Understanding  Coverage

Are you tired of lackluster coverage for your business or brand? Are you looking for ways to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience? Look no further than our guide to maximizing your coverage through effective media outreach.

What is Coverage?

Coverage refers to the amount and quality of exposure your brand or business receives across media platforms. This includes traditional press coverage, social media outreach, influencer marketing, and other PR strategies.

Media Coverage

This type of coverage encompasses any mention of your business in the news media. This can include print publications, television news segments, and online articles.

Press Coverage

Press coverage specifically pertains to mentions in print publications such as newspapers and magazines. This can also include stories featured on news websites.

PR Strategy

PR strategy encompasses all tactics used to gain positive exposure for your brand or business. This includes press releases, events, partnerships, and other promotional efforts.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with individuals who have a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. These individuals can promote your brand or product to their followers through sponsored posts or reviews.

Social Media Outreach

Social media outreach refers to efforts made on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage with potential customers and generate buzz around your brand.

Why Is Coverage Important?

Effective coverage is essential for businesses and brands seeking to grow their customer base and increase their revenue. It helps to generate awareness around your brand and products/services while also building credibility with potential customers.

How Can You Maximize Your Coverage?

There are various strategies you can employ to maximize the amount and quality of coverage you receive:

  • Develop a targeted PR strategy: determine which publications or journalists would be most interested in covering your business/brand
  • Utilize influencer marketing: Identify influencers that align with your brand's values and reach out about potential collaborations
  • Create compelling content: Produce content - such as blog posts or videos - that will entice journalists/media outlets
  • Engage on Social Media: Regularly posting & interacting on social media platforms will help build relationships with journalists & influencers alike
  • Participate in Events: Sponsor industry events & conferences; hosting webinars or speaking at them are great ways grab attention from event attendees
  • Build Relationships With Journalists/influencers: Successfully building long-term relationships with those who cover marketing specific topics within a particular area could help maintain ongoing publicity

How Do You Measure Your Coverage?

There are several metrics you can track when measuring the success of a PR campaign:

What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Campaign?

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to PR campaigns here are some common mistakes we've seen :

  1. Failure To Identify Targets - Without proper research many companies start sending pitches broadly flooding out irrelevant pitches but make sure that every target is relevant.
  2. Ignoring Email Etiquette & timing - Sending too many cold emails within a short timeframe could potentially lead the journalist becoming an online troll! Be mindful of how often you're engaging journalists.
    3.Improper Communication Skills – Don’t forget this is someone else’s job too! Being respectful towards them helps encourage continued collaboration.
  3. Rushed & Poorly Written Pitches – Haste makes waste!! Double check before sharing any document over email/outreach tools.
  4. Failure To Follow Up – following up a couple times ensures that materials don't get lost in crowed mails as they receive hundreds daily


Maximizing coverage requires a strategic approach that incorporates traditional press coverage, influencer marketing strategies, social media outreach as well as public relations efforts tailored specifically for relevant targets . By understanding what works best for different campaigns; it's possible you'll achieve desired outcomes!


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