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By  Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 26, 2021 
Genesis Casino
35% Per Sale -  70 Days
The Genesis Affiliates program is an affiliate marketing program for several gaming brands, such as Sloty Casino, Spinit, Casino Cruise, Vegas Hero, Spela and Genesis Casino. A large portion of Genesis Affiliate's focus is on its members' success. The Genesis Affiliates program members strive to achieve the highest conversion rates. This is accomplished by the traffic its members generate through the market enterprises that rank highly.
Green CulturED
40% Recurring -  365 Days
Green CulturED is an eLearning solution made specifically for the cannabis industry. Training is provided by the Most Respected Subject Matter Experts. They Provide Comprehensive Education Essential for Building Cannabis Expertise.
A2 Hosting
$55 - $125 Per Sale -  90 Days
A2 Hosting's high performance web hosting platform is built with SwiftServer and Turbo Servers . A2 Hosting promises their customers a 1-second load time. Indeed, they claim to be up to 20x faster than our competitors.
Direct Affiliate
Varies -  Varies
Direct Affiliate is one of Europe's leading Direct Advertiser & Affiliate Networks. They provide competitive payouts per verified lead in EUR, USD and Bitcoin with high approval rates. It is changing the way people think about affiliate networks. Direct Affiliate has also developed innovative fraud detection tools to prevent you from getting low-quality leads or traffic.
$100 Per Sale -  90 Days
Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in. Sound professional and stay connected. Without additional devices, your company can get a business phone number and all of the features that a robust phone system has to offer.
Varies -  n/a
ReferralCandy ( is a SaaS app that accelerates word-of-mouth referrals for online stores around the world. It helps ecommerce stores increase sales by getting shoppers to refer their running a referral marketing program.
8% Per Sale -  30 Days
An IdealFit brand is a fitness brand which sells a range of women's sports nutrition supplements, including vegan and organic proteins. IdealFit Products are made specifically for women. Their range of nutritional products, including protein, BCAAs, preworkouts, supplements and premium workout apparel, can help you attain the body you’ve always dreamed of.
You Need a Budget (YNAB)
1 Free Month Per Lead -  n/a
You Need a Budget(YNAB) is a personal finance app based on the envelope budgeting system. The goal is to help employees or individuals take control of their money through iPhone, Android and iPad apps. The YNAB philosophy supports that for you to actively change your spending habits, you need to stick to the plan you make. As a result, the app helps you stay focused on your finances before you spend them, so you have complete control over your spending.
Blog Clarity
15% Per Sale -  90 Days
Blog Clarity offers online courses that specialize in obtaining PROFIT, TRAFFIC, and BADASSNESS for online businesses. Bloggers have learned to grow their blogs and turn their blogs into money makers with Content Tips & Blogging Courses from Blog Clarity .
8% Per Sale -  n/a
Founded in 2006 ,Toms is a leading brand of footwear, eyewear, bags, apparel, and accessories. The company designs and manufactures clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Each time a consumer purchases one of the company's products, they help someone in need. The company operates other divisions that help those in need, such as TOMS Eyewear, which since its launch in 2011 has provided prescription glasses, medical treatment, and sight-saving surgery for each purchase of eyewear in 13 countries.
Fat Llama
$10 - $20 Per Referral -  n/a
Fat Llama is an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, or rent almost anything. They're saving money and reducing unnecessary purchases by letting users share everything from cameras to laptops. This helps humans and the environment. Customers can manage their rentals and purchases via the mobile app and stay up-to-date easily.
Artisan Aromatics
10% Per Sale -  30 Days
Artisan Aromatics is a family-owned company . As an industry leader and a trusted provider of therapeutic-quality essential oils, they have set the tone for alternative health practitioners, herbalists, and medical professionals around the world since their debut in 1997. A variety of enfleurage oils and 100% pure essential oils are offered by Artisan Aromatics. To enable maximum freshness & potency, each order is custom bottled by their technicians.
M1 Finance
$100 -  n/a
M1 Finance is a trading and investing application that combines self-directed and automated investment capabilities. The company offers several financial services, including trading, investing with an automated system, margin lending, IRAs, and income-producing investments. ie-based models let you choose which stocks, ETFs, or portfolios you'd like to invest in, as well as how much you want to invest.
