Best Beauty Affiliate Programs List for Marketers Right Now .

By Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  July 22, 2021 
10% Per Salen/a
Conair Corporation is a Stamford-based American company. This company is located in Connecticut, and it sells small appliances, personal care products, and health and beauty products for both consumers and professionals. Since 1959, it has expanded to include several divisions. Conair keeps you looking and feeling great from head to toe, no matter where you are.
8% Per Sale45 Days
Strawberrynet bills itself as the world's leading discount beauty online store. Their 20 years of experience in the beauty business have enabled them to become one of the industry's leading e-commerce companies, and they continually strive to improve online shopping experience. They offer an extensive selection of skin care, makeup, perfume, hair care, and cologne products from over 800 brands at affordable prices.
5% Per Sale30 Days
Born in sunny California, Ceramiracle leads the beauty industry in its revolutionary in-and-out philosophy. they are an award-winning skincare brand that specializes in innovative, ageless skin solutions. As a vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free brand, they have a strong following of loyal customers across the globe and have been featured across multiple Hollywood media outlets and celebrity red carpet looks. their products are made from all-natural ingredients and are supported by clinical studies.
Ora Organic
Varies30 Days
Founded in 2014, Ora Organics is a leader in plant-based nutrition and wellness with a focus on sustainable practices. It sets the highest standards for product quality and customer service in the industry. It offers organic and vegan supplements and products that are very rare on the market, and it's all plant-based and free of gluten and dairy. Its eco-friendly strategies result in products that are incredibly nutritious, healthy, and environmentally friendly.
10% Per Salen/a
Glambot is an emerging beauty company that has totally transformed the beauty industry. Used makeup is collected from people who are trying to get rid of their extras, then it is cleaned and listed online. They use a variety of methods to clean their makeup including heat, light therapy, product removal, alcoholic liquids, or even combinations of all such methods.
Ellen Lange
15% Per Sale90 Days
Ellen Lange Skin Science is the top prestige skin care company, offering patients a “at–home” experience that is up to their “spa" expectations . Unbeknownst to him, Lange invented a revolutionary product considered by many to be the first at-home peel. Ellen Lange provides the best chemical peels and facial treatments , the best kits that may enhance the health of your skin , control acne , and even your skin tone .
Petit Vour
15% Per Sale30 Days
Petit Vour is an online shop that sells cosmetics, vegan beauty boxes, skincare, and beauty products. Petit Vour offers cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products. Petit Vour is inspired by a deep love for animals as well as the finer things in life to create a curated collection of extraordinary items suitable for women who care about their ethical and environmental education. The company will keep customers informed about what's new in plant-based beauty with their beauty box subscriptions. Their ethically made clothing and accessories collection will also keep them in the loop about the hottest fashion trends.
7.5% Per Salen/a
Beautitap is a beauty discovery platform developed by a group of industry experts, including estheticians, cosmetologists, hairdressers, and makeup artists. It has an active online presence and digital social community. With the amazing brand selection & honest reviews of beauty products, Beauty Experts bring you global trending beauty products.
10% Per Sale45 Days
Perfumania is a leading specialty retailer that offers a wide variety of fragrances from several leading brands. The company operates hundreds of retail stores selling fragrances and cosmetics at discount prices and those stores are mostly situated in regional malls, manufacturers' outlet malls, lifestyle centers, airports, and suburban strip shopping centers.
St. Tropica
15% Per Sale45 Days
St Tropica is a leading brand of hair care products. There are many hair products available from this company, from oils to hair masks. Coconut is claimed to be the main ingredient in the product. Producing products with vegan and sustainable ingredients is the company's specialty.
ESPA Skincare
2% - 6% Per Sale30 Days
SPAA is a globally recognized spa industry leader founded by Susan Harmsworth. Known for its expertise in spa, ESPA creates natural products, all rich in heritage and texture, that are complemented by the design of prestigious spas across five continents. With its worldwide network of spas and resorts, ESPA is proud to partner with luxury hoteliers, developers, and owners everywhere, and to manufacture their products in the UK in partnership with British manufacturers.
