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By  Rabie Rheribi 
Updated  May 24, 2021 
Jonas Studio
2% Per Sale -  30 Days
Jonas Studio is a family owned and operated lifestyle accessory brand that breaks the mould. Jonas Studio has been assisting men in creating their own individual brand of style since 1987. Jonas Studio's jewelry collections reflect the fascinating characters, moods, and styles of New York City. Shop a large selection of mens urban jewelry.
$75 Per Lead -  45 Days
SunPower is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. SunPower offers a complete solar energy solution that stores and generates your solar power at one place.
Manuka Doctor
8% Per Sale -  30 Days
Manuka Doctor sells a range of skincare products made using Manuka honey, designed to help with everything from acne to simply keeping their skin hydrated. Manuka Doctor has been around since 1909. Their company offers a fully integrated model – from the hive to the table – thus making them one of the few privately-owned businesses in New Zealand with this offering.
The Motley Fool
$100 Per Lead -  45 Days
Founded in 1993 , The Motley Fool is a financial services company that provides websites, books, newspaper columns, TV appearances, and newsletters. Over the past 25 years, The Motley Fool has offered investing insight and financial advice to millions of people. The company offers a range of services that are intended to improve your financial situation in many areas, such as your investment portfolio, personal finances, real estate holdings, company, and career.
5% Per Sale -  14 Days
2Modern is the leading furniture retailer offering modern and upscale furniture for the whole family. They have an array of baby pieces that include elegant cribs, rockers, and much more. Browse their curated collection of top brands and emerging designers.
Varies -  n/a
Awin is a global affiliate network. Based on contributions from 230,000 publishers and 16,500 advertisers, Awin employs over 1000 employees in 15 offices worldwide. Originally, Awin was primarily targeted at European affiliates but has since grown to include hundreds of US and global brands. Awin affiliate marketing network offers marketing solutions for advertisers, agencies and publishers around the world.
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