Understanding  Flighting

Media Planning is not just about creating a Campaign Strategy but also about executing it effectively. With the advancement in Ad Tech and Social Media Marketing, Advertising has become more complex than ever before. This is where Flighting comes to play, a methodical approach that allows advertisers to optimize their ad placement and timing for maximum impact.

What is Flighting?

Flighting is a media scheduling strategy where advertisers place ads in bursts or waves with gaps in between. These gaps are known as "hiatus" periods during which no ads are broadcasted or published. The objective of this strategy is to ensure optimal reach and frequency while minimizing advertising costs.

What are the Benefits of Flighting?

  • Improved Reach: By placing ads in short bursts, an advertiser can target a larger audience and generate more buzz.
  • Cost Optimisation: Advertisers can achieve maximum impact with minimal resources by adjusting flight lengths according to their budget.
  • Reduced Ad Fatigue: Flighting prevents customers from getting bored with seeing the same ad repeatedly by spacing out the appearance of ads.
  • Enhanced Brand Recall: By scheduling advertisements to appear at specific times, advertisers can create strong associations between brands and events.

When should you use Flighting?

Flighting works best for products or services that have seasonal spikes or inconsistent demand throughout the year. It's also helpful when promoting time-sensitive events such as product launches, sales promotions or holidays.

How do you set up a Flighting Schedule?

To set up a Flighting schedule, you need to start with determining your campaign goals, target audience and budget allocation. Once you have that settled, divide your campaign into smaller bursts of activity (flights) followed by rest periods (hiatus). During this break period, adjust your targeting based on user data and other analytics collected during the previous flight.

What are some examples of successful Flighting campaigns?

Some popular examples of successful Flighting campaigns include Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, Apple's iPhone X launch, Netflix's Stranger Things season 2 premiere and Coca-Cola's Share-A-Coke campaign.

How do you measure the effectiveness of a Flight?

Measuring the effectiveness of your flights can be done using key metrics such as impressions count; clicks-through rates; conversion rates; return on advertising spend etc.


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