Best Gaming Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  April 14, 2024 
The entertainer
n/a30 Days
The Entertainer,, offers a wide range of toys and games for all ages.With over 100 stores in the UK and thousands of products online at, customers have access to action figures, collectible toys, and baby/pre-school toys.The website is user-friendly, featuring a present finder to help customers find the perfect toy based on age and budget.Additionally, The Entertainer offers convenient services such as Click & Collect, free UK delivery for orders over £40, express deliveries, pre-order options, and gift cards.
Genius games
12.00% Per Sale30Day
The Genius Games team is passionate about partnerships, offering a personalized approach to affiliate marketing.They prioritize creating value for affiliates and their unique users.With a generous 12% sales commission, custom placements, and a 30-day cookie, success is within reach.Contact [email protected] for any inquiries.
5.00% Per Sale30Day is an online platform that offers secure and fast access to a wide range of products including game activation codes, Xbox Live cards, PSN codes, online game time-cards, and software keys at affordable prices.They provide a variety of general and product-specific adverts and are open to custom requests to help affiliates maximize their aims for a successful and lasting partnership with its affiliates.
5.00% Per Sale90Day
Make-A-Fort is a company that offers kits for kids to build and play in forts, castles, mazes, tunnels, and more.Their website,, provides a fun and creative way for kids and parents to enjoy screen-free play together.With components made in the USA, Make-A-Fort's optimized website converts visitors to sales at a rate of 2-3%.Customers often purchase multiple kits, resulting in an average purchase of $150 per customer.Join their affiliate program to earn a 20% starting commission and enjoy attractive banner and text links, data feeds, coupon codes, and a dedicated team to help you succeed.
Turtle beach
Turtle Beach is a renowned gaming accessory brand, known for its cutting-edge gaming headsets.With innovative technology, high-quality audio, and comfortable designs, Turtle Beach is a favorite among gamers worldwide.Whether you're a professional athlete or a casual player, owning a Turtle Beach headset provides a competitive advantage.
WorldWinner offers skill-based online tournaments where members can play fan favorites like Angry Birds Champions, Wheel of Fortune®, Solitaire Rush, and many more.Users compete in their favorite games to win REAL Money!The WorldWinner team is passionate about our partnerships and seeks to create value for affiliates and their members.Join our program and promote WorldWinner to earn commissions.Contact the WorldWinner Affiliate Team for any inquiries.
Bentley trike
6% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Bentley Trike is a luxury baby product brand, known for their high-quality and stylish trikes.Their products, including the Folding Rito Stroller Tricycles, Milkbe Self Stopping Strollers, and QPlay Balance Bikes, are distributed worldwide.With a dedicated affiliate team, they offer a 6% commission on sales, along with affiliate promotions and discounts.Their products can be easily displayed on websites using HTML code provided by the company.For any queries, contact [email protected].
5.00% Per Sale30Day
ChessBazaar offers an Affiliate Program that allows online users with a chess-related online presence to earn commissions by referring users to their website.With a transparent system, affiliates can track real-time stats, traffic, and commissions earned.The program provides unique links and banners, ensuring easy integration and earning potential.
Pai technology
10.00% Per Sale90Day
Pai Technology offers a wide range of engaging educational toys for kids, including coding toys, blocks, play tables, and toddler toys.Their award-winning products combine innovative technology with fun, interactive experiences.Many educators from schools choose Pai Technology as their preferred brand, and students benefit from their programming courses.With an average order amount of $80-$100, Pai Technology is a trusted provider of quality educational products.
Evil controllers
$0.10 Per Lead30 Day
Evil Controllers, founded in 2007 by college student Adam Coe, offers an extensive variety of custom controllers for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Their range of options includes modded controllers for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Their innovative designs and custom features is what sets them apart from other companies. Shopping with Evil Controllers means you can be sure of getting a top of the line controller.
5.00% Per Sale30Day
Gogamegeek offers a wide range of video game accessories and related products at affordable prices.Their flexible and proactive service is centered around their clients' needs and deadlines.With a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, Gogamegeek is a trusted source for gamers worldwide.
8% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
CDKOffers is an online store that specializes in distributing digital video game keys and software keys at affordable prices.They offer a wide variety of games, software, pre-orders, DLCs, and gift cards for platforms like Steam, Uplay, Origin, Xbox, and PSN.CDKOffers also provides an affiliate system for users to earn profits through referrals.With multiple payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, Webmoney, and Paysafecard, CDKOffers ensures convenient and secure transactions.
