Best Vitamins & Supplements Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  April 20, 2024 
Avid hemp
30.00% Per Sale30Day
Avid Hemp is a premium Full Spectrum CBD brand with a mission to provide purity in their Superior CBD products and practices.With over 500 5-Star reviews on Google, they offer a wide range of CBD products including capsules, hemp flower, vape juice, and more.Established in 2017 with 20 years of research and advocacy, join Avid Hemp today for a long-term partnership.
15% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
MadeByHemp is the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural hemp health care products.They offer the highest quality, 100% legal products with excellent customer service and after-sales support.Visit their website to explore their fantastic products, testimonials, and informative blog posts.
Up to 10%45 Days
Enzymedica offers effective natural supplements made with premium ingredients and backed by extensive scientific research.Their products, including the award-winning Digest Gold® enzymes, are designed to optimize digestion and enhance overall well-being.With a dedicated affiliate management team, frequent incentives, and a wide range of creatives and links, Enzymedica's Affiliate Program provides a great opportunity for affiliates.However, they have strict search policies to protect their trademark and brand integrity.
30% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Folexin is a natural hair growth support supplement that contains vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to promote thick, strong, and healthy hair.With its high-quality ingredients and commitment to customer satisfaction, Folexin is a trusted choice for those seeking to improve their hair health.
Crave picks
25.00% Per Sale30Day
Crave Picks offers amazing Nicotine Toothpicks for recreational use.With an average ticket size of $42.19, their products cater to individuals aged 21 and older.Discover the satisfaction and convenience of Crave Picks' nicotine-infused toothpicks.
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
Qunol is a market leading company that specializes in developing health supplements made from quality ingredients. Their products are sold in most major retail stores such as Walmart, CVS, Target, Costco and more. Their CoQ10 product is made from a patented formulation that is 100% water and fat-soluble, which is a unique feature. Quten Research Institute, headquartered in Pine Brook, New Jersey, is the producer and distributor of the Qunol brand. Qunol Ultra CoQ10 is the number one cardiologist-recommended form of CoQ10, offering support for heart health, energy production, and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.
Bulu box
3% Per Sale. Store Based60Day
Bulu Box is a unique subscription box service that offers a variety of health and wellness products.Each box is carefully curated and provides a great opportunity to discover new brands and products.The quality and value of their boxes are impressive, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Exseed health
ExSeed Health offers a comprehensive range of products and programs for couples struggling with fertility.Their certified medical devices for home fertility testing, supplements, and online improvement programs provide accurate and personal solutions.Join ExSeed Health today and support couples on their fertility journey.
15.00% SaleLifetime
SomaLife, founded in 1998, is an internationally-renowned nutraceutical company known for creating high-quality, natural age management, brain health, and athletic performance products.Their proprietary formulas, developed by a team of esteemed scientists, have international patents to protect their uniqueness and effectiveness.SomaLife's commitment to excellence is evident in their professional-grade athletic supplement, 'gHP Sport', the only NSF 'Certified for Sport' product of its kind.With a loyal customer base and a best-in-category affiliate program, SomaLife offers a lucrative opportunity for website owners to earn commissions by promoting their products.
Vitamin patch club
$5.00 Per Sale30Day
Vitamin Patch Club is an online subscription-based community that delivers vitamin patches monthly.Using transdermal technology, our patches deliver 3x more vitamins than pills.We believe in giving back, supporting 3 charitable initiatives monthly and providing a healthy blog.Our patches offer safe and uniform delivery of vitamins, with 90% absorption compared to 30% for pills.No fillers or synthetics, just organic ingredients.Earn $5 commission per sale and enjoy a 30-day cookie duration.
Balance of nature
12.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Balance of Nature is a premier whole food supplement company founded by renowned Dr. Douglas Howard in 1997. It offers a unique range of nature-based ingredients blended in the perfect balance to promote health and wellness. The supplements, including fruits, veggies and herbs, were created to help people achieve maximum health results. Additionally, Balance of Nature provides health and nutrition education, results-based research, customer support and other resources to help customers on their journey to better health.
Titus unlimited
10.00% Per Sale45Day
Titus Unlimited is a revolutionary fitness program that challenges the notion that training in the gym is harmful.With attractive features like 10% commission on every sale, 45 days cookie, and access to promotional creatives, this exclusive ShareASale Merchant offers a range of on-sale products for a healthier lifestyle.
