Best Financial Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  March 28, 2023 
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AvaPartner is one of the most popular affiliate programs in the Forex and CFD markets. In addition, Partners can also take advantage of the company's array of lucrative opportunities, such as introducing brokers, affiliates, call centers, trading academies, white labels, tie agents, business partners, and service providers. With the AvaTrade platform, you can trade in crypto and forex, and the platform has powerful tools that simplify affiliate marketing. Monetize with their exclusive affiliate programs.
Quick books
$20 7-Days
Intuit QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software in the world, designed to help entrepreneurs make their financial management easier and simpler. QuickBooks comes in a variety of editions, from web-based and desktop programs to the full-featured Enterprise Solutions, to give business owners the flexibility they need. It is also equipped with feature-rich tools to track, organize, and manage their finances, including accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, invoicing, bank account tracking, expense management, budgeting, payment processing, and accounts receivable and accounts payable management. With the ability to convert company files to QuickBooks Online, users have access to all their financial records in one place. From start-ups to large enterprises, QuickBooks provides an integrated accounting solution that is easy to use and understand.
Credit Firm
$20 Per Sale180 Days
The Credit Firm is a credit repair company. Through Removal of negative items from credit reports and optimization of clients credit files, it has improved the credit history and credit scores of thousands of clients. At Credit Firm, lawyers analyze your credit report and make sure that each item is valid, unlike certain other credit repair companies. More than 80,000 clients have been helped since 1997.
Capital Bank
$25 Per Sale30 Days
The Capital Bank was founded by a group of Albany-based businessmen and community leaders in 1995. CapBank expanded in the Capital Region for 15 years. In 2011, Capital Bank joined forces with the Southern Tier Bank, an established Massachusetts community bank. Chemung Canal Trust Company now operates Capital Bank with convenient offices throughout the Capital Region.
Amigo energy
$15.00 Per Lead90 Day
Amigo Energy is a customer focused electricity provider in Texas, offering competitively low rates to homes and businesses in the area since 2003. Their plans are designed to save Texans money on their electric bills and they provide exceptional customer service to all of their customers. For over 26 years, they have been providing electricity to those in the state of Texas, and have become one of the most trusted providers in the area. Through the Just Energy Group, Amigo Energy is able to offer customers access to green energy plans and fixed pricing on their electricity rates.
The Motley Fool
$100 Per Lead45 Days
Founded in 1993 , The Motley Fool is a financial services company that provides websites, books, newspaper columns, TV appearances, and newsletters. Over the past 25 years, The Motley Fool has offered investing insight and financial advice to millions of people. The company offers a range of services that are intended to improve your financial situation in many areas, such as your investment portfolio, personal finances, real estate holdings, company, and career.
Upon Request30 days
Formerly known as HedgeStreet, Nadex is a US-based brokerage firm that trades binary options online with an emphasis on the retail market. The platform offers spreads and binary options on the most heavily traded forex, commodities, and stock indexes markets.
Sage Financials
Varies30 Days
Sage is a leading cloud based solution for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, empowering entrepreneurs around the world. The accounting, analytics, and reporting tools are suitable for small and midsize businesses. They can help startups, scale-ups, and enterprises stay on top of their finances, empower their employees, and unleash growth.
USAA Credit Cards
$25 Per Lead30 Days
Founded in 19221, USAA is a private company specializing in banking, insurance, and investments for the military community. Through its competitive financial products and services, USAA strives to be the preferred financial services supplier for the military community, which will aid in securing the financial futures of its members, associates, and their families. It offers insurance, banking, and investment services at affordable rates to millions of military members and their families.
60% - 70% Per Leadn/a
BinaryCent is a Vanuatu-based binary options broker that has been in business since 2017. BinaryCent specializes in offering binary options, forex, and CFDs, as well as other financial products.
not disclosedn/a
Figure is a financial technology company that combines blockchain, artificial intelligence, and analytics to provide solutions for releasing equity from homes and other financial products. No matter if you would like to reduce your interest rate or take out cash, Figure can help. Refinance your mortgage with Figure and get cash for the things you need most and a better rate.
$6 Per Lead30 Days
Trim is a financial health company dedicated to empowering its customers to become better financial managers. To put it simply, Trim assists Americans in achieving financial stability. It offers customers automated savings, reduced bank fees and reduced bills negotiated by the company, canceled subscriptions, and spending analysis and recommendations. Trim has already saved customers more than $60M and is constantly adding features to improve financial health.
