Understanding  On-air Tests

On-air tests are a critical component of Digital Marketing, specifically Advertising and Ad Tech. These tests provide essential feedback about the audience's response to video marketing campaigns and contribute towards maximizing ROI for businesses. In this article, we will answer the six most commonly asked questions about on-air tests.

What are on-air tests?

On-air tests are experimental trials conducted to test out ad-serving capabilities, page load speed, API calls, demand partners' compatibility, and various other factors in preparation for launching an actual ad campaign. It helps identify potential issues that may affect the campaign's performance and provides useful insights into audience engagement with the ads.

Why are on-air tests important?

On-air testing is paramount in ensuring that video campaigns perform effectively. Without proper testing criteria beforehand, it can lead to wasted budget by showing ads to audiences who might not be interested or not able to view them properly due to poor infrastructure or bandwidth limitations. By analyzing data from such testing processes in real-time, advertisers can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

How do you measure success in on-air testing?

Success can be measured by various engagement metrics Specific metrics used may vary depending on the business objectives of each individual campaign. But some common ones include view-through rate (VTR), click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CVR), engagement rate (ER), profitability of impressions served or Cost Per Impression (CPM).

What kind of budget is required for on-air testing?

The budget required for conducting an on-air test largely depends upon the size of the ad campaign and its goals; therefore, producers should plan ahead and allocate budgets accordingly so that they can test all aspects of their advertising efforts comprehensively.

Where should On-Air Tests be conducted?

Testing needs to happen across different devices like desktops, mobile phones tablets as well as varying screen resolutions . To generate accurate results across all devices tested with different operating systems need special emphasis.

How long should an on-air test run?

The duration and timing of extensive testing mostly depend upon the scale of the video campaign. Larger campaigns need more time in testing so that optimal results can be obtained regarding user behavior throughout different touchpoints like social media etc.


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