20% Per Lead -  n/a
PrizeRebel is an online platform that allows users to earn points by answering surveys, watching videos, and referring new members. You get points as you complete tasks and you can earn free money and gift cards for your opinions on paid surveys. It’s a trusted survey site since 2007.
Stack Labs
Not Disclosed -  n/a
Stack Labs sells bodybuilding workout supplements for muscle mass gain. They work to offer weight loss supplements at low prices . They have been fortunate to have great staff since 2006. The best ingredients are used in the creation of these products, and then they are tested for efficacy. It is our duty to make sure our staff know everything about the products they work with and help with any questions you may have regarding which combination of products will meet your goals.
20% Per Sale -  30 Days
SERPWoo is a search engine ranking intelligence tool and a highly advanced SEO SERP tracker that replaces traditional ranking trackers and keyword tracking tools. Ranking tracking software like SERPWoo is the best choice for SEO and content management campaigns. Using millions of data points daily, They help businesses make the best decisions for their online marketing.
Goal Zero
5% Per Sale -  14 Days
Goal Zero is a manufacturer and solar energy company with a clear focus on sustainability. There is a range of Goal Zero products that includes solar panels, power banks for charging USB devices such as smartphones and tablets, and power packs for charging cameras and laptops. Furthermore, it offers solar generators that can be used to power a variety of household appliances.
1% Per Sale -  7 days
Founded in 2001, Newegg is a leading online retailer of computer hardware, software, and accessories. There is a wide variety of consumer electronics, entertainment products, smart home technologies, and gaming products available to customers. The company consistently ranks among the best online buying destinations, and it consistently receives top customer service ratings. With over 70 locations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, Newegg is the largest tech e-retailer in North America.
10% Per Sale -  365 Days
Providing you with hearty, fresh, fully prepared whole, plant-based vegan meals with no B.S., MamaSezz is the leader in whole food plant-based meal delivery in the United States. MamaSezz lets you select your whole food plant-based vegan meals and have them delivered to your house in a refrigerated container .
4% - 6% Per Sale -  7 Days
Marriott International, Inc. offers a portfolio of more than 7,500 properties in 30 leading hotel brands across 132 countries and territories across the globe. We are headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. See the Marriott portfolio of hotels & discover what makes them unique. This famous brand traces its roots back to a local root beer stand opened in Washington, D.C., in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott.
10% - 30% Per Sale -  n/a
Establishing itself in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform that supports both inverse and linear perpetual contracts. With over 200 million users worldwide, Bybit is used by both individuals as well as professional traders.
Organize Yourself Skinny
50% Per Sale -  n/a
Organize Yourself Skinny is a blog dedicated to helping busy people lose weight by combining calorie awareness with menu planning, freezer cooking, and other meal prep ideas. It offers an ebook and food plan that ensure weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.
8% Per Sale -  45 Days
Strawberrynet bills itself as the world's leading discount beauty online store. Their 20 years of experience in the beauty business have enabled them to become one of the industry's leading e-commerce companies, and they continually strive to improve online shopping experience. They offer an extensive selection of skin care, makeup, perfume, hair care, and cologne products from over 800 brands at affordable prices.
Living Life and Learning
40% Per Sale -  90 Days
living life and learning is an online platform focusing on education resources mainly destined to teachers and parents . There is a huge selection of Fun Learning Ideas for Young Learners with lots of science activities that are fun and engaging for children from preschool to elementary school.
DDP Yoga
10% Per Sale -  30 Days
DDP YOGA is a fitness system that is accessible to everyone. This is a completely unique approach to fitness in which the best of yoga, sports rehab therapy, old school calisthenics, and dynamic resistance are combined to give you a complete workout that requires just a little bit of no running, jumping, and lifting. It has helped 1000s lose weight, reduce pain, & build strength.
Vibrant Blue Oils
20% Per Sale -  180 Days
Vibrant Blue Oils is one of the leading and most trusted sources for organic blends, wildcrafted oils, and pure essential oils. Designed to encourage natural healing, it features proprietary blends of organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Customers can choose from a wide variety of essential oil varieties at Vibrant Blue Oils. A full refund can be obtained if the customer is not satisfied with the quality.
