Understanding  Animated Videos

Animated videos refer to short films or videos that utilize animation techniques to convey a message, story, or idea. The techniques used may include 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, stop-motion animation, whiteboard animation, and more. These videos are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to engage audiences and convey complex concepts in a simplified way.

How are Animated Videos Produced?

Animated videos production is a multi-step process that involves several stages such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-over recording, animation and visual effects. During the first stage of the process, the script is written and approved by the client. This is followed by storyboarding where the visual narrative of the video is developed. Once the storyboard is approved by the client, voice-over recording begins followed by animation and visual effects. Finally, post-production work is done to add music and sound effects to the video.

What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are a type of animated video created specifically to explain a product, service or idea in an engaging way. These videos can take many different forms such as whiteboard animations, 2D or 3D animations with characters or motion graphics. The main goal of explainer videos is to educate audiences on an idea while providing entertainment.

What are Cartoon Videos?

Cartoon videos refer to animated videos featuring cartoon characters as protagonists. These types of videos are typically created for children but can also be used for adults in certain circumstances such as marketing campaigns targeting nostalgic adults.

What are Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animations refer to animated explainer videos created using a whiteboard and markers that simulate hand-drawn illustrations on screen. These animations have become increasingly popular due to their unique and engaging style.

What are Motion Graphics Videos?

Motion graphics videos refer to animated video content that showcases design elements such as typography, illustration and graphic design in motion. These videos are usually created to provide visually engaging content for various social media platforms.

How can Animated Videos Help Your Business?

Animated videos can help businesses in a number of ways. They have been proven to improve engagement, increase website traffic, boost SEO rankings and drive conversions. By providing unique and engaging content, animated videos can help businesses stand out from competitors and reach their target audience more effectively.


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