Best Food Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 18, 2021 
1st In Coffee
7% Per Sale90 Days
1stiscoffee is an online retailer of coffee machines, makers, grinders, and espresso coffee .There is a huge range of products available. Since 2002, they have been a trusted coffee machine supplier that guarantees satisfied customers.
Butcher Box
$15 Per Lead30 Days
By offering a standard meat delivery service for every citizen of the world, ButcherBoxTM can provide high-quality meat to everyone on the planet. To achieve its goals, it has shifted its focus away from delivering pure grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, free-range organic pork, and sustainably sourced seafood toward reimagining the nation’s food system.
10% Per Sale30 Days
Peapod is one of the best grocery delivery services out there. Providing convenient online grocery shopping, Peapod carries brand name foods, pantry staples, and some of the freshest vegetables and fruits from your favorite restaurant sources.
Sur La Table
7% Per Sale30 Days
Founded in Seattle, Washington, Sur la Table specializes in cooking and dining products, especially cookware, cooks' tools, small electrics, tabletop and linens, bakeware, glassware, and barware, as well as housewares, food, and outdoor items. Sur La Table is the place to go for all of your kitchen and entertaining needs. Almost 50 years of experience working with the world's top kitchen brands.
California Wine Club
15% Per Sale90 Days
California Wine Club is a wine club started by Bruce and Pam Boring and is regarded as one of the largest mail-order wine businesses in the United States, which has been operating since 1990. It isn't possible to taste wine in such an intriguing manner anywhere else except at Wine Club. It is simply not possible for these small winemakers to distribute outside their own area. California Wine Club partners with winemakers to present their best wines to members, every wine is hand-selected and comes with a Love It Guarantee.
4% Per Sale30 Days
Zwilling is a restaurant supply company. Known for their knives, which can cost up to $500 each, they are the most expensive among their competitors. The brand began as a cutlery brand but has since grown to include cookware, flatware, glassware, and kitchen gadgets. Its success is based on tradition, quality, innovation, and craftsmanship.
6% Per Sale7 Days
Food52 is one of the leading innovators in the food, cooking, and home space, reaching more than 24 million people every month. Food52 thinks great food is more than just ingredients, it's about the entire meal, from the dinnerware to the tools. Join their food community, browse recipes, shop for kitchen, cooking, and home products, enter their contests, ‌and get advice from their hotline."
Universal Yums
$10 Per Sale30 Days
Universal Yums, an eCommerce company growing rapidly, was started in 2014 by two young, ambitious people who had just $4000 and a dream of "traveling the world" through food. Each month a different country's snacks and candies are included in their subscription box.Their revolutionary product and rapid growth have been highlighted by Forbes, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, and the Daily Mail.
Sunburst Superfoods
10% Per Sale60 Days
Sunburst Superfoods is an online store that offers a range of superfoods easily accessible to the general public. The company aims to offer raw, non-GMO, vegan, and non-GMO Superfoods that are dried at low temperatures in order to provide you with the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients you need. Dedicated to providing a wide variety of superfoods of the highest quality and educating our customers about their remarkable reported effects, they are committed to providing the highest quality foods to our customers.
The Fruit Company
10% Per Salen/a
The Fruit Company is a fruit basket delivery company. It provides fresh fruits, gift towers, gourmet fruit baskets, monthly fruit clubs, organic, cheese and fruit gifts, gluten-free, dried fruit and nuts, chocolate, desserts, corporate gifting, etc. This company differs from its competitors because they only use premium fruit and even that comes in three different grades. Robyn Spizman, a media influencer, has highlighted The Fruit Company as one of Oprah's favorite things in her "O" Magazine Gift Guide.
$25 Reward Per Leadn/a
The Seated app is a mobile app that curates a list of more than 1,200 restaurants in 14 major U.S. cities. It rewards consumers who dine out, order pickup, or get deliveries from local restaurants. Seated is the first dynamic pricing platform for restaurants. We help restaurants fill their seats while giving members access to exclusive rewards and unique experiences.
Excalibur Dehydrator
10% Per Salen/a
Excaliburd ehydrators are world leaders in food dehydration technology for home or commercial use. Since 1973, Excalibur has been manufacturing food dehydrators. The Science and Technology of Dehydration is the Main Business at Excalibur. Dehydrate fruits and vegetables, dehydrate meat for jerky, and much more. Regardless of what foods you dry, Excalibur Food dehydrators are safe for use.
