Understanding  Barcodes

Barcodes are a type of machine-readable code that contains information about a product or item. They consist of a series of black and white lines with varying widths, which can be scanned using barcode scanning technology. Barcodes have become an essential tool in inventory management, product tracking, supply chain optimization, and point-of-sale systems.

What Are Barcodes Used For?

Inventory Management

Barcodes are widely used in inventory management to keep track of all the products available in a store or warehouse. They help businesses know what they have on hand at any given time and when it is time to order more items.

Product Tracking

Many companies use barcodes to track their products throughout the supply chain from start to finish. This enables them to identify where each item is located and ensure timely delivery to customers.

Supply Chain Optimization

Barcodes play a crucial role in optimizing the supply chain process by providing better visibility into stock levels, reducing errors associated with manual data entry, and enabling real-time monitoring of shipments.

Point-of-sale Systems (POS)

In retail environments, barcoding has revolutionized POS systems since it allows for faster checkout times while also ensuring accuracy in pricing and inventory updates.

The Benefits Of Barcode Scanning Technology

The benefits associated with adopting barcode scanning technology include:

  • Increasing efficiency through automation,
  • Reducing human error,
  • Streamlining business processes,
  • Enhancing traceability across various business functions,

Different Types of Barcodes

There are different types of bar codes including EAN/UPC Codes (which are alphanumeric codes), Code 128s (a highly flexible symbol that can encode everything from UPCs/EANs mixed-mode codes), QR Codes (2D matrix symbologies capable encoding large datasets).


Barcode scanning technology plays an important role in today's society - whether you're working at home or running your own company; knowing how to use barcodes is key to optimizing your workflow.


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