12.00% to 25.00% Per Sale30Day
TruBrain Ketones is a high-quality product that offers ultimate support for anyone doing the Keto diet.Made with raw, premium Ketone Ester, our Ketones are instantly absorbed, nudging your body to produce Ketones.With the credibility of being a leader in nootropics for over 6 years, TruBrain is the best choice for your Keto journey.Learn more at
6.00% Per Sale45Day
NatureWise is a trusted brand that offers natural health supplements to support overall well-being.Their products are designed to work in harmony with your body's natural intelligence and conscious lifestyle choices.With a dedicated affiliate management team and timely updates, NatureWise provides the tools and resources for affiliate success.
Else nutrition usa, inc
15.00% Per Sale30Day
Else Nutrition is revolutionizing baby, toddler, and early childhood nutrition with its plant-based alternatives.Their products are certified clean label, USDA organic, and free from dairy, soy, gluten, and corn syrup.With tremendous sales growth and global recognition, Else Nutrition is a leader in the industry.Join their profitable and exciting journey to provide alternatives for thousands of parents.
Vitamin world
up to 20%)Up to 30 Days
Vitamin World is a trusted retailer specializing in vitamins and supplements.With both online and in-store options, customers have convenient access to high-quality products.Their focus on nutrition starting at the source reflects their passion for wellness.Enjoy everyday promotions, including free shipping on orders with a minimum value.Affiliates can benefit from a 2% commission on sales, while further opportunities for higher commission rates and longer cookie windows are available.Contact [email protected] to learn more and join today.
Reverse life
n/a30 Days
Reverse Life offers a premium formula with 50g of hyaluronic acid for supple and radiant skin.Their high-strength Marine Collagen drink, containing 10,000mg of hydrolysed Marine Collagen, is conveniently pre-mixed in a bottle.With 800+ five-star reviews, their collagen is made from sustainably-sourced freshwater fish and adheres to European standards.It is gluten, dairy, and GMO-free, providing structural support to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and maintain skin elasticity.Each 25ml dose contains only 41 calories and 9g of protein, making it an ideal choice for a healthy daily ritual on the go.
Holdford direct
Up to 12%30 Days
Patrick Holford is a renowned British author, entrepreneur, and pioneer in the field of health and nutrition. He co-founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and the Food for the Brain Foundation, and is a leading spokesman on nutrition, specifically in the area of mental health. He is a proponent of alternative nutrition and diet methods and frequently appears on television and radio in the UK and internationally. Holford has written several books, including “The Homocysteine Solution: The Fast New Way to Dramatically Improve Your Health,” which provides an easy-to-follow program for total health transformation. All of Holford's supplements have been formulated by him since 1984.
20% Per Sale. Store Based60 Day
SmartHabits offers premium science-based health supplements that are clinically tested and proven effective in human clinical trials.Their all-natural and vegan-friendly formulas are not only affordable but also beneficial for improving digestive, immune, cardiovascular, and metabolic health.Partner with SmartHabits as a Microbiome Plus+ affiliate to earn commissions and enjoy exclusive benefits.
Puritan's pride
Up to 4%30 Days
Established in 1973, Puritan's Pride thrives by offering customers top-quality vitamins, exceptional service, and affordable prices.With over 1,500 products manufactured in the USA using globally sourced ingredients, our trusted brand has been delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements for over 40 years.Partner with us to enjoy a competitive commission rate, 30-day cookie window, generous average order value, and exclusive promotions.Benefit from our dedicated affiliate management team and join today!
Vita living
6.00% Per Sale15Day
Vita Living aims to provide high-quality vitamins, supplements, and natural health products at competitive prices.With over 12,000 products available, including new additions every week, customers have a wide variety to choose from.Exciting coupons and special deals further enhance the shopping experience, and the popular Vita Rewards program encourages customer loyalty.Affiliates can earn a fixed percentage of every sale made by their referrals, making it a mutually beneficial relationship.
12.00% Per Sale60Day
ShakePlease offers a smoothie delivery service that is both healthy and delicious.With no preparation or mess, their high protein smoothies are ready in under a minute.Conveniently delivered to your door and easy to store in your freezer, each serving contains up to 33 grams of protein.ShakePlease is a part of the rapidly growing smoothie, meal prep, and protein product industries, making it a great opportunity for growth.
Ladybug potions
20.00% Per Sale90Day
Ladybug Potions offers a range of nutritional supplements, clean cosmetics, and non-toxic nail polish for girls.Their affiliate program allows you to join for free, choose products to promote, and earn 20% on each new lead generated.Sign up easily, promote their premium products, and start earning extra income.
