Best Tobacco Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 14, 2024 
8.00% Per Sale30Day is a leading E-cigarette shop in China, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices.With two large US local warehouses, it provides great convenience for US customers.Join us to earn up to 12% commission.
Vapor empire
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Vapor Empire is an established online retailer for Electronic Cigarettes, E-Liquids, and Accessories.With a wide range of products at competitive pricing, we offer popular vape brands and products.Our affiliate program offers 10% commission on every order, along with free shipping over $50 within the US.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Urvapin, an electronic cigarette company since 2013, has established strong partnerships with popular brands in the industry.Their extensive product range and competitive pricing, coupled with excellent customer service, make them a reliable choice.With a 30-day cookie duration, 10% commission rate, and dedicated affiliate management, Urvapin offers a lucrative affiliate program.They also support email marketing campaigns and provide 24-hour customer service.Contact them at [email protected] for any queries.
Kind juice
10.00% Per Sale90Day
Kind Juice is committed to providing high quality vape juice made with plant-based ingredients.With a focus on honesty and transparency, their products offer a harmonious relationship between nature and humans.Their use of tobacco-free nicotine ensures a pure and natural experience.Join their affiliate program to earn generous commissions and access a range of promotional materials.
20.00% Per Sale120Day
HUMI-SMART 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL provides perfectly stable relative humidity for various products.Their packs are designed for cigars, tobacco, herbal medicine, cannabis, food storage, spices & nuts, wood instruments, electronics, and more.Their 2-way humidity control technology ensures optimal environments without altering taste or toxicity.
Relx now couk
15% Per Sale30 Day
RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers, offering them the opportunity to make better decisions and get better results. Their products include legal information and analytics; decision-making tools; and organised exhibitions. Technology-based RELX also provides adult smokers in the UK with the latest closed pod systems. Furthermore, the company upholds core values of Responsibility, Empathy, Leadership, and eXcellence.
Om vapor, llc
15% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
Om Vapors, founded in 2014, is committed to providing quality, diketone-free juice at affordable prices.Their e-liquids are meticulously crafted to deliver a delightful vaping experience, and none of their flavors contain artificial sweeteners or diketones.With over 60 delicious options, you'll definitely find your perfect all-day vape.At Om, you can shop with confidence knowing that they prioritize both your wallet and the quality of their e-liquids.So go ahead and 'Breathe Easy' with Om Vapor!
10% - 20% Per Sale. Store BasedUp to 30 Days is a popular online store that offers a wide range of ejuice brands and vape hardware.As an affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission or more on every sale.With dynamic banners and social media marketing permitted, promoting their products is easy and rewarding.Join their affiliate program today!
10% - 20% Per Sale. Store BasedUp to 30 Days
EJuice.Deals offers a wide range of popular ejuice brands and vape hardware.As an affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission on every sale.With a 30-day tracking cookie and dynamic banners, you can easily promote their products.The company allows social media marketing and provides support for your marketing efforts.Join their affiliate program today!
The vape mall
5.00% Per Sale1Day
The Vape Mall is your go-to destination for affordable, high-quality vaping supplies.They offer a wide range of authentic brands like Aspire, Innokin, Kanger, SMOK, and Vision.Their hand-made e-liquids are made with 100% USA made USP food grade ingredients and come in over 250 flavors.Enjoy premium vaping without breaking the bank at The Vape Mall.
8.00% Per Sale30Day is a well-established online electronic cigarette authorized distributor.With a wide range of classic and reasonably-priced products, they are dedicated to providing excellent choices for their members.Offering a generous commission structure, weekly promotions, and professional affiliate support, Sourcemore is a trusted partner for long-term business relationships.
Buitrago cigars
10.00% Per Sale45 Day
Buitrago Cigars is the premier cigar store online that offers an extensive collection of cigars at the lowest possible price. Founded in 2015, Buitrago Cigars is a private company dedicated to providing the best service and prices to customers all across the United States. They specialize in Tobacco, Logistics, Wholesalers, and Retail Distributors, and have achieved widespread customer satisfaction with 143 customer reviews. Visit their online store today to find the best cigars at the lowest prices!
