Understanding  Matte Shot

Matte shot is a visual effect technique used in Ad Tech, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Content Marketing. It helps to combine two images separately filmed with different backgrounds and make them appear as one seamless whole. Matte shots are used in movies, TV shows, commercials, and even social media videos.

What is a Matte Shot?

A Matte shot is a special-effects process that involves combining two separate pieces of film into one image. One film contains the subject of the shot, while the other contains the background. The two films are then combined to create one realistic-looking image.

How does Matte Shot work?

The subject is photographed before a backdrop using a color that contrasts with the foreground subject. This footage is then combined with a separately filmed background image to create a composite image. Matte painting or various matte techniques can be implemented in making this effect appear more realistic.

What are its Benefits?

Matte shots can create scenes that would otherwise be impossible or unsafe. For instance flying without taking actual risks of filming high above can be done easily through matte shots.

Why use Matte Shots for Advertising?

Using matte shots in advertising campaigns offers advantages like providing high-quality visuals that draw audience's attention and delivering product information through impressive visuals.

When are Matte Shots used?

Matte shots are used primarily in advertising and high-end video production such as music videos and commercials.

Who uses Matte Shots?

Film directors, producers and makers of Ad Techs use matte shots on most production such as blockbuster movies, television shows among other video-production platforms.


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