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By  Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  April 13, 2024 
5% Per Sale -  n/a
Wealthsimple is a digital investment management platform. It makes investing and saving simple with their expert advice and financial tools. The company is backed by a world-class team of financial experts and top technology talent. Some of their engineers, designers, and data scientists were formerly with Amazon, Google, and Apple. They aim to reduce the complication and high costs of dealing with big banks.
Sovrn //Commerce
Varies -  Varies
Solvrn is an online advertising technology company with offices in Boulder, Denver, New York City, and London. The Sovrn platform is the backbone of great publishers. Tens of thousands of online publishers rely on Solvrn products and services to help them grow, run their business, understand their readership, and manage consumer data.
7.5% Per Sale -  n/a
Beautitap is a beauty discovery platform developed by a group of industry experts, including estheticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, and makeup artists. It has an active online presence and digital social community. With the amazing brand selection & honest reviews of beauty products, Beauty Experts bring you global trending beauty products.
not disclosed -  n/a
Visor is an online tax advisor that provides comprehensive tax advice to help users handle their finances more effectively. Tax preparation is hassle-free and super easy with this innovative online service. Tax professionals at Visor help users prepare their tax returns and save the most on taxes. They only need to answer a few questions, and the team will work until the last deduction is found.
Not disclosed -  Not disclosed
Founded in 2012, Harry is a manufacturer and retailer of shaving equipment and men's personal care products. Harry's is a brand that offers quality, affordable skincare products in gender-neutral styles. The company offers a subscription program where customers receive razor blades, shaving cream, and other grooming products via mail.
6.62% Per Sale -  n/a
Established in 1914, Brooks Running is one of the oldest companies in the sports footwear industry. Known for their stability shoes such as the Beast and Adrenaline, is now one of the most innovative brands. is dedicated entirely to running and to encouraging people to be active. It makes running equipment that keeps you running for longer, farther, and faster-as well as enjoying it.
not disclosed -  n/a
Based in San Francisco, The CollegeBacker platform takes advantage of family and friends' peer support to assist millennial parents in meeting their number one financial challenge-paying for college. A number of leading educational technology venture capital firms including United States Chamber of Commerce and Dartmouth University, as well as University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth University, and USC, are involved with CollegeBacker.
Vans Australia
10% Per Sale -  n/a
Founded in 1966, Vans is a pioneer of authentic sport footwear. The success of Van's can be attributed to its commitment to affecting their community through four pillars: action sports, music, art, and street culture.
9% Per Sale -  n/a
The e.l.f. Cosmetics brand is an American cosmetics company based in Oakland, California. They have a large selection of cosmetic products including bath and skincare products, mineral makeup, hair care, cosmetic brushes, and hair dyes among other items. E.L.F. prides itself on offering top-quality, professional makeup that is available at affordable prices.
Wander Beauty
15% Per Sale -  30 Days
Wander Beauty is the first travel-inspired, luxury cosmetics brand. It makes clean and versatile beauty essentials. All of their formulas, whether they are for color, skincare, or haircare, are formulated with effective ingredients that work with the skin, not against it. Moreover, their products contain no chemicals that can disrupt natural body functions; they are simple, streamlined, and efficient.
Trust & Will
15% Per sale -  30 days
Founded in 2017 , Trust & Will is an online service that provides legal forms and information. The service is not a law firm, nor is it a substitute for legal advice in case of complex estate planning. Trust & Will is revolutionizing the trust and estate planning industry by offering an easy, fast, and secure way for individuals to create their estate plans online. Several venture capital firms have backed the company, including Revolution's Rise of the Rest, Western TechnologyInvestments, Luma Launch, Halogen Ventures, and Techstars.
$5 Per Lead -  n/a
Realtor is a real estate broker or salesperson who is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, a trade association for this industry. "Realtor" is protected under international and U.S. law as a trademark. It provides a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, as well as the information and tools for making informed real estate decisions.
18% Per Sale -  n/a
Murad now , is one of the most recognizable brands in skincare, and it is appreciated for its anti-aging, anti-cellulite, and acne treatments. The science-based treatments and solutions written by Murad transform skin through the application of fresh, moisturized, and healthy skin.
Urban Decay
5% Per Sale -  n/a
Urban Decay is a cosmetics brand from Newport Beach, California belonging to L'Oréal, a French cosmetics company that is part of the L'Oréal group. Today, their current line consists of lip, eye, complexion, body, and body care products. Naked is known for one of the most popular makeup collections available on the market today.