Space engineers
n/a30 Days
The Space Engineers Game team is dedicated to forming partnerships and creating value for affiliate marketers.They offer competitive commissions, exclusive payouts, and a bonus payout program.Additionally, they provide vanities for custom placement and a 30-day cookie.Join their team of publishers today!
FunToyMall is the perfect destination for consumers who are seeking both quality and value.With a wide range of high-quality toys at competitive prices, FunToyMall offers an unbeatable shopping experience.Their dedicated affiliate team ensures customer satisfaction and excellent service.
4% flat rate30 Days
Hamleys is a world-famous toy store that has been in business for over 260 years. Founded in London in 1760, Hamleys is the oldest retail toy store in the world and continues to light up the imaginations of children across the globe. With seven stores throughout the United Kingdom and more than 50,000 different toys in stock, Hamleys offers a unique and magical experience with its experienced Toy Demonstrators, demos, and special events. From the iconic flagship store on Regent Street to its eCommerce store, Hamleys is dedicated to bringing delight and joy to children of all ages. As the home of the famous LEGO, Hamleys carries the most sought-after toy brands in the world, with the most expensive being the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model.
5.00% Per Sale7Day
HeetHeet is a professional platform that offers a wide range of products, including the limited edition art toy RabbotZ.With interchangeable parts and customizable designs, RabbotZ allows for creative expression.HeetHeet brings together talented artists from around the world, creating a vibrant community for art toy enthusiasts.
Innovatoys & gifts
8.00% Per Sale1Day
InnovaToys offers an extensive collection of distinctive toys, gifts, and gadgets.With an enticing 8% commission and an average order amount of $80, it presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.Their dedicated web developers are readily available for assistance and artwork provision, enhancing the overall experience for active affiliates.
6.00% Per Sale30Day
LesDiy is a specialized building block product and DIY ideas platform.With a team dedicated to collecting and sharing the best DIY ideas worldwide, they offer a wide range of popular building block sets, high-quality LED lighting kits, and showcases.Since its launch in 2015, LesDiy has gained a global fan base.They prioritize brand new products with fair prices, excellent customer service, and ensure that all items in their store are licensed by the designer.
Custom controllers
030 Days
Custom controllers from CesarsGarageDesigns and Controller Chaos provide personalized, esports-ready and modded controllers for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Configure your own gaming controller according to your playstyle from ControllerModz across Australia. Check out their designs, with new Pokemon Joy-Con designs available from Evil Controllers. These modded controllers can include performance back paddles, tailored to each individual's needs.
Jigsaw puzzle
7%30 Days
Blue Kazoo is a premium jigsaw puzzle company that specializes in creating 1,000-piece puzzles. Their artfully designed and conscientiously crafted puzzles provide a unique challenge to puzzlers. Mchezo is a jigsaw puzzle publisher based in Corbin, looking to enter the domestic jigsaw puzzle market this year. Heritage Puzzle offers original artwork prints and all of their puzzles are made in the USA. PAR Puzzles is a cherished jigsaw Puzzle Company offering one-of-a-kind handmade wooden puzzles.
MMOGA is an online platform that offers a wide range of digital products and services.Their website is user-friendly and provides a seamless shopping experience.They have a diverse selection of games, virtual currencies, and game keys.The customer support team is responsive and helpful.Overall, MMOGA is a reliable online marketplace for gamers.
Backbone one
$10.00 Per Sale30Day
Backbone One offers a mind-blowing new gaming experience for iPhone users.With its effortless setup, simply connect the controller to your iPhone, launch the app, and start playing games like Call of Duty®: Mobile anywhere, instantly.The controller has received universal acclaim from press, creators, celebrities, and the gaming community, making it a remarkable achievement in the history of gaming and tech.The Backbone One is available for $99, with a $10 incentive for every referral.
20.00% Per Sale30Day
ChildUniverse is a team of passionate creators, Igor and Maryna, who craft toys with love and care for children.Their wooden puzzles enhance memory and motor skills, made from safe materials and non-toxic paints.Established in 2018, they have grown into a strong team and offer worldwide shipping.With personalization options and affiliate benefits, ChildUniverse is committed to providing a delightful experience for kids and communication with their customers.
The chess store
8.00% Sale60 Day
The Chess Store is a leading chess retailer offering a wide range of chess products and games.They specialize in fine Staunton wood chess sets and provide a large selection of high-quality products.With excellent customer service and an extensive affiliate program, they offer an opportunity for website owners to earn commissions.
Joy for all
8.00% Per Sale30Day
The Joy For All team is dedicated to their partners, offering a personalized and customizable approach to affiliate marketing.They believe in delivering the necessary tools for success and encourage co-development of unique and exclusive offerings.With competitive sales commissions and custom placements, their program is designed to create value for partners and their members.