Real Purity
7% Per SaleLifetime
Real Purity is an American all-natural cosmetics, skin care, as well as body care brand created by Virginia Eaterling. Organic, botanical, and wildcrafted ingredients are the only components of Real Purity's natural cosmetics. Real purity stands for cruelty-free products created from a holistic point of view.
4% Per Salen/a
Since the brand was established in 1976, the line has earned cult status with products including Badgal BANG Mascara, Porefessional Face Primers, Hoola Bronzer, and My Brow Pencil. Benefit operates across five continents and 59 countries, making it one of the fastest growing prestige beauty brands. More than 6,000 aestheticians are employed by Benefit over more than 3,000 BrowBars at luxury brands Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.
True Natural
10% - 15% Per Salen/a
True Natural is a premium brand natural product , including anti-aging, sunscreen, self-tanning, and self-tanning products specifically for North America . Lavera, True Natural, and Benecos are among the brands they offer organic makeup and skin care products. Women, Men, Mothers, and Babies can benefit from their Natural Skincare Products, including makeup, cosmetics, and anti-aging skincare for women, men, and mothers.
Apoterra Skincare
10% Per Sale30 Days
Apoterra Skincare is a modern holistic skin care apothecary rooted in honesty. With Apoterra, people can discover the natural beauty of their skin. Plant-based skin care products are a key objective of this company. They are intended to be environmentally friendly, effective, and to enhance everyday rituals with aromas, colors, and textures.
butter LONDON
15% Per Sale30 Days
Butter London is a brand that uses only the highest quality ingredients in their makeup products to reflect their makeup standards and ensure you have long-lasting color. Therefore, butter LONDON uses the highest quality ingredients and only uses highly-developed products to ensure high performance color.
Exposed Skincare
50% Per Sale45 Days
Exposed Skin Care claims that its Acne Treatment Kits and Products offer clients the top natural acne fighting ingredients, which are guaranteed to fully clear your skin and prevent acne from forming in 30 days or less .
Yves Rocher
15% Per Sale30 Days
The Yves Rocher brand is a French cosmetics and beauty company founded in 1965 by entrepreneur Yves Rocher. Through indirect manufacturing employment, the company supports over 21,500 jobs. It employs more than 13,500 people in 88 countries on five continents. There is a wide variety of botanical beauty products available at Yves Rocher, including skin & body care, makeup, and fragrances.
10% Per Sale30 Days
Founded in 2011, Ayla specializes in healthy beauty from around the world, along with unparalleled personal guidance. The company is about healthy beauty that works and giving unparalleled personalized advice. They provide personal guidance and are passionate about helping people achieve beautiful, healthy skin.
DeRose Health
20% - 50% Per Sale90 Days
DeRose Health is an entirely natural solution. Their products aim to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of early aging on a person's face to give them a smooth and clear complexion. With only the natural ingredients backed by science, DeRose wants you to feel and look younger. Feel younger, naturally.
Circcel Skincare
15% Per Sale45 Days
The CIRCCELL Collection was inspired by a move from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to a small-town big-city by founder Maya Crothers as a response to environmental change and its skincare challenges. They provide skincare that maintains skin health from within, no matter how changing environmental factors are. Dermatological-grade performance is delivered with plant powered actives and clean biotechnology.
Not disclosedNot disclosed
Founded in 2012, Harry is a manufacturer and retailer of shaving equipment and men's personal care products. Harry's is a brand that offers quality, affordable skincare products in gender-neutral styles. The company offers a subscription program where customers receive razor blades, shaving cream, and other grooming products via mail.
The Detox Market
10% Per Sale30 Days
Detox Market is one of the best clean beauty marketplaces in the world. Providing you with all things green, it is a one-stop shop for beauty and wellness. The company offers a wide variety of clean beauty brands, such as May Lindstrom and Osea. Taking hundreds of thousands of green beauty products into account, they curate the best of the best so you can feel safe and confident with your choices. Whatever your journey looks like, if you need help purging your beauty bag or finding a skincare regimen that works for you, they are there to help.
20% Per Sale90 Days
The TULA Skincare brand is a clean & effective skincare line powered by probiotics and superfoods. TULA offers a range of cruelty-free skin care products. Their products are made with a variety of ceramides, probiotics, and rice protein. Along with, they also have a presence at ULTA Beauty, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Dermstore, QVC, and Amazon as well as Beauty Bay in the UK.
