Understanding  VAST

Video Advertising is an effective way to reach out to audiences and increase brand awareness. VAST, or Video Ad Serving Template, is a protocol that streamlines the delivery of video ads. In this post, we will explore what VAST is and its significance in the world of digital advertising.

What is VAST?

VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. It is a protocol that enables video players to display video ads from ad servers. VAST provides information on ad format, duration, and tracking events.

How does VAST work?

When a video player requests an ad, it sends a request to the ad server. The ad server then responds with a VAST XML file containing information about the available ads. The video player uses this information to display the ad.

What types of ad formats does VAST support?

VAST supports both in-stream and out-stream ad formats. In-stream ads are displayed before, during or after a video content, while out-stream ads are standalone ads that are displayed within text content or on display banners.

What are the benefits of using VAST?

Using VAST enables programmatic video advertising, which allows for more precise targeting and better ROI for advertisers. It also streamlines the delivery of video ads, making it easier for publishers to monetize their content.

What are some common tracking events in VAST?

VAST supports tracking events such as impressions, clicks, quartile tracking (tracking at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the ad duration), and completion tracking.

How important is VAST in digital advertising?

VAST plays a significant role in digital advertising. It simplifies the process of delivering video ads to different platforms and devices, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience with ease.


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