Remnant Inventory

Are you looking for ways to boost your ad revenue? Remnant inventory might just be the solution you're looking for. Here's everything you need to know about remnant inventory, from Ad Impressions to Yield Optimization.

What is Remnant Inventory?

Remnant inventory refers to the unsold ad space on a website or app. This can happen when there is a surplus of inventory or when advertisers pull out last minute. Instead of leaving this space empty, publishers can sell it at a discounted rate to advertisers looking for a cost-effective way to reach their target audience.

How Can You Manage Remnant Inventory?

Effective inventory management is key to maximizing your revenue with remnant inventory. This involves tracking your available ad space, analyzing your Ad Fill Rate, and creating a Monetization Strategy that takes into account both your premium and remnant inventory. You may also consider working with an ad network or exchange that specializes in remnant inventory.

How Do You Improve Ad Fill Rate?

Ad Fill Rate refers to the percentage of ad requests that are filled with actual ads. A low Ad Fill Rate can indicate that your remnant inventory is not being sold effectively. To improve this, you can try optimizing your ad units, experimenting with different types of ads or ad formats, and working with ad networks or exchanges that have access to a variety of demand sources.

What Is Yield Optimization?

Yield Optimization involves finding the right balance between maximizing revenue and maintaining a positive user experience. This means carefully balancing the placement and frequency of ads so they don't disrupt the user's experience, while still generating high-quality impressions and clicks.

Can Remnant Inventory Increase Revenue?

Yes! While remnant inventory may not generate as much revenue as premium inventory, it can still be a valuable source of income for publishers. By selling this unused space at a discounted rate, publishers can generate additional income without negatively affecting their premium inventory or user experience.

How Do You Get Started with Remnant Inventory?

To get started, identify the amount of remnant inventory you have available and determine which ad networks or exchanges are most suitable for your needs. Then, create a Monetization Strategy that takes into account both your premium and remnant inventory. Finally, track your results and adjust your strategy as needed to maximize your revenue.


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