GA-DE Cosmetics
10% Per Sale30 Days
Founded in 1985, the GA-DE brand has become a major player in color cosmetics, skincare products and perfumery. Ga-De Cosmetics offers a wide diversity of colour cosmetic products as well as nail and skincare products in addition to fragrances.
20% Per Sale15 Days
NailHugs is an innovative and completely new Nail Applique, which differs from sticks and stripes. The company has changed how pedicures and manicures are conducted by incorporating Nail Art. It's really for the ultimate benefit of every woman who is passionate about beautiful nails.
11% Per Sale45 Days
Beautystoredepot is a leading online shop for women's fashion and beauty based in Austin, Texas. Their popularity is increasing every day and they offer a wide selection of hair products, skincare items, and all things gorgeous. Buying their exclusive collection of products is an attempt to achieve that inner beauty and aspires to true beauty.
Lash Star Beauty
10% Per Sale30 Days
Lash Star Beauty is a cosmetics company based in New York City. It is the first and only brand of color cosmetics rooted in professional makeup artistry which manufactures and distributes a full line of products devoted to all things eyelashes. Lash Star Beauty offers a finely curated selection of high quality innovative eyelash enhancing products and is the official make-up line of the Lash Authority.
20% Per Sale30 Days
Verseo is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality bath and body products and holistic wellness products. The products of Verseo are tailored to meet the needs of real people. Their products include heated insoles, such as ThermoSoles, as well as hair loss remedies. Every day, they strive to achieve and maintain excellence by periodically updating our product line to reflect the latest health and beauty research findings as well as the latest clinical trial results
Black Radiance
10% Per Sale7 Days
Black Radiance makes beauty products specifically designed for people of African heritage, ethnicity, or darker skin types. A popular beauty range aimed at skin tones including those of black, Asian, and Hispanic descent, Black Radiance enhances natural beauty.
Cult Beauty
1% - 15% Per Sale30 Days
Cult beauty is a catalog of the world's best beauty products. Each of the beauty products is chosen by a world-class expert panel for its efficiency and stand-alone brilliance. The primary goal of Cult Beauty is to become the most trusted beauty website in the world. As a company, they express elegant intelligence to their clients both in terms of brand selection and presentation, as well as their communication style. There are no tricks, and no empty promises.
Manuka Doctor
8% Per Sale30 Days
Manuka Doctor sells a range of skincare products made using Manuka honey, designed to help with everything from acne to simply keeping their skin hydrated. Manuka Doctor has been around since 1909. Their company offers a fully integrated model – from the hive to the table – thus making them one of the few privately-owned businesses in New Zealand with this offering.
10% Per Sale45 Days
Founded in 1988, BeautyTrends is the world's leading provider of alternative hairstyles with more than 4,000 styles and 28 years of experience. The competition is nonexistent. The company does more than distribute our products; They are also the manufacturer. Offering top, industry-leading brands of wigs, hairpieces, and extensions at an affordable, low price.
6% Per Sale7 Days
ColorPop is a popular brand of value-priced cosmetics. Offering incredible products at reasonable prices is a priority for this company. Redefining luxury beauty by delivering high-quality products with affordable prices. The company takes pride in keeping its customers at the center of its world, as well as being cruelty-free, wallet-friendly, and ecologically aware.
Yon-Ka Paris
8% Per Sale30 Days
Yon-Ka is a french skincare line of products infused with plant-derived ingredients: reviving essential oils, revitalizing coconut oils, as well as nourishing active ingredients (vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, and minerals). From 1954, Yon-Ka has been offering natural beauty products and treatments formulated by experts in phyto-aromatherapy for the face and body.
8% Per Salen/a
Smashbox Cosmetics is a makeup marketplace that caters to individuals. The company originated in 1996 and its headquarters is located in the United States. They offer a variety of face and eye products as well as gifts, accessories, palettes, and kits for travel. Furthermore, the company offers the option of gift cards that can be purchased at checkout by entering the gift card number and pin, in addition to the palettes.
Safe & Chic
10% Per Sale30 Days
The 'Safe & Chic' beauty chain is a great online eco-chic beauty chain. Clean, non-toxic, non-animal cruelty, paraben-free, Safe & Chic products are free from harmful chemicals or ingredients that can be harmful to your health. They carry many vegan products.