Barclays Bank
$2 Per Sale45 Days
Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company. Barclays has been involved in banking for over 400 years now. Their sole purpose is to provide you with great service and help you meet your financial needs : Loans, credit cards, and savings accounts , current accounts to mortgages and insurance .
Equity Multiple
$50 Per Referraln/a
EquityMultiple is an online platform that enables institutions and individuals to invest alongside the market's most sophisticated sponsors and lenders. Providing accredited investors access to industry-leading real estate investments, the firm provides professional management services for private real estate deals involving a wide range of property types and risk profiles. EquityMultiple makes investing in real estate easy, transparent, and accessible.
Capitalist Exploits
50% Per Sale365 Days
Capitalist Exploits is a team of professional money managers, entrepreneurs and investors. They have grown quickly by word-of-mouth solely due to the quality of their investment research. Instead of spending time on marketing activities, they outsource marketing to partners who will spread the word for them. Capitalist Exploits offers trading recommendations by only sharing the best low-risk / high-reward opportunities to subscribers. Join and earn commissions for sending us customers.
Alfaleads is a Performance Marketing Agency that works with a range of verticals, including iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, Games, Esports, and others. The company established a simple and effective advertising platform for leaders in the internet marketing industry. Affiliates receive traffic of the highest quality, and advertisers benefit from a comprehensive marketing path.
$50 Per Referraln/a
RealEstateShares is a virtual investing environment where you can access real estate investing opportunities as well as companies to find investors . Their goal is to provide well-established real estate operators with the capital they need to improve their properties for more profitable use.
$20 Per Referraln/a
A Blooom is an online Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that manages individual participant accounts in employer sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k), 403(b), TSP, and IRA . It'll lower your fees, optimize your allocation, and give you advice. Personal finance has never been easier, and Blooom works to make retirement possible for everyone, regardless of how big their account is or where it is parked.
$7 Per Leadn/a
Status Money is a personal finance app that lets you compare finances with others and create a financial plan. It also lets you get advice from your friends and professional coaches.The Status application enables you to track your money, see how your spending compares against peers, and ask others for advice. And this is all for free.
You Need a Budget (YNAB)
1 Free Month Per Leadn/a
You Need a Budget(YNAB) is a personal finance app based on the envelope budgeting system. The goal is to help employees or individuals take control of their money through iPhone, Android and iPad apps. The YNAB philosophy supports that for you to actively change your spending habits, you need to stick to the plan you make. As a result, the app helps you stay focused on your finances before you spend them, so you have complete control over your spending.
25% Recurringn/a
CryptoTrader.Tax is a crypto tax software that lets you upload trading documents and calculate your tax owed. The best way to calculate your crypto taxes in 20 minutes. Instantly generate a form. Support for all exchanges and over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies.
Credit Sesame
Credit Sesame is a loan and credit company. At TechCrunchDisrupt 2010, Credit Sesame debuted in private beta. By 2012, the company claimed to have monitored almost $35 billion in loans. Credit Sesame manages your credit report and accesses, measures, leverages, and protects it through a single platform.
Not disclosedn/a
ETRADE is a pioneer in online trading for retail investors. It offers solutions for individual investors as well as stock plan participants. Through the products, tools, services, and advice provided by the Company, it allows its customers to take control of their financial futures. Customers can access these services via the internet or face-to-face at any of the 30 branches across the country through the Company's customer service team and Financial Consultants.
Bank of America, commonly referred to as Chase Bank, is a national bank with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York City, and is the primary bank for consumers and businesses within the United States. Holding company for the JPMorgan Chase multinational banking and financial services industry. Chase offers some excellent credit cards. There's the Sapphire Reserve for travel rewards, the Freedom Unlimited for cashback, and many more.
CommissionSoup is a leading Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network that connects people with credit cards. Offering transparent and scalable solutions, CommissionSoup cultivates optimal marketing relationships by promoting leading and exclusive offers with high commissions. There are a variety of programs to market and cutting-edge technology available to affiliates, making it easy for them to find the marketing options and programs that will help them succeed.
