Understanding  HTML Tags

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags are the foundation of any web page. They mark up content on a website and help search engines crawl and understand what your site is about. There are many different types of tags that serve different purposes, including Meta tags, Title tags, Header tags, Image alt tags, and Schema markup.

Q: What Are HTML Tags?

HTML Tags are the building blocks used to construct a webpage layout and structure. These elements provide structure to text-based documents by defining headings, paragraphs or other blocks of text as well as images together with descriptions in forms of attributes like alt-text.

Q: How Do You Use HTML Tags?

To use an html tag correctly follow these steps:

  1. Identify which element you want to apply your tag.
  2. Determine which attribute(s) you want to add.
  3. Open the corresponding start-tag
  4. Add content in between start and end-tags if necessary
  5. Close the corresponding end-tag.

For example:

This is my Heading

## Q: What Are Meta Tags In HTML?

Meta is short for “metadata” which describes data about data on the web page not visible to users but provides information for browsers such as title tag ,description etc.. 


Using Meta Keyword in above format we can tell crawlers that our Webpage contains useful Information related containing "SEO Tips"

## Q : What Are Title Tags In HTML?

Title Tag defines title given inside head area present within html structure.This appears With URL According To Seach Result This plays vital role while generating user attractive Snippet   

My Web Page

This Code Appears Within Head Of Html Structure 

## Q : How Many Different Types Of Header (H*) Tag Present In An Html Structure?

There are 6 types of header tags. They go from h1 to h6 and each has its own function in creating the structure of a webpage ranging from most important (h1) to least important (h6).


Heading level one

To create Header we use H* Tag with Numerals

## Q: What Are Image Alt Tags In HTML?

Images have an attribute called alt which stands for alternative text.Alt tag describe image so that search crawlers can understand information regarding images.


Above code snippet tell Crawlers that This specfic Webpage contains "MyImage" Without It Search Crawler will not understand what is present inside or outside given URL

## Q : What Is Schema Markup?

Schema tag describes specific type of web page And Object using Microdata, RDFa 

you could write something like this:


Brand New Shoes

The shoes rating is:   
Overall rate:
    4.5 based on   
    10 reviews.


The above shows structured data markup for a product.


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