Blue kazoo
5.00% Per Sale30Day
Blue Kazoo is a premium jigsaw puzzle company that offers artfully designed 1,000-piece puzzles.With a focus on quality, unique designs, and exceptional customer service, Blue Kazoo provides screen-free entertainment through their beautiful puzzles.They also offer exclusive affiliate coupons, seasonal promotions, and monthly newsletters to help drive sales.
Kinguin is a global marketplace for game keys, offering the best prices and a safe environment to buy game codes for various platforms.With a 'Seller' account, anyone can sell their products worldwide.Kinguin boasts 24/7 customer service in 14 languages, ensuring high customer satisfaction.Partner with Kinguin and enjoy their attractive commission offers.
Home arcade games
5.00% Per Sale45Day
Home Arcade Games is known for their handcrafted American-made arcade games, including the original Chexx Bubble Hockey.With years of fun and excitement awaiting you, visit to order and bring the arcade experience to your home.Contact NaShina Bush at [email protected] for any inquiries.
12.00% Per Sale45Day
GeekOn!is a Brooklyn based designer and manufacturer of innovative boardgame accessories.They offer high payouts, a high average customer value, and provide various marketing materials to help promote their products.With a 60-day cookie duration and performance-based bonuses, GeekOn!ensures affiliates receive credit for delayed sales and have the opportunity for additional incentives.For any inquiries, contact [email protected].
5.00% to 10.00% Per Sale60Day
MagicWorld is the leading USA magic shop providing an incredible collection of magic tricks that anyone can perform.They are known for their unique manufacturing of tricks and expertise in various areas of magic, such as illusions, escapology, and David Blaine street magic.For more information, visit
Big ted
n/a30 Days
Joyfay teddy bear is a big seller around the Christmas and Valentine's Day season. It is a huggable teddy which stands 4 feet and 2 inches tall. It is made of soft plush material, perfect for cuddling up with. Its adorable and big enough to show how much you care. Its colorful and perfect to serve as an adorable ambassador of your feelings.
Tp toys
5%30 Days
TP Toys offers an excellent selection of outdoor toys and accessories designed to provide children with an enjoyable outdoor experience. TP Toys, based in Kidderminster, have been a trusted supplier to many renowned businesses such as Tesco, John Lewis Partnership and Early Learning Centre. Joining their affiliate program allows you to provide your readers with access to products from a company that has been creating outdoor play equipment for over 50 years. TP Toys also offers a selection of award-winning toys such as Educational, Developmental, Science, Arts & Crafts, Puzzles, Outdoor, Sports and many more, in order to inspire children to be passionate about learning through play. TP Toys provides its customers with several convenient shopping options, such as connecting with them online, downloading their app, shipping & returns, shopping tools, and services & solutions.
Creative qt
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Creative QT, founded by parents of five Adam and Dana Sue Hinkle, offers practical and inspired toys that declutter homes and inspire creative play.With a focus on learning and organization, they help parents spend more quality time with their families and encourage independent play.Customers love their products, giving an average rating of 4.8/5 stars.
Great little trading (gltc)
Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) is an online children's retailer that specializes in quality children's furniture, room accessories and toys. Established in 1996 by two parents, GLTC is dedicated to helping parents create happy and organized homes for their families. Their collection includes storage, furniture, room accessories, as well as all the practical stuff. Also, GLTC is proud to be an award-winning retailer, having won the annual "Best Children's Retailer" award eight times: 2013, 2014, 2015 and more. From their innovative designs to their classic wooden toys, GLTC is your go-to source for personalized solutions to parenting.
3%30 Days
Shop4World is an online store offering a wide range of products with competitive prices. From Nintendo Super Mario Bros. socks to 0. 5m (1. 5ft) Black SuperSpeed USB 3.
Tv's toy box
10.00% Per Sale90Day
TV's Toy Box is a leading toy company that offers a wide range of high-quality toys for children.Their products are fun, educational, and perfect for kids of all ages.From plush toys to action figures, TV's Toy Box has something for everyone.
The qwirky shop
8%30 Days
The Qwirky Shop is a UK-based retailer that specializes in supplying unique and quirky products.They are the go-to store for officially licensed novelties from well-known brands around the world.With a wide range of products, including character headphones, arcade machines, and gaming accessories, they have everything you need for the perfect gift.Whether you're looking for something for yourself or a loved one, The Qwirky Shop is the ideal shopping solution.