TaylorMade Golf
5% Per Sale -  30 Days
TaylorMade Golf is the world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment including metalwoods, irons, putters, golf balls, and more. TaylorMade Golf is dedicated to exploring new frontiers and pushing the limits of how golf is played. Find TaylorMade golf equipment here.
not disclosed -  n/a
Figure is a financial technology company that combines blockchain, artificial intelligence, and analytics to provide solutions for releasing equity from homes and other financial products. No matter if you would like to reduce your interest rate or take out cash, Figure can help. Refinance your mortgage with Figure and get cash for the things you need most and a better rate.
Varies -  n/a
Julep is the world’s first complete beauty brand, handling everything from concept and testing to rapid manufacturing and distribution. The Julep brand claims to be a producer of outstanding makeup, skincare, nail polish, and accessories. Junep gets customer suggestions from various social channels, enabling it to innovate more quickly than traditional beauty brands, providing customers with new flavor options, skincare options, and toxins-free nail polish.
Vessi Footwear
10% Per Sale -  30 Days
Venssi is an emerging shoe industry player that's redefining the industry with their all-in-one, multipurpose sneakers. For top-level performance that can stand up to the toughest conditions, the brand delivers patented waterproof technology. Since their launch in September 2018, their Cityscape sneaker, a 100% waterproof knit-sneaker, has made them one of the fastest-growing direct to consumer companies in Canada.
14% Per Sale -  n/a
ALDO is a world-leading innovator and operator of desirable footwear and accessories. Aldo Bensadoun founded the company in 1972 with the vision of creating an ethical, customer-focused business that ensured customers received the most effective and quality products. The company operates 3,000 points of sale in more than 100 countries, and it operates two brands, Aldo and Call It Spring, as well as a multi-brand retail concept.
6% Per Sale -  7 Days
Zales is an American diamond and jewelry retailer that was founded in 1924. The retailer offers an extensive selection of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches. With a more than 100-year history in the jewelry and service business, They have maintained their principles of timeless, high-quality jewelry and service. From a small store in Wichita Falls to over 1,700 trusted locations today, we have never abandoned the values of our founders.
$20 Per Sale -  45 Days
TransUnion is a global provider of information and insights. It provides sophisticated information on global risks for the benefit of society. The company ensures that each consumer is represented in the marketplace in an accurate and safe manner, creating trust between businesses and consumers. By providing a complete, multidimensional view of the situation, customers are able to make the best decisions possible. They serve over 45,000 companies and more than 500 million customers globally.
4% Per Sale -  30 Days
Smarthome is among the largest home automation retailers in the world. Providing easy-to-install devices such as smart lighting control, smart thermostats, smart home security, wireless cameras, doorbell cameras, and door locks that are affordable to the average do-it-yourselfer. Their product specialists strive to deliver new, cutting-edge products at affordable prices.
Booking Buddy
40% Per Sale -  30 Days
BookingBuddy is a booking solution for individuals and businesses. It helps travelers find the best price on airfare, hotels, and more. This is not a travel agency, but rather a platform that simplifies travel search. No matter what your travel needs are, Booking Buddy will help you plan your perfect trip, whether it is for business or pleasure. Whether you're searching for flights, hotels, or car rentals, they will show you the best options on the web.
8% Per Sale -  30 Days
Hayneedle is an online retail company based in Omaha, Nebraska, specializing in furniture and décor products. It was acquired by in 2016, which later became a subsidiary of Walmart. Hayneedle, Inc. offers e-commerce services. It provides beds, décor, baths, kitchen, lighting, and other products for home furnishing. Based in the United States, Hayneedle serves customers.
6% Per Sale -  30 Days
Trendy Golf is your one-stop-shop for trendy clothing worn by professional golfers worldwide. As a fashion leader, it will introduce the hottest trends of the moment. Their wide selection of products is complemented by free delivery, exclusive online brands, and free return and exchange policies. Besides offering the hottest trends and the latest products, the leading players will also model their own products. Each individual is able to pick the right size, color and design for themselves, regardless of what they are looking for.
H&R Block
not disclosed -  n/a
H&R Block is a tax preparation company. It's guaranteed to be 100% accurate, provides audit support, and comes with a 100% refund policy. On H&R Block's website, you'll find a wide variety of tax assistance services to help you maximize your refund.
7% Per Sale -  n/a
Florsheim Shoes is a shoe brand in the United States that was founded in 1892. Sigmund Florsheim and his son Milton Florsheim made the first shoes in Chicago. By Great Depression time, the company had established 2,500 employees, five factories, 71 retail outlets, 9,000 dealers and a wide distribution network.
Saks Fifth Avenue
3% - 6% Per Sale -  14 Days
The retailer Saks Fifth Avenue is an international fashion authority and a world-renowned retailer. Shoppers at Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store will have access to personal shoppers, dressing rooms and the latest fashions in footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, beauty products and home products for women.
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