Not disclosed7 days
Seamless is the fastest way to order dinner delivery, delivery to your door, or have it picked up where you live. Whatever you're craving, wherever you want, Seamless has got it. Seamless is a part of GrubHub Inc. so you don't need to use menus, make phone calls, or repeat yourself.
$17 Per Sale60 Days
UrthBox is a subscription snack company with Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet box options. Their products include healthy, snack, box, subscription, organic, natural, kids, organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, gift delivery, discover, healthy snacks, full size, beverage, recipe, home, office, "drinks" and "delicious snacks.
Gourmet Food Store
10% Per Sale60 Days
The Gourmet Food Store online store is the epitome of what a gourmet's paradise is, a place of great food and great ingredients. offers delicious and high quality gourmet foods, gifts and specialty items The Gourmet Food Store offers the best of fine foods and ingredients from around the world.
Hawaii Coffee Company
20% Per Sale45 Days
Hawaii Coffee Company is home to some of the most well-known coffee and tea brands in the world, including Lion Coffee, Royal Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Islands Tea Company. They offer as wide of a variety of coffee as you can want, with an emphasis on locally produced products.
Nonna Box
10% - 20% Per Sale90 Days
A Nonna Box is an Italian subscription box that features a different region of Italy each month along with six traditional products from the producers in that region. Taste Italian traditions and recipes from the Nonnas of Italy. Food from Italy is so popular because of its simplicity and deliciousness.
Custom Keto Diet
68% Per Sale60 Days
Custom Keto Diet is a keto-friendly diet program that offers a hassle-free way to embrace the keto lifestyle. Rachel Roberts created the program and it offers diet plans as well as lifestyle interventions to help you stay on track. Thousands of people across the US have become familiar with it and it has earned a place in the market. They create individualized ketogenic diet plans based on scientific research and proven studies that maximize fat loss by using the right amount of calories and macronutrients for each individual.
5% Per Sale15 Days
Established in 1928, the Lady of Mercy Academy has been providing the best possible education for young women permeated with the charisma of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy. Our Lady of Mercy Academy's philosophy is centered around the threefold mission and value of the Church, which includes imparting the message of Jesus, advancing Christian community building, and bearing witness to the Gospel message.
8% Per Sale30 Days is an online retailer that specializes in peanuts, cashews, almonds, filberts, Pistachios, Pecans, Pine Nuts, Cashews, and Unsalted Peanuts. It has over 3,000 products, which range from healthy foods for cooking and baking to snacks. Some of its products include premium nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, sweets and more at great prices.
Vegin’ Out
15% - 20% Per Sale15 Days
Vegin' Out is the most popular vegan food delivery service within Los Angeles, Southern and Northern California, as well as across the country. Providing healthy nutritious diets with balanced nutritional value, with oil-free, low salt cuisine from certified chefs . Offering low-carb soup & juice cleanse and food allergies accommodations.
Plan to Eat
20% Recurringn/a
Plan to Eat is an online meal planner app with access from any web browser on any device with access to the internet, making it accessible both on the home PC and mobile environment, as well as through an iOS and Android app. Recipes can be organized and planned with the recipe manager (from many different sources and of your choosing). The software will automatically create a shopping list for you based on your planned recipes.
Art of Tea
10% Per Sale90 Days
Art of Tea , based in Los Angeles, California is a specialty tea importer and wholesale distributor of just-grown and specialty organic teas and botanicals. Their goal is to create a unique delicious experience.It has become one of the leading purveyors of organic and specialty teas.
Key Eats
10% Per Sale90 Days
Keto Key Eats is a cardiologist-approved keto program that combines a low carb meal plan and helpful tools to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. In conjunction with great science, it enables you to lose weight, improve your health, and feel better, while enjoying delicious foods. It was developed by Dr. Ethan J. Weiss, a preventive cardiologist at UCSF, and Dr. Ray Wu, a physician from Cornell. This program is sustainable and efficient over the long run.
30% Per Sale30 Days
Veecoco brand is one of the leading vegan online cooking schools. It's mission is to expand the availability of vegan food to everyone by expanding the skill sets needed to cook tasty vegan food. Chefs from around the world work with our students, so they can share their skills and knowledge. A key goal of their program is to make cooking vegan food more exciting and enjoyable.
