Understanding  Cross-Device Advertising ID

Cross-Device Advertising ID refers to a unique identifier assigned to users across multiple devices for cross-device ad targeting and measurement. It is a crucial technology that marketers use to track consumers as they move between devices, allowing them to deliver targeted ads and measure their effectiveness. In this post, we'll delve into the topic of Cross-Device Advertising ID, answering the most popular questions about it.

What is Cross-Device Advertising ID?

Cross-Device Advertising ID is a technology that tracks users across multiple devices. It assigns a unique identifier to each user, which remains consistent over time and across different devices. This allows marketers to deliver targeted ads to individuals based on their behavior across devices.

How does it work?

Cross-Device Advertising ID works by using cross-device tracking technology. This technology uses various techniques such as deterministic matching, probabilistic matching, and device graph mapping to connect user data across different devices. Once the data is connected, a unique identifier is assigned to each user, allowing marketers to track their behavior across different devices.

Why is it important?

Cross-Device Advertising ID is important because it helps marketers track consumers as they move between devices. This enables them to deliver personalized ads and measure their effectiveness seamlessly. By doing so, they can improve ROI and maximize advertising budgets.

What are the benefits of Cross-Device Advertising ID?

The following are the benefits of using Cross-Device Advertising ID:

What are some concerns around Cross-Device Advertising ID?

One of the primary concerns around Cross-Device Advertising ID is user privacy. Consumers want control over their data and may not be comfortable with marketers tracking their behavior across multiple devices. Additionally, there have been concerns around the accuracy of the technology and the potential for data breaches.

How can users opt-out of Cross-Device Advertising ID?

To opt-out of Cross-Device Advertising ID, users can use the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) WebChoices tool. This tool allows users to control whether advertisers can use data from their browsers for targeted advertising purposes. Additionally, iOS and Android devices also offer options to limit targeted advertising.


In conclusion, Cross-Device Advertising ID is an important technology that allows marketers to track consumers across multiple devices. While there are legitimate concerns around user privacy, the benefits of using this technology outweigh the drawbacks. By using Cross-Device Advertising ID, marketers can deliver targeted ads that maximize ROI and improve the user experience.


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