Lookback Window

As a digital marketer, you must have heard about the term "lookback window." It is an essential metric that helps you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. But what does it mean, and how does it work? In this post, we will answer the six most popular questions about the lookback window.

What is a Lookback Window?

A lookback window is a specific time frame that determines how long a conversion can be attributed to a specific marketing campaign. In simpler terms, it is the period during which a click or an impression on an ad can lead to a conversion.

How Does Lookback Window Work in Ad Tech?

In Ad Tech, lookback window determines how long an ad impression or click is valid for conversion attribution. For instance, if your lookback window is 30 days, any conversions that occur within 30 days of an ad impression or click are attributed to that specific campaign.

How Does Lookback Window Affect Video Marketing?

In video marketing, lookback window plays an essential role in measuring the impact of video advertising campaigns. It helps determine how long viewers who watched your video advertisement took to make a purchase.

How Important Is Lookback Window in Content Marketing?

Lookback window is vital in content marketing as it helps measure the effectiveness of your content campaigns by providing insights into how long it takes for your content to convert visitors into customers.

How Does Lookback Window Affect Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate Marketing, lookback window determines how long after clicking through an affiliate link that resulted in a sale can be credited to the affiliate. It helps measure the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns.

What Is the Best Lookback Window for Digital Marketing Campaigns?

The best lookback window varies depending on your business goals and industry. For instance, if you are running an eCommerce store, you may want to use a shorter lookback window of 7-14 days. However, if you are running a B2B company, you may want to set a more extended lookback window of 30-60 days.


In conclusion, Lookback window is an essential metric in Digital Marketing that helps measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Whether you are into Ad Tech, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing, understanding lookback window and its application is crucial.


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