$28 Per Leadn/a
Founded in 2015 , Tally is a company that assists users in managing multiple credit cards. This is the first credit card application ever to separate an individual's credit card use from the card itself, so that the consumer has more control of their credit card. It was created by credit experts, engineers, and designers who want consumers to have a better credit card experience. Customers can use their credit cards with Tally without being charged unfair APRs or fees and without navigating multiple cards simultaneously.
Trans union
$42 CADUnknown
TransUnion is a major credit bureau that produces credit reports used by lenders and other businesses in order to inform their lending decisions. It is one of three nationally renowned credit reporting agencies, alongside Equifax and Experian. TransUnion provides a range of credit and identity monitoring services, as well as offering data and risk management solutions for businesses. Their products help businesses make smarter decisions and build their business. The company also offers consumer reports, risk scores, analytical services, and bankruptcy information.
₹128 - ₹1160 Per Lead30 Days
ICICI is the largest private bank in India. It holds assets worth ₹9,860.43 billion. This leading private sector bank in India has 5,275 branches and more than 15,000 ATMs. It offers Netbanking services & Personal Banking including Accounts & Deposits, Cards, Loans, Insurance & Investment products.
$85 Per LeadDirect Link (Session Only)
BBVA is a global financial services group that focuses on customer service. The Group has leading franchises in Mexico and South America, as well as a strong presence in the Spanish market. Furthermore, it is the largest shareholder in Garanti BBVA and a major U.S. player in investment, transaction and capital market banking. With simple, convenient, and easy-to-use services, customers now have access to the opportunity age by focusing on their real needs: offering the best solutions that enable them to make the right financial decisions.
Not disclosedn/a
Chime offers a mobile banking app and a debit card. With no minimum balance requirements, it offers a fee-free online banking experience. Chime is a real estate solution with everything you need to manage your business online. It combines CRM, IDX, lead generation, team management, invoicing, reviews, emails, websites, social media, and more all in one, well-designed package.
American hartford gold
$40 per qualified lead30 Days
American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated company in Los Angeles, CA which helps individuals and families invest in precious metals. It offers a variety of services to its clients such as physical delivery to one's doorstep and inside of a retirement account such as an IRA, 401K or TSP. American Hartford Gold has an A+ rating from the BBB, is rated No. 415 on the Inc. 5000's 2021 List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and boasts countless positive customer reviews.
not disclosed30 days
Acorns is a micro investing tool allowing you to invest your spare change, making the stock market more accessible to everyday investors. Invest your spare change automatically. A unique financial engine enables customers to look for spare change in their daily purchases and invest it into fully-managed index funds. You can easily enroll a credit card or a debit card and use it to pay for anything you want as usual to grow your portfolio with the market.
$25 - $1,250 Per Referraln/a
Betterment is a financial services company that provides robo-advice and cash management services. The company was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in 2007 and is a resident of New York since that date. Money managers like Betterment are smart. Their services include online retirement planning, everyday cash management, and investing for your personal goals.
IQ Option
$1,200 Per Leadn/a
Founded in 2013, IQ Option is a leading platform for trading financial platforms. As one of the largest binary options platforms out there. they have reached one of the top positions of the online trading industry since then. Their contribution to the trading industry has led to several awards as a top CySec company, which includes The Award of Financial Excellence 2017 by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.
Not Disclosedn/a
The Webull app is a commission-free stock trading platform that features a straightforward trading interface and plenty of indicators, which can all be customized like a professional. The company aims to create a self-directed investment platform with the best user interface, tools, and services available.
start from 10.4%n/a
Prosper Marketplace, is a peer-to-peer lending company headquartered in San Francisco, California. In addition to connecting people who need credit with investors, Prosper also provides access to affordable fixed-rate, fixed-term personal loans. Borrowers receive free access to loan products, while investors gain access to loan opportunities.
Not Disclosedn/a
Streitwise is a real estate investing company that offers federally registered offerings on an online platform that enable its clients to invest in commercial real estate properties. Streitwise offers both accredited investors and non-accredited investors the opportunity to earn passive income through investments in professionally managed real estate.
$5 - $10 Per Salen/a
Wirex App can make it easy to buy, store, exchange, and spend your cryptocurrency or fiat currencies. Users can configure Wirex cards to work with various cryptocurrencies, and use them anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The CryptobackTM programme is the world's first bitcoin-based incentive programme that pays up to $10 in bitcoin per successful referral. A borderless payment platform that gives you complete control over your money.
