Best Yoga & Pilates Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  December 10, 2023 
Mukha yoga
8% commission60 Dayss
Mukha Yoga is a destination site offering a wide range of yoga products from well-known brands to up-and-coming designers.Their selection reflects a larger community of practitioners and instructors who value the practice of yoga.Stay informed with monthly newsletters, enjoy regular promotions, and earn bonuses while promoting their products.Please note their policies regarding PPC bidding, coupon usage, direct linking, and social media promotion.
Yoga for bjj
75.00% Per Sale30Day
Yoga for BJJ is a video subscription platform that caters to athletes striving to enhance their performance.With the growing awareness of yoga benefits, professional athletes can now conveniently improve their flexibility, prevent injuries, and boost athleticism through our curated yoga fitness workouts.Join now!
10% commission30 Dayss
Sugarmat, a Canadian-based yoga retail brand, is rapidly growing worldwide.With their chic and bubbly team in Montreal, they bring joy and style to everyday physical activities.Their designer yoga mats, featured in renowned magazines, offer a luxurious mat and towel combo that absorbs sweat and provides excellent grip.The non-fade prints are resilient, and the mats are machine washable.Sugarmat prioritizes sustainability with their use of natural rubber and biodegradable materials.Experience the ultimate cool mat with Sugarmat's program highlights like free shipping on orders over $150.
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