Best Cat Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  June 27, 2024 
Kitty poo club
10.00% Per Sale30Day
Kitty Poo Club is a reliable company that offers a convenient solution for cat owners.Their innovative litter box subscription service simplifies the cleaning process.With their high-quality, easy-to-use products, cat owners can enjoy a hassle-free experience.The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable.
8.00% Per Sale90Day
Tabcat is a revolutionary tracking device that helps you find your missing pet.It attaches easily to your cat's collar and provides accurate location guidance within 1 inch.With no ongoing cost, it is a cost-effective alternative to GPS systems.The average order value is $120.
10.00% Per Sale30 Day
Los Angeles-based Basepaws is a pet genetics company that has developed the first consumer genetics test for cats. Basepaws offers three different types of tests that cover numerous components for your cat's health and ancestry. Owners can collect a sample at home, send it via USPS, and the company provides free two-way shipping. Basepaws tests go beyond breed by screening for hundreds of genetic markers associated with a pet's risk for disease, allowing pet parents to get peace of mind regarding their cat's health. Basepaws was recently acquired by animal health leader Zoetis, to expand and innovate feline research and development.
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