Portable hookahs
10.00% Per Sale15Day
Portable Hookahs offers a wide selection of dry herb vaporizers, including all the top brands and various heating styles.Custom data feeds and coupon codes are available upon request.They also provide personalized promotions and offer a range of products at different price points.Explore their best sellers for concentrates and check out their full range of vapes in the category.
3.00% Per Sale90Day
HealthVape offers a range of vitamin inhalers that provide high quality supplements through vapor, without nicotine, THC, or calories.Boost your wellness with each puff, as HealthVape becomes an enjoyable part of your journey towards improved health and lifestyle.
3.00% Per Sale90Day
VapoRider offers an enticing affiliate program that allows you to earn money by sharing their amazing deals and products.They are dedicated to providing their customers with the latest products at affordable prices, ensuring a satisfying experience.
8.00% Per Sale90 Day
Cloumix is an A-level vape vendor in China, with a sale team that is energetic and responsible.They offer genuine, reasonably-priced products with a variety of options.Their affiliate program provides competitive commissions, weekly deals, and regularly updated banners.
2.5% - 10% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
At, we offer a wide selection of the hottest selling vapor devices from top brands like Aspire and Vaporesso.With our guaranteed low prices and friendly staff, shopping with us is easy and enjoyable.Our commitment to quality customer support sets us apart.Join our Affiliate Program today!
5.00% Per Sale7Day
Smoking-Hookah offers an affiliate program with creative links and online reporting.They provide a vast selection of hookahs, accessories, and shisha flavors.Their user-friendly website offers unbeatable prices and fast delivery, making it your go-to destination for all hookah and vape needs.
Mob hookah
15.00% Per Sale30Day
MOB Hookah is the premier brand for hookahs and accessories in North America.With a diverse range of products that cater to all hookah enthusiasts, we ship our popular items worldwide.With an average sale amount of $200, we are a trusted destination for hookah lovers.Stay tuned for exciting commission incentives.
10.00% Per Sale180Day is a leading online vaporizer store, offering a wide range of high-quality herbal vaporizers.They are known for their VaporTower and Volcano Vaporizer, as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction.Join their free affiliate program and start earning money today!
6.00% Per Sale30Day
Emjay is a highly committed affiliate program that values sustainable long-term partnerships.They prioritize creating value for both affiliates and their unique audiences, offering personalized tools for success.With high commission rates, average order value, and conversion rate, Emjay ensures parasite-free earnings protection and dedicated management by Affiliboost.
Eliquid vape juices
3.00% Per Sale1Day
Eliquid Vape Juices is an online vape store that offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories.With competitive prices and a dedicated customer service team, they strive to provide the best vaping experience.They also have an affiliate program with great commission rates and exclusive offers.
Niin pouches
10.00% Per Sale90Day
Niin Pouches is a renowned company that specializes in offering high-quality and innovative nicotine pouches.Their website,, provides detailed information about their products, helping customers make informed choices.With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Niin Pouches stands out in the market.
5.00% Per Sale14Day is a partner program that values its affiliates and aims to create value for both parties.They provide personalized tools and custom offerings, allowing affiliates to be successful.With a 5% sales commission and 14-day cookie duration, their approach to affiliate marketing sets them apart.
15% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
RELX is a fast-growing e-cigarette company that prioritizes innovation, design, and flavor science.Their goal is to provide a superior vape experience for smokers.They specialize in e-cigarette and vape tech R&D, product design, and sales, with a direct-to-consumer online platform.Join their affiliate program now!
10% - 13% Per Sale. Store Based30Day
VaporFi offers an innovative Affiliate Program, where you can earn money by referring customers.With high-quality electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, they encourage brand ambassadors to join and get paid for their support.
Flawless vape shop
10.00% Per Sale45Day
Flawless Vape Shop offers premium e-juice brands at great prices.Their fast shipping and responsive customer service team have earned them a loyal customer base.They frequently run deals on e-juice bundles, resulting in higher average ticket sales.Affiliates can benefit from an aggressive 10 to 20% commission.
