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In the world of advertising, innovation is key to capturing the attention of consumers. One of the latest trends in Ad Tech is the use of expandable ads. These types of ads allow for more interaction and engagement with viewers than traditional static ads. In this post, we'll explore what expandable ads are and how they can benefit your digital marketing strategies.

What are Expandable Ads?

Expandable ads are interactive digital ads that allow for expanded content when clicked or hovered over. They can be designed in various formats such as banners, videos, or rich media ads. The expanded content can range from additional information about a product to a mini-game or video.

How do Expandable Ads Work?

Expandable ads work by using HTML5 code to create a two-part ad. The initial ad is a static image or video that takes up minimal space on the webpage. When clicked or hovered over, the second part of the ad expands to reveal more content. This type of ad allows for more interaction with viewers and creates a more immersive experience.

What are the Benefits of Expandable Ads?

Expandable ads offer several benefits to advertisers and consumers alike. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increased engagement: Expandable ads allow for more interaction with viewers, leading to increased engagement.
  • Higher click-through rates: Because expandable ads offer more content than traditional static ads, they often have a higher click-through rate.
  • Better targeting: With expandable ads, you can target specific audiences and customize the expanded content accordingly.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: The immersive experience created by expandable ads can help increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Improved user experience: Expandable ads enhance the user experience by offering more information about products or services.

How are Expandable Ads Used in Digital Marketing?

Expandable ads are used in various digital marketing strategies such as Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Programmatic Advertising. They can be used in a variety of formats, including banners, videos, and rich media ads. Expandable ads are also ideal for mobile devices since they allow for more interaction with viewers in a smaller screen space.

How can I Create Expandable Ads?

Creating expandable ads requires knowledge of HTML5 code and design skills. Many Ad Tech platforms offer expandable ad templates that can be customized to fit your brand. It is also essential to consider the placement and targeting of your expandable ads to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Examples of Successful Expandable Ads

Several companies have successfully used expandable ads in their digital marketing strategies. For example, Toyota created an expandable ad that allowed users to customize the color of the car and view it from different angles. This interactive experience led to a 63% increase in click-through rates.


Expandable ads are a powerful tool in Ad Tech that can enhance your digital marketing strategies. By offering more interaction and engagement with viewers, expandable ads can lead to increased click-through rates, improved user experience, and enhanced brand awareness. With the right targeting and design, expandable ads can help take your advertising to the next level.


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