Butcher Box
$15 Per Lead -  30 Days
By offering a standard meat delivery service for every citizen of the world, ButcherBoxTM can provide high-quality meat to everyone on the planet. To achieve its goals, it has shifted its focus away from delivering pure grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, free-range organic pork, and sustainably sourced seafood toward reimagining the nation’s food system.
10% - 75% Per Sale -  n/a
ClickBank is the world's leading affiliate marketplace for digital products. Since its founding in 1998, The company has served more than six million customers across 190 countries. ClickBank assists businesses in launching vibrant businesses in popular lifestyle categories. It lets content creators add products to the platform, and the company handles sales and checkout, as well as making the product available to its affiliate marketing network.
5% lifetime -  n/a
CPAHub is an affiliate network with over 2000 direct offers and Smartlinks. There is no mention of payouts, but it seems to offer high payouts. Huge selection of verticals & offers. Wide Variety Of Mobile Advertisements. Instant Approval. They Pay Top Dollar On All Their Offers. Join CPAHub today.
13% Per Sale -  30 Days
DaySpring is one of the largest Christian greeting card publishers and distributors in the United States . Additionally, it sells Christian gifts, home décor, jewelry, and more. The DaySpring online Christian store offers Christian e-cards, handmade Christian greeting cards, inspirational gifts, décor, and artwork for any occasion.
Gene Food
$20 Per Sale -  90 Days
Gene Food is the best personalized nutrition platform on the market today. It was launched in 2016 by John O’Connor, a health entrepreneur who saw a need for a personalized approach to nutrition in his own life.Gene Food helps everyone get the most out of their genetic makeup by tailoring diet and lifestyle to their unique genetic makeup. It is time to move away from one-size fits all nutrition. Using Gene Food, each meal is tailored to a person's DNA, while relying on a 20-point meal plan.
Not Disclosed -  n/a
RevenueWire is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses sell digital products online. By integrating world-class services such as AffiliateWire, they empower companies to grow their business at every stage of the transaction lifecycle. Advertisers are furnished with opportunities to grow across world-wide publishers by RevenueWire, while RevenueWire manages ongoing partner resell programs and allows seamless global payments .
Horizon Fitness
8% Per Sale -  30 Days
Horizon Fitness is a company that deals in apparel & accessories that is based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Horizon Fitness manufactures a variety of fitness equipment for gyms and homes, including treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, and elliptical striders. Fitness equipment meets and exceeds the highest standards of performance, durability, and quality. With intuitive controls and Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your favorite cardio classes for less.
6.75% Per Sale -  n/a
Proozy is a deal site that finds discounts at leading sporting goods, outdoor clothing, fitness apparel brands. Proozy offers great deals on top sports brands like Reebok, Nike, Under Armour, Birkenstock, Asics, Adidas, and tons more. Licensed dealers, reputable distributors, and big-box stores enable them to accomplish these activities. As a result, they are able to sell authentic, brand new clothes at very low prices to consumers.
Yoga Burn
$14 Per Sale -  n/a
Yoga Burn is a 12-week fitness program created exclusively for women who want to lose weight without doing heavy workouts. The digital program consists of a set of exercise videos explaining each exercise thoroughly. Within 90 days, you can easily burn fat with dynamic sequencing yoga. The program not only helps you lose weight but also gives you a strong body. Originally designed for transformation of female bodies, it can be used by men for body toning and relaxation as well.
World Nomads
10% Per Sale -  60 Days
Founded in 2002 , World Nomads is a global travel, lifestyle and insurance brand. Sport-specific and activity-related travel insurance coverage from World Nomads is outstanding, as are their trip delay and baggage delay protections.Currently, they offer coverage for people from over 130 countries as well as medical and evacuation coverage, 24 hour emergency assistance, as well as adventure activities coverage.
60% Per Sale -  n/a
Founded in 2005, is a metasearch engine and online travel agency dedicated to hotels, flights, vacation rentals, and airport transfers. The site has the best deals on 2 million properties around the world. Customer service is available 24/7.
