Are you struggling to fill all of your ad inventory? Backfill could be the solution you're looking for! By utilizing programmatic advertising and a thoughtful monetization strategy, backfill can optimize your ad revenue and help you reach your target audience.

What is Backfill?

Backfill is a method of filling unsold ad inventory on a website or app by serving ads from third-party sources. This can include display ads, native ads, or video ads. These ads are typically served through a demand-side platform (DSP), which allows for programmatic buying and selling of ad space.

How Does Backfill Work?

When a user visits a website or app, the publisher's ad server will first look to fill the available inventory with direct-sold ads. However, if there is unsold inventory remaining, the server will turn to third-party sources to backfill the space with relevant ads.

Why Should You Use Backfill?

Backfill can help publishers maximize their ad revenue by ensuring that all available inventory is filled with relevant ads. This can also help improve user experience by reducing empty ad slots or irrelevant ads.

What are the Challenges of Backfill?

One of the main challenges of using backfill is ensuring that the third-party ads being served are high-quality and relevant to the user. Additionally, publishers must balance backfill with direct-sold advertising in order to maintain control over their site's advertising content.

How Can You Optimize Backfill?

To optimize backfill, publishers should work closely with their DSPs to ensure that they have control over the types of ads being served and that they are properly targeted to their audience. Additionally, publishers should regularly analyze their ad performance data to adjust their monetization strategy and improve overall revenue.


By utilizing backfill as part of your ad inventory management strategy, you can unlock new opportunities for revenue and reach your target audience with relevant ads. Remember to stay mindful of the challenges and optimize your approach to get the most out of this powerful tool.


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