Understanding  Full Position

In media planning, achieving full position is crucial for successful advertising. Full position refers to the placement of an advertisement in a prominent and visible space, giving it the maximum exposure to the target audience. It helps increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and ultimately sales. Let's explore more about full position.

What is Full Position?

Full position is the placement of an advertisement in a prominent space that can be easily seen by the target audience. It is usually located above the fold or on the first page of a publication or website. The objective of full position advertising is to maximize exposure to potential customers.

Why is Full Position Critical?

Full position advertising is necessary because it greatly increases advertisement effectiveness. Research shows that advertisements placed above fold or on first-page get almost 80% more attention than those that are below fold or deep inside a publication or website.

What Is Media Mix?

Media mix represents an optimal combination of media types that are used for advertising campaigns. A media mix might consist of print and online ads, TV commercials, and social media campaigns - each channel has its strengths and weaknesses, and optimizing their use leads to effective full-position ads.

What Is Reach?

The reach of an ad campaign refers to the number of people who see your ads either physically (in-person), digitally (online) or through broadcast channels like TV/radio programs & movies.

What Is Frequency?

Knowing how frequently your ads get viewed by users or consumers helps ensure you reach them enough times so they notice & remember it well enough to recall later when making purchase decisions.

When you know your desired reach and frequency, you can use information collected about most likely buyers at specific times local time frequencies will enable your optimal scheduling with less interruption on other marketing activities

How Do You Achieve Full Positioning?

The placement and positioning of advertisements require careful consideration within media planning's context since it must meet clients’ goals for reach, frequency while focusing on creative quality alongside measuring effectiveness across different formats & locations.


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