5.00% Per Sale45Day
Putterball is revolutionizing portable golf with their innovative Pong-inspired game.With its unique combination of golf and pong, Putterball offers endless fun for players of all ages.Whether you're an avid golfer or just looking for a new game to enjoy with friends and family, Putterball is the perfect choice.
20.00% Per Sale60 Day
iFrodoll, founded by African-American designer Mellisa, aims to address the lack of dolls for children with deep skin tones.Each doll is unique and represents a step towards creating a better environment for these kids.With affordable prices and easy returns, iFrodoll is committed to customer satisfaction.
Haba usa
7.00% Per Sale30Day
HABA USA is a family-owned German toy company that has been creating educational and fun children's toys for over 80 years.Their phenomenal collection of toys online encourages early development, promotes learning, and stimulates imaginations.From Baby to Big-Kid, they offer toys and games for all ages, including adults.With a focus on crucial developmental skills, educational growth, and creativity, HABA USA's games are loved by audiences of all ages.They are currently seeking partnerships with educational blogs and parent resource websites.
G2acom us
5%30 Days
G2A is the largest gaming marketplace with over 60,000 products.They offer great discounts, sponsor eSports and influencers, and have a wide range of sellers and products.Their audience consists of tech-savvy gamers looking for good deals on PC games, prepaid cards, and more.The platform also provides personalized technical assistance and creative actions to enhance your website.
Goldie blox
5.00% Per Sale90Day
Goldie Blox is a media and entertainment company that aims to make STEM fun for young girls.Through engaging content, toys, and resources, they empower girls and build their confidence.Their products expose girls to STEM concepts, allowing them to learn and create while staying away from screens.
Mukayimo toys
15.00% Per Sale30Day
MUKAYIMO Toys is an online toy store dedicated to providing children from all over the world with fun, lasting educational toys.They believe in the importance of outdoor play and aim to inspire children to return to nature.Additionally, they donate toys to children in need.Their mission is to create memories and promote learning through high-quality toys and resources.With a focus on community, MUKAYIMO Toys collaborates with content creators and learning experts to provide inspiration and information.Join their family today and explore their wide range of games, crafts, and learning activities.
8.00% Per Sale30Day
SPEKS creates the world's finest desk toys driven by magnets.Offering a range from OG 2.5mm balls to magnetic blocks, they infuse joy into the daily routine of grown-ups.These stress-relieving toys bring satisfaction as you manipulate, construct, or break them apart.Their Speks Super, consisting of 5 33mm magnetic balls, can be used as both a desk sculpture and an organizer for your office supplies.The Blocks by Speks are magnetic building blocks that allow adults to engage in clacking and stacking activities.With an average order value of $55, SPEKS provides a 30-day window to earn a 3.5% commission on sales.
15%45 Day
GetGoCube is a small but dedicated team that produces and sells smart-connected toys.Our affiliate program offers a 15% commission rate and a 45-day referral period.Our target demographic includes anyone passionate about Rubik's Cube, puzzles, or toys in general.For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at [email protected].
7.00% Per Sale30Day
Potensic is a forward-thinking company that specializes in creating a diverse range of drones.With a team of experienced experts, their drones showcase the best in technology.Their user-oriented philosophy combines aesthetics and practicality, resulting in innovative products that enhance everyday life.Backed by friendly and responsive service, Potensic provides high-quality and affordable drones that delight customers worldwide.
10-12%90-Days offers an incredible marketplace for consumers seeking quality and value.With competitive pricing and a wide range of products, their sales truly live up to their name.Their dedicated affiliate team ensures a seamless experience for their customers.
The backgammon store
8% Per Sale. Store Based45Day
The Backgammon Store is a reputable company established in 1999, offering a wide range of backgammon products.They specialize in fine backgammon sets made from high-quality materials.With excellent customer service and a commitment to promoting the game of backgammon, they are a trusted choice for backgammon enthusiasts worldwide.
$2.00 Lead45
Voidu is a global eCommerce platform and community serving in the gaming industry. Its mission is to make gaming accessible to all gamers. It works directly with publishers and official distributors, and provides gamers with digital keys purchased directly from them. Customers can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% up to 90%, as well as instant delivery. Voidu offers a wide range of games from Steam, Origin, UPlay, Epic Games, and Rockstar.
Hobbymate hobby
5.00% Per Sale15Day
Hobbymate Hobby is a registered company in Shenzhen, China that specializes in remote control aerospace models and peripheral products.With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, they have built a loyal community of RC hobbyists who appreciate their wide range of high-quality products.Hobbymate has expanded its reach both online and offline, providing excellent service to customers worldwide.
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