Understanding  Gravure

Are you curious about the world of Gravure printing? If so, keep reading! Here we will explore some of the most popular questions about this diverse printing technology, including how it is used in packaging design, flexible packaging, label printing, and print production.

What is Gravure Printing?

Gravure printing is a technique that uses engraved plates to create images on various types of materials. These plates are created by carving a series of tiny cells (or "dots") into a cylinder surface. Depending on the size and number of these dots, the resulting print can have varying levels of resolution and detail. This makes gravure a popular choice for high-quality image reproduction.

How is Gravure Used in Packaging Design?

Gravure printing is commonly used in packaging design to create striking visuals on a variety of materials. From food packaging to cosmetic containers, gravure-printed designs can be seen all around us. The high level of detail and precision offered by this process makes it ideal for creating complex designs with subtle color variations.

What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging refers to any type of container made from a flexible or semi-flexible material. This can include bags, pouches, wraps, and more. In many cases, gravure printing is used to create high-quality designs on these materials due to its ability to print sharp graphics at high speeds.

How Does Gravure Work for Label Printing?

Label printing requires highly detailed images that can accurately convey information about a product or brand. Gravure printing offers the level of precision needed in this industry due to its ability to reproduce small text and intricate graphics with ease.

What is Print Production?

Print production refers to the process of creating printed materials on a large scale. This includes everything from books and magazines to advertising collateral like flyers and posters. Gravure printing can be highly effective in this industry due to its speed and ability to handle large volumes of work with consistent quality.

What are Some Benefits of Gravure Printing?

Some benefits associated with gravure printing include precise image detail, vibrant colors, fast print speeds, and consistency across large print runs. Furthermore, this process can be used on a wide variety of materials including plastics, cardboard, metal foils, paperboard and more.


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