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Advertorials are a type of sponsored content that aim to promote a product or service while providing valuable information to the reader. Also known as Brand Journalism, Native Advertising, or Content Marketing, advertorials blend seamlessly into editorial content and are often written in the same style as regular articles. In this post, we will explore the concept of advertorials and answer the 6 most commonly asked questions about this form of advertising.

What is an Advertorial?

An advertorial is a form of advertising that appears as editorial content in print or digital media. It is typically written in a journalistic style and aims to promote a product or service while providing useful information to the reader. Unlike traditional ads, advertorials are designed to be more engaging and informative to the audience.

How do Advertorials work?

Advertorials work by capturing the attention of readers with informative and interesting content while also promoting a brand or product. They are often placed within editorial content instead of being displayed as standalone ads. This allows brands to leverage the authority and credibility of a publication to gain trust from potential customers.

Are Advertorials ethical?

Advertorials can be ethical if they clearly disclose that they are sponsored content. According to FTC guidelines, sponsored content must be identified as advertising so that readers can easily distinguish it from editorial content. Brands who fail to disclose their adverts run the risk of deceiving readers which could harm their reputation in the long run.

How effective are Advertorials?

Studies have shown that advertorials can be more effective than traditional ads because they provide useful and relevant information to readers while promoting a brand's products or services. By engaging with potential customers on an intellectual level, brands help build trust which could lead to increased sales over time.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is another type of sponsored content where influencers use their social media following to promote products or services for brands. Influencers typically create authentic-looking posts that promote brands on behalf of companies looking to reach new audiences.

How do advertisers measure ROI for Advertorials?

Advertisers can measure ROI for advertorials by tracking engagement metrics such as clicks, views, likes, shares, and comments on their sponsored content pieces across various channels - including social media platforms.


Advertorials have become an essential tool in modern marketing strategies for businesses across all industries today. Delivering valuable information through exciting and captivating storytelling has apparently become more critical than interruptive forms of advertising such as commercial spots played during TV broadcasting breaks which people tend just “to wait out”. By embracing this method - along with other modern approaches like influencer marketing - companies can successfully extend their reach far beyond what traditional advertising methods could ever have reached.
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