Golden Eagle Coins
$15 Per Sale15 Days
Golden Eagle Coins allows you to invest your money in precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium remain somewhat stable in value over time. The Golden Eagle Coin Company, a trusted dealer since 1974, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We supply gold and silver bullion with a fully insured delivery through the USPS.
Varo Money
$75 Per Referraln/a
Based in San Francisco, California, in 2015. Vario Money is a mobile banking app that helps people pay their bills, pay for their expenses, and build wealth over time. It was created with the goal of simplifying banking for individuals and making smart choices with their money. Customers using Varo can access free premium banking and high-interest savings accounts from The Bancorp Bank along with cutting-edge technological features that make managing their money easier.
5% Per Leadn/a
The Bitbond platform is a German revolving lending platform that allows you to lend bitcoins and fiat currency for earnings. Investors can profit by loaning out bitcoin and credit, and independent businesses can kick-start operations with this credit. They have been working for a long time and have over 100,000 borrowers and lenders, and a total credit volume of 1.5 million dollars.
Colmex Pro
$1000 Per Salen/a
Colmex Pro is a global leader in equity trading, foreign exchange trading, and CFD trading for individuals and institutions. Providing low cost, high quality trading services to all of its clients, Colmex Pro has earned a reputation as a trustworthy investment firm. Clients can be confident in the financial stability of Colmex Pro as an Investment Firm, which meets strict standards for correct handling of client funds and financial instruments.
CIT Bank
$100 Per Lead30 Days
Founded in 1908, CIT is a global financial services provider with more than $35 billion in debt and lease assets. As a leading national bank, CIT enables businesses and individual savers to navigate their goals with financial agility. Besides its national direct banking network, CIT operates regional branch networks. The company operates in middle market lending, factoring, retail and equipment finance, and aerospace, equipment, and rail leasing.
$30 Per LeadLifetime
CuraDebt is a trusted company that offers debt relief services to consumers. Debt settlement is a process they use to negotiate debt down and avoid paying more than you owe. You can get a free consultation to decide if debt settlement is right for you. Since the financial crisis of 2008, CuraDebt has helped more than 200,000 people with legal and permanent debt relief solutions.
Outbacker insurance
8%30 Days
Outbacker is a trading name of World Wide Internet Insurance Services Ltd, licenced in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission. Formed in 1993, Outbacker has nearly 30 years of experience in travel insurance intermediation. Their range of products has been designed to lower the price of travel insurance without compromising on cover. Outbacker also has 24 Hour, 365 Day Emergency Assistance.
Lexington Law
$65 Per Sale30 Days
Progrexion is a technology-enabled consumer services company that is leading the way in Credit Rebuilding. It provides credit repair services through the trusted consumer brands Lexington Law Firm,, and efolks. Lexington Law can help you correct any items that appear inaccurately on your credit report, as well as removing any items you do not want.
eToro Partners
$160 Per Salen/a
eToro is an Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that focuses on providing financial and copy trading services.They have a visually engaging forex trading platform that makes trading easy, appealing to both newcomers and experts alike. That makes their trading platform one of the most lucrative and innovative forex affiliate programs in the world. You may earn up to $250 CPA on top of the 25 percent rakeback and participate in the firm's 10% partner program as a sub-affiliates. eToro provides advanced analysis and marketing tools, including the OpenBook and CopyTrader.
$99 Per Lead30 Days
Scotiabank is a leading foreign bank in Canada, providing international finance and treasury services, global transaction banking, and wealth management to multinational corporations. With a broad range of products and services that help their customers, their families, and their communities succeed, including personal and business banking, wealth management, investment banking, and capital markets.
Gift voucher of 0.3% or ₹50,000, whichever is lowern/a
In India, HDFC Ltd. is one of the largest housing finance companies. HDFC Ltd offers a variety of loan products such as Home Loans for new and resale properties, Home Improvement Loans, Loan Against Property Balance Transfers, and others at attractive interest rates. One home loan conversion can fetch you a commission as large as ₹50,000.
Budget Boot Camp
15% Per Salen/a is ll in one place, discover Jordan Page’s budgeting secrets, financial principles, and strategies for frugal living. These 27 videos with helpful tips, along with 15 workouts, will help you whip your wallet into shape! They are the best place to get Jordan’s best budgeting tips, financial principles, and frugal living ideas.
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