8% - 12% Per Sale -  n/a
MOO is an online printing and design company . Customers in over 190 countries can order business cards and other printed materials from MOO, which also has six locations across the United Kingdom and the United States. Using MOO, you can make customized business cards, postcards, fliers, and more. MOO can manufacture high-quality custom products for customers worldwide.
Not disclosed -  n/a
InstaLend is a real estate crowdfunding platform providing accredited investors access to senior debt investment opportunities. With InstaLend, you get quick cash, easy access, friendly service, and a perfect rate on your real estate loans. The InstaLend platform lets accredited investors get access to senior debt investments in residential real estate. Their objective is to acquire and renovate single-family homes and small multifamily properties. They offer 12- and 24-month short-term loans.
30% Per Sale -  120 Days
Floracopeia is a Beauty And Cosmetics brand providing sustainable skincare, botanical medicine, and holistic beauty products. It offers the highest quality botanical treasures and health education, as well as supporting ecological agriculture and promoting traditional plant-based knowledge. According to them, all oils are 100% pure, and are of the highest quality to be used as therapeutic oils, therefore containing no fillers or adulterants of any kind.
30% Per Sale -  30 Days
Specktra is a nutraceutical company that develops CBD formulas for targeted health benefits. Their formulas include full-spectrum hemp extracts rich in CBD and a well-researched blend of essential oil compounds, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes for maximum therapeutic effects and a unique flavor. Its products are of high quality and extremely affordable, earning excellent customer reviews. The products are Hemp based, topical pain relief patches.
$120 Per Sale -  45 Days
Upstart is a platform for automating lending and pricing credit by using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Upstart's AI technology enables it to partner with banks to provide personal loans based on non-traditional variables like education and employment, which can be used to predict creditworthiness. Through Upstart Powered banks, customers receive a superior digital-first lending experience, receive higher approval rates and experience lower loss rates.
Baby Sleep Miracle
15% Per Sale -  60 Days
Baby Sleep Miracle is a program designed for parents who lack the ability to control their baby's sleeping problem. Parenting is commonly perceived to be exhausting. In Baby Sleep Miracle, They teach parents how to finally get their child to sleep without the fuss, tantrums, or waking up during the night.
Paragon Sports
8% Per Sale -  7 Days
Paragon Sports is a sports gear and apparel retailer. Sports Paragon is not just a sporting goods store - it is a series of specialty shops within a very special store. Paragon Sports is regarded as a benchmark for quality for all types of sports equipment and clothing. With a family-owned history dating back to 1908, we've taken pride in offering products from established brands, as well as unique and exceptional brands you may not have heard of yet.
Varies -  n/a
Cheapflights is a flight search engine. Flight price comparison is available by visiting their website, in which quotes from suppliers, such as major airlines, are compared through tiny travel agencies.Wherever and whenever you want to travel, is the perfect place to find airfares, hotels, and rental cars and to plan the best trip.
Bulletproof Pet Products
10% Per Sale -  n/a
Bulletproof Pet Products is an almost indestructible chew toy. Designed specifically for dogs who are strenuous when it comes to playing. Your dog will be delighted when he sees this new toy. The company is more than just Indestructibones. They sell rubber toys, treats, skin care products for dogs and more.
20% Per Sale -  120 Days
Freshworks offers products such as Freshsales, Freshdesk, Freshservice, and FreshHelp. Freshworks provides quality customer engagement software for companies of all sizes, helping them win loyal customers. Software as a service (SaaS) products from Freshworks are easy to set up, use, and boost your ROI fast.
25% Recurring -  n/a
Wofh is a scheduling and studio management solution that helps yoga, pilates, and fitness studios to expand and go digital. It allows any fitness professional to open an online gym in a matter of minutes. More than a thousand trainers have already benefited from the Wofh platform.
Varies -  90 Days
2Checkout is an online payment processing service that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards. It helps businesses maximize sales and revenue conversion rates for customers, acquire them through multiple touchpoints, and retain customers by maximizing sales conversion rates for customers.
6% Per Sale -  45 Days
zZounds is an Online musical instruments store . Musicians consider it to be THE store where instruments can be bought. They offer the lowest prices and best service on musical instruments and equipment, so you can get More “for your Music” from zZounds.
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