Understanding  Google’s Mobile Update

With the rise of mobile search, Google has updated its algorithm to prioritize mobile-friendly websites. This update, known as Google’s Mobile Update, has had a significant impact on search rankings for websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. In this post, we’ll answer the six most popular questions about Google’s Mobile Update.

What is Google’s Mobile Update?

Google’s Mobile Update is an algorithm update that prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. This update was rolled out in April 2015 and has since been updated several times.

Why did Google release this update?

With the majority of internet users browsing on mobile devices, it was only logical for Google to prioritize mobile-friendly websites in search results. This update was designed to improve the user experience for mobile users and to encourage website owners to optimize their websites for mobile devices.

How does this update affect my website?

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, it will likely see a drop in search rankings on mobile devices. This can have a significant impact on your website traffic and ultimately your business.

What is Mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is another update from Google that prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. With this update, Google indexes the mobile version of a website first instead of the desktop version. This means that if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, it could be negatively impacted in both desktop and mobile search results.

What makes a website Mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is one that is optimized for viewing on smaller screens and touch-based navigation. This includes using responsive design, legible fonts, and clear CTAs that are easy to tap on a touchscreen.

How can I improve my Mobile ranking?

To improve your mobile ranking, you should prioritize optimizing your website for mobile devices. This includes using responsive design, optimizing images and videos for faster loading times, and using clear and concise content that is easy to read on smaller screens.


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