Best Hardware Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 23, 2024 
Alpine air technologies
15.00% Per Sale90Day
Alpine Air Purifier by EnviroQuest International offers a unique and highly effective solution for contaminated indoor air.Their high-tech filterless products are not available in stores and outperform other brands on the market.With a focus on helping people breathe easier and improve their health, Alpine Air Technologies is a go-to choice for those suffering from allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions.Additionally, their lucrative affiliate program provides a realistic opportunity to earn up to $10,000+/month within 90 days.Visit their website today to learn more about this powerful program and start earning big money.
10.00% Per Sale90Day
FOXBC is a highly experienced company with 22 years in the woodworking industry.They specialize in providing premium quality woodworking cutting replacement planer blades, jointer knives, band saw blades, carbide inserts, and woodworking accessories.With their expertise and dedication to quality, FOXBC ensures that their customers receive top-notch products for their woodworking needs.
5.00% Per Sale45Day
BLUETTI offers a free affiliate program where members can earn revenue by promoting their products through links on their website or social media channels.Customers who purchase through these links generate affiliate commissions.Join now to start earning!
5.00% to 12.00% Per Sale30Day
HULKMAN is the leading company in automotive jump starters, offering free standard delivery.With a secure and mobile-optimized site, browsing and shopping is convenient and safe.Affiliates enjoy exclusive discounts, excellent conversion rates, and a variety of commission structures.Join our program today!
10.00% Per Sale45Day
Huepar is a leading technology company specializing in laser measurement tools.Their products are reliable, accurate, and easy to use.The company has a strong reputation for providing high-quality tools that are trusted by professionals in various industries.
15.00% Per Sale30Day
ToolAnt is a cross-border e-commerce company that offers a wide range of well-designed DIY tools and home necessities.With a complete supply chain and dedicated team, ToolAnt is your go-to destination for all your urgent repairs and dream remodel projects.Their cool and affordable gear is easily accessible, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.
Coast portland
7% commission30 Dayss
COAST Portland is a family-owned company with a rich history in providing innovative and functional tools for working professionals.They offer a wide range of world-class LED lighting products, cutting tools, and multi-tools.With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, their US-based customer service and lifetime warranty on most products set them apart.COAST's affiliate program offers a competitive commission, regular updates, and promotions.Apply via Avantlink and start partnering with this trusted brand.
Pittsburgh spray equipment
5.00% Per Sale90Day
Pittsburgh Spray Equipment provides a wide range of painting and sandblasting equipment, including airless sprayers, paint spray guns, and HVLP turbines.Their products cater to semi-pro and professional users, such as contractors and high-end hobbyists.With prices ranging from $500 to $4500, they offer quality equipment for various painting needs.
Ridge pro
5.00% Per Sale7Day
Ridge Pro's patented roofing safety device is a game-changer for professional roofers, solar installers, insurance adjusters, chimney sweeps, and other roofing professionals.With a focus on reducing falls and fatalities, their adjustable solution ensures peace of mind.Their wide range of high-quality roofing anchors and accessories are priced competitively, making them a trusted choice among industry experts.
Trademark hardware
5.00% Sale60
Trademark Hardware is a leading eCommerce platform in the hardware industry, providing a vast selection of high-quality hardware with various finishes and custom sizing.With a strong reputation, our clients include top corporations like Google, Tesla, and the United States Army.We have been consistently growing and serving the construction industry, supplying materials to major companies hassle-free.
7.00% Per Sale30Day
Keyport combines technology, convenience, and style to transform the way we carry and interact with our everyday essentials.Their universal access solutions offer a fully customizable, compact device that is both practical and fashionable.Featured in numerous media outlets, Keyport products are a must-have for tech enthusiasts and those seeking unique gifts.With a strong affiliate program and exceptional customer support, Keyport prioritizes the success of their affiliates and customers alike.
Fix it sticks
7% commission30 Dayss
Fix It Sticks is a highly modular multi-tool system that offers a range of specialty tools, torque limiters, and standard 1/4" bits. With its T-handle concept, it combines shop-level function, lightweight design, and portability. Fix It Sticks is a rapidly growing company with a loyal consumer base, offering a 7% commission on every sale, a 30-day cookie duration, and free shipping on orders over $50. They are dedicated to developing and releasing new products frequently. Visit to learn more and apply to their affiliate program today.
Frost restoration
030 Days
Frost Auto Restoration Techniques Ltd is an established company in the automotive, motor vehicles and industrial supplies and parts industry located in Lancashire, England that has been serving their customers since 1905. They specialize in providing high-quality automotive tools and equipment to individuals and businesses. As a general engineering company they soon became experts in sheet metal working machinery. Frost is also a 2016 finalist of the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics for the large business employer category.
Bad ass extension cords
up to 7.5%30-Days
Bad Ass Extension Cords specializes in providing heavy-duty extension cords that are designed to meet all your needs.Their interlocking cords can withstand up to 80 pounds of pull, ensuring durability and reliability.With continuous ground monitoring cords, you can trust that your connection is safe.These cords are also weather resistant, making them ideal for any project, no matter the conditions.With over 200 different products to choose from, Bad Ass Extension Cords offers a wide range of options.Their average order size is $200 or more, guaranteeing high-quality products.
Hybrid light
22.00% Per Sale90Day
Hybrid Light is a pioneer in solar-powered mobile lighting and charging solutions, offering flashlights that not only provide light but also charge your devices.Perfect for hunters, campers, and survivalists, our products belong in every toolbox, emergency kit, and backpack.With eco-friendly appeal and a wide range of products, we provide commissions for affiliates and fundraising-friendly opportunities.Experience a reliable source of light and power wherever you go.
The tank depot
The Tank Depot is the leading global supplier of plastic storage tanks, water tanks, septic tanks, and more.We cater to a wide range of industries such as gardening, plumbing, construction, and agriculture.With a diverse product catalog and high-value orders, we provide excellent solutions for water storage and disaster preparation.
3%30 Day
Worx specializes in creating industry-leading cordless and electric lawn, garden, power, and crafting tools.With a vast selection of innovative tools, homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, crafters, and hobbyists can find the perfect fit.The affiliate program offers a 3% commission rate, 30-day cookie duration, and unlimited access to promotional banners, text links, and product datafeed.Take advantage of sale promotions, including discounts and free shipping offers.Join Worx today!
8.00% Per Sale30Day
The Koova Partner Program is dedicated to creating value for affiliates and their members.With a personalized approach, they provide the necessary tools for success.Offering 8% sales, custom placements, a 30-day cookie, and in-house affiliate management, Koova aims to co-develop unique and exclusive offerings.
5.00% Per Sale30Day
WIREOPTIM provides an extensive range of resistance wire and jewelry wire, along with various wire manipulation tools.With an average ticket price of $40, it offers affiliate tracking with a 5% commission per transaction.
5.00% Per Sale30Day
LogOX is a proud, family-owned business from Vermont that sells high-quality American-made forestry and firewood heating products.They offer an affiliate program that allows passionate individuals to promote LogOX and earn a commission on sales.Join today to start promoting their products!
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