Solace vapor
30.00% Per Sale30Day
Solace Vapor takes a personalized approach to affiliate marketing, creating value for partners and their members.They offer generous sales commissions, custom placements, and a 30-day cookie to maximize success.Solace Vapor aims to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings tailored to individual needs.
n/a30 Days
Vaporl is a professional online retailer providing customers with the very best electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories at reasonable prices.With a wide range of products from famous vape brands, we guarantee 100% authentic, original, and brand new items.Our close relationship with vape brands and manufacturers allows us exclusive insights into product launches and more.
Blu ecigs
15%30 Days
blu is the World's Largest e-cig supplier, offering a new e-cig experience for enthusiasts.With their Affiliate Marketing Program, publishers can earn industry-leading commissions, benefit from trusted third-party tracking, and enjoy dedicated support.Join blu today to maximize your earnings and enhance your conversion rates.
6.00% Per Sale30Day
Smokstore is an online professional vape electronic cigarette store.They offer a wide variety of high-end ecig devices, vape mods, atomizers, tanks, vaping coils, accessories, and more.They have a range of famous China brand vape products like Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec, and more.With a high order size and good conversion rate, Smokstore's affiliate program offers a 6% commission rate and 30 days cookie across all websites.Their dedicated affiliate management and 24-hour customer service support ensure a smooth experience for affiliates.Contact them at [email protected] for any queries.
King palm
10.00% Per Sale90Day
King Palm is the palm pioneer in the smoking community, providing a tobacco-free alternative with their 100% real palm leaf cigar wrap.Their hand-rolled natural leaves offer the best slow-burning experience without any chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, or glue.
12.00% Per Sale45 Day
Freemax is revolutionizing the way vapers experience their tanks and coils. Their Fireluke and Mesh Coil families are designed to maximize cloud production and flavor, while their newest sub-ohm tank, the Mesh Pro Tank, heats even faster and lasts longer. Freemax just released their latest innovation, the Freemax GEMM Disposable Tank, which comes with multiple built-in mesh coil options. Combining a higher power, bigger clouds and fuller flavor, vapers will truly enjoy their Freemax products.
Philter labs
10.00% Per Sale30Day
PHILTER Labs introduces micro-sized personal air filters that effectively reduce the harmful effects and negative stigma of secondhand smoke.Their portable and affordable handheld filters allow individuals to vape or smoke anywhere, anytime, with any device.The PHILTER Phlip is a unique product that attaches to vape pens or stick devices, providing an easy and efficient way to filter secondhand emissions.Join PHILTER today for a range of marketing opportunities and help educate customers on the best solution for removing secondhand smoke.
10.00% Per Sale1Day
EcigMafia is a vaping industry leader that offers the best deals to consumers.With 100% authentic products sourced within the USA, they guarantee a phenomenal vaping experience.Their strong affiliate program, with exclusive account management support, allows website owners to earn additional revenue.They offer a generous 10% commission on every order, making it one of the best offers in the industry.From e-juices and kits to tanks, coils, and accessories, EcigMafia has a wide range of reputable and popular vape brands and products.Contact [email protected] for any queries.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
INHALCO is a global manufacturer of high-quality concentrate consumption products.With extensive experience in development and design, we offer a wide range of silicone-made bongs, dab rigs, and nectar collectors.Our disintegrated outlets ensure convenient access for smoking enthusiasts worldwide.Join us as an affiliate and be rewarded for promoting our top-rated products.
Mom's cigars
5.00% Per Sale30Day
Mom's Cigars is a tobacco company offering a wide range of tobacco and tobacco-related products at wholesale prices.They carry popular brands like Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and Zig Zag.With a generous affiliate program and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Mom's Cigars is a reliable choice for tobacco enthusiasts.
15%30 Dayss
AirVape is a leading vaporizer company known for their top-rated portable dry herb vaporizers.With an elegant design, advanced technology, and innovative heating capabilities, AirVape offers the best vaporizing experience.They also offer free shipping in the USA for orders over $20 and a lifetime warranty.In addition, AirVape has unique programs such as a recycle program for old vapes and an upgrading program for existing owners.They also provide a 25% discount for US Military Veterans.Join AirVape today!
Mellow fellow
15.00% Per Sale30Day
Mellow Fellow is a team of PhDs dedicated to producing premium hemp-derived extracts.They offer safe, pure, and effective products with up-to-date certificates for each batch.Their online store provides a range of THC products and accessories.Mellow Fellow values their partnerships and strives to create value for affiliates.
