Understanding  House Organ

Internal communication is crucial for any organization, as it keeps employees informed and engaged. A house organ is an effective internal communications tool that provides timely and relevant information to staff members, strengthening their connection to the organization's mission and values. In this post, we will answer the most common questions about house organs.

What is a House Organ?

A house organ is an in-house publication that provides news, updates, and features about the company or organization. It can take different forms such as employee newsletters, company magazines, or staff bulletins. The purpose of a house organ is to improve internal communication and increase employee engagement.

Why Do Organizations Need a House Organ?

A house organ serves many purposes for an organization. It helps employees stay informed about what is happening within the organization, such as new projects or initiatives, changes in policies or procedures, or updates on company events. It also provides opportunities for employees to share their insights and ideas and recognize each other's successes.

What are the Benefits of Having a House Organ?

A well-executed house organ creates several benefits for organizations:

  • Reinforced organizational culture
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Better alignment with company goals
  • Opportunity to showcase employees' achievements
  • Increased transparency within the business

How Often Should You Publish a House Organ?

The frequency of publishing your house organ depends on your organization's needs and capacity. Generally speaking, monthly publications help maintain momentum with your audience without being overwhelming. Bi-monthly editions could be preferable if you are limited with resources but nevertheless want to maintain staff engagement.

Who Should Be Involved in Creating a House Organ?

Creating an effective in-house publication requires input from different departments within your business like human resources, marketing resources or social media teams etc., It should be created with multiple contributors each bringing their own unique perspective on what will be interesting on the issues surrounding the workplace. Building cross-departmental collaborations like this fosters teamwork promoting better department-wide communication.

How Can You Make Your House Organ Effective?

Here are some tips for creating an effective house organ:

  • Keep it engaging by keeping content interesting
  • Create visually appealing layouts
  • Maintain consistent tones throughout your publication
  • Provide contributions from all parts of the business
  • Include social media elements & interactive content
  • Encourage feedback from readers to determine relevance

In conclusion, building a strong internal communications program for businesses through the use of both paperless & printed publications can become one of their greatest strengths. Engaging with their employees through multiple platforms encourages collaboration driving innovative new ideas as well improved job satisfaction.


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