Manual Approval

As an affiliate marketer, you are always looking for ways to maximize your earnings. One of the best ways to do this is by working with companies that offer manual approval programs.

Manual approval programs are a type of affiliate marketing strategy in which an affiliate marketer submits a request to promote a product or service, and then waits for that request to be manually approved by the company offering the product or service. In this post, we will answer the six most popular questions about manual approval in affiliate marketing.

What is Manual Approval?

Manual approval is a process that allows companies to review and approve or reject affiliate marketer applications one-by-one, rather than automatically approving them. This provides companies with better control over their affiliate program and ensures that only high-quality affiliates are allowed to promote their products or services.

What are the Benefits of Manual Approval Programs?

Manual approval programs provide companies with several benefits, including:

For affiliate marketers, manual approval programs provide the opportunity to work with high-quality companies and products and potentially earn higher commissions.

How Does Manual Approval Work?

To participate in a manual approval program, an affiliate marketer typically has to submit an application that includes information about their website or blog, traffic sources, and marketing strategies. The company will then review the application and either approve or reject it based on their criteria.

What Criteria Do Companies Use for Manual Approval?

Companies may use different criteria when reviewing affiliate applications for manual approval programs. Some common factors include:

  • Traffic quality (e.g., organic vs. paid)
  • Website or blog niche
  • Content quality
  • Social media presence
  • Marketing strategies

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Being Approved?

To increase your chances of being approved for a manual approval program, make sure you have a high-quality website or blog with relevant content and a targeted audience. You should also be transparent about your traffic sources and marketing strategies, and provide any relevant metrics or data that demonstrate the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

How Can You Find Companies with Manual Approval Programs?

Many companies in various industries, including digital marketing, SEO, ad tech, and advertising, offer manual approval programs. To find these opportunities, you can search online for affiliate programs in your niche or industry and look for those that offer manual approval.


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