12.00% Per Sale60 Day
Vladdin is a leading pod system manufacturer based in China, providing a range of vape devices and vape pods worldwide. They have sold lots of products to many countries and regions. Their devices and pods use high-quality materials and come with long-lasting batteries. Vladdin has a 4971 following on social media and are continuously innovating in the pod system area. The battery contacts can be wiped from time to time to ensure the device delivers the best output experience.
5.00% Per Sale30Day
2Fdeal is a premium vape store offering a wide variety of ecig products.With seamless integration with the ecig manufacturing center and warehouses in both Germany and China, it provides excellent conversion rates with competitive prices and quick shipments.Customers can enjoy regular promotions, coupon codes, and the convenience of one-stop shopping for the latest vape products.The company offers a reliable contact method through email and Skype.
Storz & bickel
5%30 Days
Storz & Bickel leads the vaporization market with innovative and premium vaporizers.Their VOLCANO and PLENTY models have revolutionized the industry, setting a standard of unmatched quality.They offer efficient and high-performing vaporizers like the app-controlled CRAFTY and powerful MIGHTY.With a powerful development team and strict quality control, they manufacture pioneer vaporizers made in Germany.
12.00% Per Sale30 Day
Vapebox is a monthly subscription company providing curated vape products to its members. With their Vape Palate Quiz, members can quickly determine their flavor preferences and receive a personalized box tailored to their vaping needs. Vapebox offers multiple subscription levels and a variety of e-liquids, mods, and accessories to choose from. They take the hassle out of purchasing vape supplies, filling their boxes with popular brands and new products, while also providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.
10.00% Per SaleLifetime
NYVapeShop offers an affiliate program that provides website owners with an additional way to profit from their websites.With a commission of 10% per sale, affiliates can generate traffic and sales for the company.Real-time statistics and reporting allow affiliates to easily track their progress and earnings.
New vaping
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
VAAL is a pioneering vaping brand, specialized in high-quality disposable vapes. Mixology Vape is a leading online supplier and manufacturer of premium e-Liquids, Vape juices and all Vaping accessories. NewVaping is a mid-size vaping company with a wide range of products and services catering to the UK vape market, such as short-fill vape juice, vape mods and tanks, accessorised with coils, batteries, replacement glass and its very own line of nicotine salts. NewVaping is the go-to supplier for those looking for a superior vaping experience.
20%30 Day
LUU offers a performance tiered commission structure up to 20% on a wide range of products.With an average order value of $50 and a 30-day cookie, affiliates can benefit from a responsive design site optimized for all devices.The promotional marketing calendar and exclusive coupon codes enhance earning potential, while high performers have the chance to earn 20% commission.The dedicated affiliate team provides exclusive promotions to maximize click-through and conversion rates.
Vape resources
10%)30 Days
Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, but the potential health risks are still largely unknown. Vape Resources is here to provide resources for those wishing to quit vaping altogether, offering a range of support services to aid in the transition process. Our support services cover everything from quitting strategies to alternative options. If you smoke or use other tobacco products as well as vape, it is a good idea to quit tobacco altogether, all at once. Resources to Help You Quit Vaping provide guidance and strategies to assist in this process, as well as resources of quitting medicines.
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Airistech is a renowned global brand known for their high-quality vaporizers for dry herb, wax, and oil.They offer attractive affiliate perks such as 10% commission, 5% extra commission for new customers, 30 days cookie duration, and generous bonuses for orders and monthly sales.Join now!
Up to 5%Unknown
NikoKick is a global pioneer in the tobacco and nicotine industry.They are leading the charge in inspiring healthier enjoyment for millions.As the world's largest online retailer of nicotine pouches, they offer a diverse range of high-quality products at competitive prices.With fast delivery and weekly updated promotions, NikoKick is dedicated to providing a top-notch customer experience.
10% Per Sale. Store Based30Day is a leader in the vape industry, offering a wide range of eJuice, hardware, and accessories.With one-stop shopping and same-day shipping, customers can quickly and hassle-free find what they need.Joining the affiliate program allows you to earn money by promoting their popular products to your audience.
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