Old school labs
8% - 10% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Old School Labs is a California-based company that is passionate about creating uncompromising, premium supplements for informed customers.They reject the status quo of cheaply produced supplements and strive to provide personalized affiliate marketing programs.With exclusive payouts, bonus payout programs, and a 30-day cookie, they aim to help their partners succeed.Additionally, their users benefit from free shipping, 365-day free returns, and monthly consumer offers.Join the movement of trusting in Supplements That Make Sense™.
15 % - 25 %45 Day
SENSILAB is an EU-based contract manufacturer and development service provider for tablets, powders, granules and hard capsules. Operating from the production site in Konstantynów ódzki, Poland, with 180 employees, the company provides its customers with a wide range of preventative products such as vitamins, minerals, Q10 and B-complex. Having been in the market for more than 15 years, SENSILAB is now a leading European company in food supplements manufacturing. SENSILAB is also a research space located in Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to the future of creative technology.
10.00% Per Sale90Day
NuStrips products offer a revolutionary way to consume vitamins and nutrition supplements.Their patented In a Strip™ technology provides portable, easy-to-consume strips that dissolve on the tongue for faster absorption and enhanced bioavailability.With sustainable packaging and delicious natural flavors, NuStrips offers a range of effective supplements, including Energy, Sleep, Multi, Immunity, and Beauty In a Strip™.
20.00% Per Sale30Day
Xwerks is passionate about creating value for their affiliate partners.They offer personalized programs and exclusive offerings, with generous commissions and bonus payouts.Their 30-day cookie and in-house affiliate management ensure a seamless partnership experience.No coupon sites allowed.
Medix select
Up to 20%45-Days
Medix Select offers high quality vitamins, dietary supplements, and health products designed to target specific conditions and health issues.Their products are created by scientists and medical researchers using the highest quality natural ingredients.With a generous commission rate, referral cookie, affiliate newsletter, and promotional coupon codes, Medix Select is an excellent choice for promoting health and wellness.
Goli nutrition
3%30 Days
Goli Nutrition is an innovative nutrition company that focuses on people's well-being and happiness.They have successfully created a delicious way to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into daily routines, without compromising on taste.Their gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan gummies made with organic ingredients provide all the benefits without the terrible taste.
Dr williams
We offer some of the highest paying affiliate commissionsUnknown
Healthy Directions is a leading company in the health and nutritional supplement industry.They offer a wide range of high-quality products including nutritional supplements, skin care, vitamins, beauty products, weight loss, joint pain, probiotics, and more.With their affiliate program, you can market these products and earn up to 10% on all sales you generate.Join today and start earning money promoting great health products!
6%45 Days
Orgain is a doctor-developed brand that offers a range of dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and Non-GMO organic protein products.Their bars, shakes, and powders are made with highest quality ingredients, suitable for individuals focused on health, wellness, fitness, and weight loss.
12.00% Per Sale90Day
SEROVERA is a trusted and established company in the autoimmune health supplement space since 1996. Their highly sought-after supplements are custom formulated for a niche consumer.With a 12% commission payout, SEROVERA provides the tools and support needed to promote their products.They handle all orders, shipments, and customer support, while offering a generous 90-day cookie window for referral sales.Join SEROVERA today and start earning!
Klean athlete us
8%30 Days
Klean Athlete is dedicated to supporting active lifestyles by providing science-based, high-quality products that are free-from harmful ingredients.With their GMO-free, third party-certified formulas, they empower athletes to achieve peak performance and optimal health.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
HelloWater is a passionate partner program that values its affiliates.They prioritize personalized marketing approaches to deliver success.With 10% sale commissions, exclusive payouts, bonus payout program, and custom placements, they strive to create value for their affiliates.
Life extension
Life Extension is an industry leader with 40 years of commitment to innovation and science.They offer premium-quality supplements and vitamins to help individuals live a healthier life.Their extensive range of products promotes whole-body wellness, and their website provides easy access to valuable information on life-extending health research.
K nutri
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
K SAM NUTRICO is an independent convenience store that consists of only a single location, located in Mumbai and registered in the state of Maharashtra. It acquired all shares in A to K on 1 October 2020 and this transaction is projected to enhance their market position and create an improved platform for their further development. Customers can buy all kinds of healthy, nutrient-focused items in-store. K SAM NUTRICO has products specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer.
Ultra pure life
10% commission60 Dayss
Ultra Pure Life is a company dedicated to providing nutrition supplements made from quality organic sources.They prioritize transparency, ensuring that every product and ingredient is fully disclosed.With a low return rate and a generous base payout of 10%, Ultra Pure Life offers customers a reliable and trustworthy option for their nutritional needs.
