an intuitive image editor and graphic design tool made for business owners, bloggers, and social media marketers.
Discount School Supply
4% Per Sale1 Day
The Discount School Supply Company is a leading multi-channel distribution company specializing in educational products & supplies for US early childhood ("Pre-K") preschools and child care programs. With over a thousand products across 25 categories, we offer everyday value pricing backed by a 110% "Low Price" guarantee. We offer both bulk and individual items with low prices, especially for large orders.
5% Recurringn/a
Adcash is a worldwide online advertising platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. Made for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks and publishers. Although the platform is global, their team is international. They are distributed throughout three different countries in Europe, but they are a close-knit community. They believe in innovation, diligence and purposeful work.
Key Eats
10% Per Sale90 Days
Keto Key Eats is a cardiologist-approved keto program that combines a low carb meal plan and helpful tools to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. In conjunction with great science, it enables you to lose weight, improve your health, and feel better, while enjoying delicious foods. It was developed by Dr. Ethan J. Weiss, a preventive cardiologist at UCSF, and Dr. Ray Wu, a physician from Cornell. This program is sustainable and efficient over the long run.
Craftsy, previously named Bluprint, is a subscription video on demand service owned by TN Marketing . Since its launch in 2011, the service has primarily focused on connecting craft enthusiasts to online video courses; it also sells crafts-oriented products. Basically, you can find virtually every kind of instruction you will need through Craftsy, from the basics to advanced techniques
30% Per Sale30 Days
Specktra is a nutraceutical company that develops CBD formulas for targeted health benefits. Their formulas include full-spectrum hemp extracts rich in CBD and a well-researched blend of essential oil compounds, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes for maximum therapeutic effects and a unique flavor. Its products are of high quality and extremely affordable, earning excellent customer reviews. The products are Hemp based, topical pain relief patches.
15% Per Sale15 Days
Zatik is committed to producing high-quality personal care and wellness products which utilize the power of nature's science. Zatik sells a range of natural, non-GMO, organic and biodegradable products for health, beauty, hair and body care. The use of natural skin care products, toxic-free beauty products, and sulfate free shampoo and conditioners makes them an excellent choice for the natural living community.
Lifted CBD
15% Per Sale90 Days
The Lifted CBD website is essentially an online store selling CBD products. Anything cannabidiol related is likely to be stocked there. They have a full line of hemp products including CBD edibles, creams, oils, lotions, and pet oils from top brands.
FundaFunda Academy
5% Per Sale180 Days
FundaFunda is an online educational platform that offers homeschoolers full semester classes and short online classes . Despite the engaging nature of their classes, they ensure in-depth learning is delivered in a fun, engaging manner. Throughout the entire learning process, a lively, dedicated team of instructors will instruct and assist students.
40% Recurring10 Years
The SEMrush platform is an all-in-one marketing solution for digital marketing professionals. They provide a wide range of features. Semrush offers SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitor research solutions. Over 7000000 marketers around the world use it.
WOW Partners
50% Recurringn/a
WOW Partners is a leading affiliate program in Russia.The company claims to be the only one that provides transparent statistics, accurate tracking, detailed information about your subscribers, and comprehensive payment information. Designed for both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers, this program can be an excellent resource. Experienced personal managers will provide detail-oriented explanations.
2% Per Sale30 Days
Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States. It offers a variety of health services, including prescription filling, health and wellness products, and services .As a leading pharmacy and healthcare provider, Walgreens pharmacists contribute to U.S. healthcare by providing a range of services. In order to deliver the best customer experience, Walgreens combines physical and digital platforms with leading-edge technology to offer high-quality products and services in local communities nationwide.
30% Recurring45 Days
The Hunter platform is the easiest way to find and verify professional email addresses. You can use Hunter to find the email addresses of the right people to contact when contacting a website. With over 100 million indexed addresses, Hunter makes it exceptionally easy to connect with other professionals. Sales reps, recruiters, and marketers can find the right people to hire with Hunter's simple and powerful tools.
Founded in 2012, Advidi is a successful network for affiliates offering smart advertising to the best advertisers in the industry. A vast amount of advertisers are Dutch as well as global advertisers. With its network of top performing offers in the strongest verticals, including Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra and iGaming, Advidi is the most exclusive CPA affiliate network in the world.
25% Per Sale7 Days
Udemy is a leading elearning platform that provides students, businesses, and governments with the skills they need to succeed. Over 70,000 instructors teach over 155,000 online courses, covering everything from programming to data science. Udemy for Business allows companies to train and develop their employees by subscription, accessing 8,500+ courses, learning analytics, and publishing their own content. Using Udemy for Government, workers can learn upskilling skills to be prepared for the future of work.
5% Per Sale30 Days
Books-A-Million, Inc. is a book retailer in the southeastern United States that sells books and other literature products. It operates superstores including Books & Co. and Books A-Million as well as traditional bookstores together with Joe Muggs Newsstands and book and greeting card stores.
National Drug Card
$2.50 Per Salen/a
Founded in 2005, National Drug Card (NDC) is a program for people without health insurance who wish to save money on prescription medications. The company card is also used by people who have prescription coverage to receive discounts on medications not covered by their insurance plans (for example, dermatology drugs, weight loss drugs, anti-smoking drugs, hormone therapy drugs). Pet and livestock prescription drugs are also covered under the program.
5% - 25% Per Sale60 Days
HotH is an SEO service provider located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Their tools have helped power some of the largest SEO agencies in the world. The company provides custom, quality link building and local citation building services. Using their white-label service, you are able to generate consistent and high-quality backlinks and local citations in a timely manner.
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