Understanding  Non-Commissionable Transaction

Affiliate marketing has been playing a vital role in the online business domain. It involves promoting third-party products or services and earning commission rates on successful sales. However, not all transactions are commissionable, and this is where non-commissionable transactions come into play. In this post, we'll discuss the meaning of non-commissionable transactions, why they occur, and how to deal with them.

What are Non-Commissionable Transactions?

Non-commissionable transactions are those sales that do not qualify for a commission. This happens when an affiliate sends a customer to the merchant's website, but the customer doesn't make a purchase or cancels their order. In such cases, the affiliate doesn't earn any commission on that transaction.

Why Do Non-Commissionable Transactions Occur?

There are several reasons for non-commissionable transactions to occur. For instance, the customer may not complete the purchase because they changed their mind or found a better deal elsewhere. Additionally, some merchants have specific terms and conditions that exclude certain products or services from earning commissions.

How Can Affiliates Deal with Non-Commissionable Transactions?

Affiliates can manage non-commissionable transactions by tracking them using affiliate tracking tools. This helps them understand why a particular transaction didn't qualify for a commission and take corrective measures accordingly. Additionally, affiliates can negotiate with merchants to include excluded products or services in their affiliate programs.

What are Some Common Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Deal with Non-Commissionable Transactions?

To deal with non-commissionable transactions, affiliates can implement various strategies such as:

  1. Increasing product awareness through social media campaigns or product reviews
  2. Offering incentives such as discounts or freebies to encourage customers to complete their purchase
  3. Optimizing their website for search engine traffic to attract more customers and increase conversion rates

How can Merchants Reduce Non-Commissionable Transactions?

Merchants can reduce non-commissionable transactions by providing clear information about their products or services, offering easy checkout processes, and having a reliable customer support system. Additionally, they can work with affiliates to create targeted promotions that encourage customers to complete their purchases.


Non-commissionable transactions are a common occurrence in affiliate marketing. Affiliates and merchants can work together to manage these transactions and find ways to minimize their impact. By understanding the causes of non-commissionable transactions and implementing effective strategies, affiliates can maximize their earnings and merchants can improve their sales.


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