8.00% Per Sale90 Dayss is a leader in the natural and holistic detox industry, with millions in sales.They offer a range of effective natural health products, including purification and probiotics, detoxification and circulation products, and analysis and testing services.With satisfaction guaranteed and knowledgeable customer service representatives, is committed to keeping customers healthy.
Unify health lab
10%30 Days
Unify Health Lab is a company that believes in a holistic approach to health, treating individuals as whole beings.Inspired by Randy Jackson's personal journey and philosophy, their products are backed by scientific research.With a dedicated team, Unify Health Lab aims to transform and improve the health and lives of their customers through health supplements and gut health support.
Mighty gum
8.00% Per Sale30Day
Mighty Gum is a Seattle-based brand of functional chewing gum that goes beyond freshening breath.Their Immunity gum is made with Vitamins, Zinc, and extracts from Elderberry, Reishi, Ashwagandha, and Astragalus.Vegan, free from sugar, allergens, and GMOs, Mighty Gum has gained popularity and will be available at Thrive Market, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.With rave reviews from experts and customers, Mighty Gum offers one product, the Immunity gum, with an average order value of $25 and a high conversion rate of over 9%.
10.00% Per Sale60 Day
N101 is a one-stop shop for all your nutritional needs.With a wide range of vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition, and skincare products, we cater to athletes, health enthusiasts, and anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.Our commitment to quality brands and our dedication to finding unique products sets us apart.We provide expert guidance and exceptional savings, ensuring you get the best products for less.Join us in our mission to promote wellness and discover the perfect nutritional products for you.
Clinical effects
20.00% Per Sale45Day
The Clinical Effects team values partnerships and offers a personalized approach to affiliate marketing.They provide tools, exclusive payouts, and bonus programs to help affiliates succeed.With 45-day cookies and in-house management, they prioritize success and customization for their partners.
The harmony company
8.00% Per Sale30Day
The Harmony Company's Partner Program is dedicated to creating value for their affiliates and their members.They understand the importance of personalization and offer customized offerings to ensure success.With a generous commission rate, vanities for custom placements, a 30-day cookie, and in-house affiliate management, they provide the tools necessary for success.
Joyspring vitamins
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Joyspring is a family-owned company that offers natural products for healthy families.With a product portfolio including custom-tailored supplements for various ailments and life stages, Joyspring aims to provide vitamins that are both beneficial and good for you.Join our affiliate program and email [email protected] for any inquiries.
True grace health
10.00% Per Sale90Day
True Grace Health is a supplement brand that focuses on improving people's health and the environment through nutrient-dense supplements.Their products, including probiotics, multivitamins, and Omega-3 Fish Oil, are made with high-quality, plant-based ingredients.The brand champions regenerative agriculture and offers sustainable packaging options, such as post-consumer recycled bottles and recyclable pouches made from sugarcane.True Grace's commitment to both personal and planetary health sets them apart in the industry.
Hairburst us
10%30 Days
Hairburst US is a company dedicated to helping people achieve long, healthy, and beautiful hair.With their affordable and effective products, they prioritize giving customers great results.They also emphasize using natural ingredients whenever possible, making it easy for you to fall in love with your hair all over again.
Isotonix is a company that operates in the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry, employing 11-20 people and having $1M-$5M of revenue. It provides nutritional supplements that are designed to help improve health, with the added benefit of rapid absorbability. Market America, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company, is the creator of the Isotonix line of supplements. SHOP. COM has unveiled the company's flagship line of health supplements, giving people the opportunity to own and operate their own online Isotonix supplement business.
Portions master
10.00% Per Sale45Day
Portions Master specializes in scientifically validated products and supplements that promote a lean lifestyle.With a focus on quality and customer health, we offer protein for lean muscle, appetite control, heart health support, antioxidants, immune boosters, and mood enhancers.Our program includes various marketing opportunities and our best-selling products include fat-free whey protein, apple cider vinegar capsules, and probiotic formulas.For more information, contact [email protected].
5.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Clean is a leading health and wellness company that offers the 21-Day Clean Program, developed by Dr. Alejandro Junger.It is more than just a product or program; Clean is an experience.With a focus on understanding individual bodies and proper nourishment, Clean aims to help people feel good every day.Known for its strong brand recognition and customer loyalty, Clean also offers an affiliate program with attractive incentives.
Wellthy nutraceuticals
18.00% Per Sale90 Dayss
Wellthy Nutraceuticals specializes in top quality clean supplements, including full body detox cleanse kits, multivitamins, fat burners, collagen protein, and alkaline water.We provide safe, effective, all-natural supplements to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.Our founder, Dan Cox, believes in the purity and quality of our products.
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