Wai Lana
15% Per Sale120 Days
Wai Lana is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher best known for her TV series Wai Lana Yoga, where she makes healthy living affordable for everyone. Additionally, she offers a line of yoga and fitness products, natural health and beauty products, and gluten-free snacks. Wai Lana's Green line is manufactured with sustainable natural materials, so not only are the products beneficial to the individuals, but also to the planet.
Not Disclosedn/a
Hobbycraft is the leading craft and arts retailer in the United Kingdom. In a market dominated by tiny independent shops, Hobbycraft is the first national retailer to offer 250 activities under one roof. The company has over 81 stores and digital channels with plans to grow in 2015 .
Angels’ Cup
$5 Per Sale60 Days
The Angels' Cup is one of the biggest online coffee clubs out there that makes members blindly trial 208 different kinds of coffees a year. You can discover new roasters for as little as $9.99 or develop your taste for coffee for a lower price. With the 100% free Angel's Cup mobile app, available on iOS and Android, comparing notes is super easy.
Organic Wholesale Club
10% Per Salen/a is a one-stop-shop wholesale program for natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products. All of Organic Wholesale Club's products are made available to the public at affordable prices. Through this process, they hope to create a community that supports a healthy lifestyle and a balanced environment.
$10 Per Referral7 Days
Postmates is the largest, most reliable platform for on-demand delivery and pickup. Delivery services are available to everyone through the Postmates app, which is an all-in-one food delivery, grocery delivery, or whatever you crave right to your door. There are pizzas, groceries, liquors, and more available from 600,000 restaurants, retailers and grocers all across your city.
California Tea House
10% Per Sale60 Days
California Tea House specializes in gourmet loose leaf tea and custom-blended teas of the highest quality. Their tea is the best you've ever tasted, and they guarantee your satisfaction. California Tea House carries the highest quality buds available. Only undamaged and unopened buds are used in this premium loose leaf white tea, harvested between March 15 and April 10. Due to strict guidelines, you will receive the highest quality tea available.
Home Chef
$10 Per Sale30 Days
Home Chef is an online meal-delivery product that delivers pre-portioned meals ready for cooking directly to consumers. As one of the leading meal kit subscription services, Home Chef offers customers tons of options, whether that's meals delivered per week, servings per meal, or customizable proteins.
Emergency Essentials
10% Per Sale30 Days
Emergency Essentials is a leading source for quality emergency food supplies, dehydration and freeze-drying technologies, nutrition protection, and of course, the art of preserving food that is wholesome and satisfying in ten, twenty, or more years from now. A major goal of Emergency Essentials is to make people prepared in case of an emergency. They strive to provide their customers with accurate information and recommendations.
15% Per Sale45 Days
Featuring more than 40,000 restaurants and deals in the U.S., is the nation's largest dining deals site. Also, they are a trusted marketing partner for many businesses and a marketing program for restaurants. is a service for those who want to dine out but don't want to spend too much money. You can at least save 60% by ordering in advance through At, you can find special deals and browse the menu of thousands of local restaurants.
10% Per Sale30 Days
Kuvings is a leading brand of kitchen appliances loved by health conscious consumers in over 80 countries. The word Kuvings combines the word "kitchen" with the word "living". They create healthy living products that are convenient, convenient, and delicious They also develop products that are eco-friendly and odorless.
6% Per Sale30 Days
Chieh Huang, Jared Yaman, Christopher Cheung, and William Fong founded Boxed in August 2013 in New York City, offering products comparable to Costco. Boxed combines the convenience of home delivery with the cost efficiency of shopping at big box stores. is a membership-free online and mobile wholesale retailer. The service delivers bulk-sized packages via the Boxed app or website.
10% Per Sale30 Days
Spicentice stands out for their dedication to traditional recipes, which have been perfected over the centuries, with 100% pure herbs and spices, no waste and nothing unnecessary! The kitchen becomes vibrant when you share a meal using our spice kits or spice rubs.
