Understanding  Inbox Placement Rate

Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) is a metric that measures the percentage of emails sent that are successfully delivered to the inbox of the recipient. It is a crucial metric for Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Ad Tech, and SEO professionals as it helps to determine the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Why is IPR Important?

IPR is essential because it determines whether your email campaign is successful or not. If your emails are not making it to the inbox, then they are not reaching your subscribers, and you lose out on potential customers. It also affects your sender reputation, which can impact your future email campaigns.

What Factors Affect IPR?

Several factors can affect IPR. These include:

How Can You Improve Your IPR?

To improve your IPR, you can take several steps such as:

  • Creating engaging email content
  • Segmenting your email list
  • Cleaning up your subscriber list regularly
  • Encouraging subscriber engagement
  • Implementing email authentication protocols
  • Monitoring and addressing spam complaints

How Can You Monitor Your IPR?

You can monitor your IPR by using an email deliverability tool or by checking your email metrics regularly. Email service providers also provide reports on email delivery rates, including IPR.

What Is a Good IPR?

A good IPR is typically above 90%. However, the industry average varies across different sectors.


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