Beauty Encounter
Start from 0.8%7 days
Beautyencounter is one of 1,000 of top perfume and fragrance brands at discounted prices on the net, They offer the newest and most popular brands in perfumes, fragrances, colognes, skincare, makeup, and more for both women and men.
9% Per Salen/a
The e.l.f. Cosmetics brand is an American cosmetics company based in Oakland, California. They have a large selection of cosmetic products including bath and skincare products, mineral makeup, hair care, cosmetic brushes, and hair dyes among other items. E.L.F. prides itself on offering top-quality, professional makeup that is available at affordable prices.
Wander Beauty
15% Per Sale30 Days
Wander Beauty is the first travel-inspired, luxury cosmetics brand. It makes clean and versatile beauty essentials. All of their formulas, whether they are for color, skincare, or haircare, are formulated with effective ingredients that work with the skin, not against it. Moreover, their products contain no chemicals that can disrupt natural body functions; they are simple, streamlined, and efficient.
Afterglow Cosmetics
10% Per SaleLifetime
Afterglow makeup is certified gluten-free and formulated with certified organic botanicals, natural pigments, and antioxidants. They claim to provide the first certified gluten-free mineral makeup line that's all-natural and has the purest organic ingredients.
Varies30 Days
Avon Products, Inc., or Avon, is a direct sales company focusing on beauty, household, and personal care products. Avon had worldwide sales of $5.57 billion in 2019. Over the past 130 years, Avon has been a leading company in the social selling beauty business. Avon has both award-winning products and a wide product range.
Makeup Geek
15% Per Sale15 Days
Makeup Geek is an online cosmetics leader in professional makeup, cruelty-free, ethically-made cosmetics for all skin types that focuses on providing a broad range of high-quality and innovative cosmetics at affordable prices. It was founded in 2008 by the makeup guru Marlena Stell and currently has two locations: Jackson, Michigan as well as Sacramento, California.
15% Per Sale30 Days
The XLASH Cosmetics company is one of Scandinavia's fastest growing beauty brands and the company has the goal of tapping into the global market. A significant portion of the company's growth has occurred in the past year, with XLASH now growing by 250% a year. Employees have great passion, happiness, and creativity, and the company has high goals.
Alchimie Forever
20% Per Sale45 Days
Alchimie Forever is dermatologist-tested and designed to address immediate and long-term skin concerns. A key component of Alchimie Forever's success is its founder, Dr. Luigi L. Polla, who has been a dermatologist in Switzerland for 30 years and the creator of Forever Institut and Forever Boutiques. The products are made with the best botanical and lab-made ingredients, proven by hundreds of studies, to essentially alter the appearance of your skin.
Bobbi Brown
8% Per Salen/a
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global brand that offers a range of products beyond lipstick, including skin care products and color cosmetics. Known for its effortless, natural beauty, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is coveted by celebrities, makeup artists and style makers around the world. With Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, women who wanted a natural look gained a much-needed gift, and so the cosmetics giant, Estée Lauder Companies, acquired the company in 1995.
7% Per Sale7 Days
Stylekorean is the ultimate resource for k-beauty, fashion, and entertainment. They offer 150 brands and 7,000 items made from 100-percent genuine Korean products. Also, be sure to browse our awesome promotions and products, as well as see the latest trends in Korean cosmetics.
18% Per Salen/a
Murad now , is one of the most recognizable brands in skincare, and it is appreciated for its anti-aging, anti-cellulite, and acne treatments. The science-based treatments and solutions written by Murad transform skin through the application of fresh, moisturized, and healthy skin.
12% Per Sale30 Days
VIOLET GREY is the authority on beauty content and commerce. The Shelves are curated by the best of the best — Hollywood’s leading artists, experts, and specialists. A wide range of luxury cosmetics are offered by VIOLET GREY, from makeup to skin care, hair care, and nails.
Laura Mercier
8% Per Salen/a
In 1996, Laura Mercier launched her cosmetic and skin care line Laura Mercier Cosmetics. Lauren Mercier has earned herself a world-wide reputation for makeup artistry and a line of cosmetics, body care products, fragrance, and perfume.
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