Mountain House
10% Per Sale30 Days
Since 1969, the Mountain House Company has been providing tasteful meals that can be prepared with just water, providing consumers and organizations the security of knowing their food supplies will be reliable, with the longest shelf life in the industry. Mountain House and Easy Meals are divisions of American Frozen Foods, the leader in freeze-dried foods. The brands have consistently established themselves as the top-quality, tasty, and convenient foods.
15% Per Salen/a
Founded in 1921, The Vitamix brand is one of the leading names in high-performance blending equipment for the home and office. The Vitamix Company is committed to providing every kitchen with innovative and reliable blending solutions. Their goal is to design products that surpass the latest industry standards based on the selection of high-quality components and testing them to ensure they meet our rigorous performance and durability requirements.
40% Per Sale14 Days
The HelloFresh SE company is a publicly-traded company based in Berlin, Germany that offers meal kits to consumers. The company operates in Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia, as well as the United States. HelloFresh is one of the Most American Popular Meal Kit . Offering a large fresh variety of recipes ✅ Most 5-Star-Reviews.
Direct Eats
5% Per Sale90 Days
Direct Eats is an online marketplace with over 50,000 organic, natural, locally grown products. and specialty food products that can be searched through 17 diet and lifestyle filters. Their goal is to reinvent how food gets brought to tables in America.
Smart Kitchen
30% Recurringn/a
Smart Kitchen is an online culinary school that teaches Home Cooks how to become Celebrity Chefs in the comfort of their own home. It uses videos, images, charts, and text to teach students how to think and cook like chefs. Since they aim to spread culinary knowledge as far and wide as possible, all this proprietary education is now available online. Specifically, they want people to improve their culinary experience, develop their palates, save money by cooking at home (and eating out less), and create more healthful meals.
KaTom Restaurant Supply
2% Per Sale15 Days
KaTom company delivers equipment for commercial kitchens and restaurant use. Over 50,000 items are in stock, such as deep fryers, ice makers, refrigerators, and more. Katom Restaurant Supply provides competitively priced commercial kitchen equipment plus free shipping on thousands of items.
Learn Cake Decorating Online
30% - 50% RecurringVaries
Learn Cake Decorating Online provides online courses and e-books on ways to decorate cakes. Imagine having a whole team of cake decorating pro's right at your fingertips, along with a wide range of like-minded decorators.
Tea Drops
20% Per Sale15 Days
Tea Drops is a women-led, innovative tea company creating magical tea moments since 2015. Tea Drops reduces waste by 20% by offering a variety of bagless, organic, whole leaf teas. Introducing innovative tea experiences that combine flavorful blends, unique product formats, and convenience, Tea Drops has become a favorite among both new and experienced tea drinkers.
Vital Choice
$25 Per Sale7 Days
Vital Choice is the leading provider of premium wild seafood and organic foods harvested directly from well-managed wild fisheries and farms. Dedicated to developing healthy, sustainably grown foods of unsurpassed quality, Vital Choice is endorsed by healthcare professionals as a leading source of nutritious food. This company is known for its pioneering omega-3 supplements made with wild Alaskan salmon oil.
7.5% Per Sale40 Days
The AeroGarden is a convenient indoor gardening machine that is self-contained, fully automatic, and completely efficient. With just water, light, and a nutrient solution, you can grow almost any vegetable. AeroGrow manufactures and markets the AeroGarden line of indoor gardening products. A wide selection of different AeroGardens models and accessories are available, including seed kits, grow lights, nutrients, and other accessories.
Hint Water
20% Per Sale30 Days
Drinkhint is a healthy lifestyle brand known for its delicious unsweetened flavored water. Infused with fruit flavors, Hint’s healthy flavored water is a great alternative to sugary drinks while still being delicious . Hint is a refreshing beverage made with pure water and fruit essence. It makes you feel as if you are having a glass of spring water, but with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.
Eat Your Coffee
$20 Per Sale90 Days
Eat Your Coffee was founded by teenage coffee addicts on a mission to offer coffee addicts natural caffeinated snacks made from real, ethically-sourced ingredients. Eat Your Coffee provides caffeine-rich snack bars that combine a perfect combination of flavour, performance & nutrition.
Sun Basket
$20 Per Sale30 Days
Sun Basket is a healthy meal kit delivery service that delivers organic and sustainable foods as well as simple, straightforward recipes that you can cook yourself. Feel great knowing that fresh, organic produce & clean ingredients are being delivered straight to your door.
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