Understanding  Social Networks

Social networks have exploded in popularity over the last decade with several platforms available for users all around the world to use. Social media sphere continues to grow, and it has become an integral part of our daily lives. In this guide, we explore everything you need to know about social networks from definition and benefits to popular social media platforms and key terms associated with social media.


A social network is a platform that allows individuals or groups from different walks of life to interact with each other online. It enables users to connect, share information and engage in conversations instantaneously through technology.


The benefits of using social networks include staying connected virtually across great distances, increased knowledge sharing possibilities, entertainment value, improved customer relationships among businesses and much more!

Popular Social Media Platforms

  1. Facebook - With over 2 billion active users worldwide.
  2. Instagram - boasts over one billion active monthly users globally
    3.Twitter - This particular platform is professional oriented boast around 330 million monthly active tweeting birds.
    4.LinkedIn - LinkedIn caters mostly for professionals offering extensive networking options while connecting job seekers with potential employers too.
    5.TikTok- video-sharing app attracts people within 16–24-year-olds age range,
    6.YouTube- YouTube allows individuals as well big corporations such google llc publishing content online

Key Terms Associated With Social Media

-Social Media Platforms – Online portals which facilitate user interaction via digital devices e.g., Twitter.com
-Social Media AdvertisingAdvertising campaigns conducted on social media aimed at reaching target audiences while following a chosen demographic or interest category .
-Social Media Influencers( also known as Celebrities )are reputable figures holding significant influence within distinct niches allowing brands forge profitable partnerships instead promoting products/services.

  • Social Media Engagement (SME) measures how consumers responds towards your business i.e likes, comments, shares and direct messages.
    -**Social Media Analytics ** measures your social media content's performances across all platforms tools which allow businesses gauge impact reaching set goals.


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